Watch what happens when 20 Republicans are given the chance to help Trump

It sounds like the setup to a bad joke: 20 Republican senators and representatives walk into a bar. The bartender, Charlie Rose, asks the politicians, “So what are you having?”

They answer in unison: “Absolutely none of it.” Then they all turn white as sheets and make a break for the exit. It’s a bit of a disaster, as the doorframe is rather small and only one person can leave at a time. It looks a little something like this:

Except this analogy doesn’t even really work, since none of them would have shown up to the bar to begin with.

Charlie Rose invited 20 Republican senators and representatives to discuss former FBI directer James Comey’s recently reported-on memo that Trump tried to obstruct justice. It was the perfect opportunity for a rising GOP leader to score brownie points by offering some Orwellian spin on the president’s actions. They wouldn’t even have to really make sense, as Kellyanne Conway and other mouthpieces have shown time and time agin.

But Charlie got 20 resounding “no’s.” The White House also declined to appear.

Here’s yet further proof that we’re living in strange days indeed:

More on the memo, via The New York Times:

President Trump asked the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, in an Oval Office meeting in February, according to a memo Mr. Comey wrote shortly after the meeting.

“I hope you can let this go,” the president told Mr. Comey, according to the memo.

The documentation of Mr. Trump’s request is the clearest evidence that the president has tried to directly influence the Justice Department and F.B.I. investigation into links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia.

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  • ChrisK

    Ha. Just like rats jumping off the sinking ship.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      And meanwhile, that promulgation of Goldman Sacks investors that Trump ushered in are invoking the spirit of Wall Street again. The top echelon wins. If Trump is caught with his pants down (Sorry, boys. Wipe this image. Scrub your mind of it. Think of the beach, whales, dolphins, ambergris. Fool those mirror neurons; they don’t know the difference. A little memory reconsolidation can’t hurt for a little while.) will Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Justice Neil Gorsuch, have to step down? Were it proven that Trump colluded with Russia, would Neil Gorsuch be deemed moot.

    • 1EqualityUSA


    • Tobi

      “Think of the beach, whales, dolphins, ambergris.”

      Ambergris? Really?! It’s whale vomit, it’s hideously ugly and it stinks of shit.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      and one sizable chunk of it can run 60K.

  • Mo Bro

    No matter how much you hate on Trump, no matter what “dirt” you dig up on him, no matter what you think, say, or do about his conduct or that of the Republican party . . . he’ll still be your president. Isn’t it time to accept that and work at uniting the country rather than further dividing it?

    • DCguy

      Mo Bro, Please specifically respond to the recent issues dealing with Russia and Comey. Otherwise your comment is meaningless.

      Just another Paid Troll (Probably Russian) whose job is to leave pro-Trump postings, or at worst, try to change the topic.

    • whatevz

      @DCguy – self-loathing Mo sounds more like Trig Palin

    • Alexis

      @Mo Bro–how can people “accept that and work at uniting the country” with a person that is so divisive in the first place. To date, Trump has barely shown an ounce of inspiration (at least Obama was inspirational and hope for something greater) or that he wants unite the country or the people. He’s shown that is he’s unwillingly to compromise, and that’s it’s his way or high road. He’s been acting like a child, and guilty of extreme nepotism. He thinks that controversy is going to go away with time, but people remember. Just because he is the president doesn’t mean that he is above others–or that people have to follow him blindly. I feel very sorry for you if you think that people should support him despite his or the republican actions, a party that is well known to oppress the right of other marginalized groups…Trump has definitely lowered the bar when it comes to morality and American standards. Until Trump comes to his senses and does what’s best for the majority of the American people and his own personal interest, he doesn’t deserved to be accepted as a leader.

    • MikeE

      And I am sure you were the first person o be yelling the same thing from the rooftops when Obama was elected? Show respect? He’s our president? Unite the country?

      Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Mo Bro/Allistair/Neon…../MHoffman……………A country is united based on its leadership. What we are seeing is the destruction of democracy. No faith is currently in any of the institutions and it won’t be reestablished anytime soon. The LAST institutions you, as a leader, publicly call into question are the intelligence agencies just because they wont go along with you and your shit. He picked a fight with the WRONG people. Already people are calling into question if Trump was the only GOP candidate the Russians help “sweep” into office and now those doubts seem to have legitimacy. Why would a flag waving, white christian Mormon country born and bred senator from Utah suggest appointing an Obama supreme court nominee that didnt even get a hearing (Merrick) to be FBI director if not for the purpose of furthering the investigation that will surely lead to getting rid of Trump? He claimed he suggested it for the sake of reaching across the aisle to the democrats. B/S, if you asked me.

      It would not shock me at all if the Joint Chiefs of Staff have told all its commanders not to obey any orders coming from the white house until further notice. It happened during the last week of Nixon’s administration and its beginning to sound like thats what is happening now.

    • [email protected]

      When Mr Trump respects the presidency we might respect him. Barrington

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Paw Paw Neo Blowtorch ought to be here soon, extolling his golden trailblazer. Pence lied and should not replace Trump. Ryan? The serf? He’ll need a high chair for the Resolute desk in the Oval. One thing good that comes out of this is that the rest of the world sees that we have civil rectification, no, no…no need for that…put your Polonium 210 back in your umbrella tip, we have checks and balances that are adequate, thanks. What a colossal waste of time this administration was.

    • t

      Yes MO BRO. We’ll do exactly what the rethugs did to Obama for 8 years. An eye for an eye right? In this situation there is credible evidence that tRump is only out for himself and his business dealings and doesn’t give a shit about you (no matter how much you think you’re going to get while supporting him). If we accept this brand of collusion with the Russians does that not speak of how easily we can sell out our democracy? If the rethugs are such patriots and are all about their Constitutional rights then why are you so OK with #45 admitting he wants to scrap the very Constitution his party claims to be in love with yet wants to change it. Only a fool could not see what articles would be changed in favor of oppressing any opposition to a tRump brand of oligarchy. So dial back on that BS about accepting the current establishment and working to unite the country. We tried that for 8 years but the rethugs weren’t about to let a black man claim any accomplishments.

    • crowebobby

      No, it’s time to expose him for what he is and dispose of him, just like the Germans should have done to Hitler before he was able to drag the whole country down with him.

    • Mo Bro

      @DCguy; @whatevz; @Alexis; @t; @MikeE; @Bob LaBlah . . .

      @1EqualityUSA; @crowebobby; @barry, etc etc:
      In other words . . . no, you’re more interested in your own impotent fury than you are in the welfare of the nation.
      Fine, so you’ll choose to completely screw over the country you live in because you’re still stunned and embarrassed that your vile candidate lost an “unlosable” election to an “unwinnable” candidate.
      Congratulations. Just as long as you’re aware that the perception of the general public is that LGBT is steadily morphing into Little Griping Butt-hurt Traitors.

    • baggins435

      You can’t be serious. The GOP went on record that they would do everything they could to block Obama after he was elected. They spent the next 8 years dividing the country and fighting tooth and nail to restrict the rights of women, minorities, and LGBT people. And now you expect us to forget all of that and “play nice” with the very people who have no concept of equality and fairness and only care about every little scrap of power they can control? Isn’t going to happen. The “president” acts more like a 12 y.o. girl with his twitter wars over petty perceived slights, than the adult who is supposed to be leading the most powerful nation on this planet. He deserves no respect at all.

    • OzJosh

      No, it’s time to finally confront what has been self-evident for some time: that voting for an amoral, egomaniacal, self-interested simpleton really is deplorable. HRC got slammed for branding Trump’s followers with that word, but history is already proving that she nailed it.

    • Bob LaBlah

      @Mo Bro;

      “so you’ll choose to completely screw over the country you live in because you’re still stunned and embarrassed that your vile candidate lost.”

      Wrong (at least in my case). I started going into high gear around this time last year shouting from the mountain tops that no matter who won, we would ALL lose. And so far your boy Trump has proven me correct. No, I am not screwing over the the country that allows me to march down the street the last Sunday in June of every year wearing whatever I chose not to wear or reveal just about whatever part of my anatomy I choose to flash. I am simply stating it is time for this loser with the sixth grade vocabulary and on the same level as a third world dictator in mannerism to pack up his shit and leave.

      Its not if its when there will be the next terrorist attack and when it does happen I do not want Trump in charge. Its just that simple. What is alarming is how the GOP couldn’t find a candidate with strong message that didn’t revert every other sentence back to Obama. Remember that little Energizer Bunny from Florida whom Christy nearly brought to tears when he told he how ridiculous he sounded? A loud mouth (Trump) exposed them for what they all were. Only problem the loud mouth was even worse, but no one wanted to say it. They ALL knew it but said nothing. The chickens have come home to roost and they are roosting loudly, aren’t they?

    • Alexis

      @Mo Bro–Screw the country? Please, I think that Trump is managing to do that on his own. All that I am doing pointing his faults as the tweeting commander-in-chief so that the people don’t stoop low (like you…maybe you need to raise the bar a bit). Had he stayed in the real estate business and away from governing the country, I wouldn’t have given two shits about him. But as literate and participating citizen of the US, I care about how the country is heading. Turning a blind eye (like you’re doing) to what he’s doing and saying makes the US looks extremely incompetent…especially for a country that prides in being number 1 in the world. The election is over now, and there isn’t any point in bringing it back (you live too much in the past). I assess Trump for his actions and character, which we all know are pretty despicable to date. Trump doesn’t care about unifying the country, but only himself and his brand. Stop being denial MoBro!!! BTW, the LGBTQ community is stronger and more intelligent than you think. You’re just an outlier!

    • jckfmsincty

      I didn’t vote for the fascist pig.

    • Kangol

      Uniting the country behind a person whose associates may have actively worked with a hostile foreign government to install him the White House? Are you out of your mind??? Wake up and smell the coffee! The man is total disaster! He can’t even keep his damned lies straight, which is something W Bush at least could do. He is careening off the track. We should unite behind the Democrats, Republicans and Independents in Congress who are willing to do the right thing and impeach this corrupt liar before he can do any further damage!

    • BigWill

      “Just as long as you’re aware that the perception of the general public is that LGBT is steadily morphing into Little Griping Butt-hurt Traitors.”

      Ah, Fake Biracial Bisexual…I mean Mo…is speaking for the general public. How cute.

  • DCguy

    So Republicans are basically admitting that they can’t defend Trump and don’t want to lose their reputations by getting involved in his collusion, or Treason, etc…

    But they also still are doing their best to avoid it, protect his Russia ties, and hope it goes away so they can continue looting the Treasury to give handouts to their donors.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      They are quiet, shamefully so. It will hurt Republicans, politically. This dry rot needs to be excised and replaced; they’re beyond Cuprinol. Snip, snip, chop, chop, before it spreads.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Doesn’t it strike any as odd that Rudy Gullianni hasn’t had a word to say in Trumps defense in over a month? Nor has ol’ Newt Gingrich? Those two WERE fire breathing supporters of Trump but now, as we say down here “you can’t hit either one of them in the ass with a red apple”. They are no where to be found. Not even ol’ Sarah Palin has come to his defense. Jeannine Piro looked so disgusted I’m surprised she aired that interview segment.

      He’ll be gone before Halloween.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Road apple vs. red apple? Love this saying! Eighteen months is a lifetime; Trump’s fair-weather friends are ‘neath the taro fronds with a wet finger in the air. Now all Trump needs are two steel ball bearings to roll around in his clenched fist to complete the picture. “Who stole the strawberries?”

  • mhoffman953

    It’s hard for anyone to actually comment on a story which they do not know the details about.

    Are we supposed to just blindly believe the New York Times and take their word for it?

    The New York Times says they haven’t seen the Comey memo (which isn’t even a memo, they said it’s notes from an alleged chat) from January but a “source” seen it and told them what it says and we’re supposed to believe that without more evidence. If Comey felt this was so troubling, why didn’t he bring it to the DOJ at the time? Why only after being fired is this Comey memo being talked about in the MSM?

    It’s just like Trump’s meeting with the Russian diplomats. The MSM runs a story and we’re supposed to eat it up as 100% factual and anyone who even raises questions to learn more information is demonized. The MSM uses fear mongering that Trump may have shared classified info because their unnamed source says so, which is even more frightening considering that an unnamed source may actually be sharing classified information with random newspapers to disseminate to the public, if we’re supposed to believe them OR that source is exaggerating info which could lead to potential international conflict since no news organization is even doing additional digging regarding these stories before running them.

    The MSM will do whatever they can to attack Trump. They have bias and will even make up or exaggerate stories at times because the majority of news organizations are left leaning and can’t accept the fact that Trump is President. The left don’t want Trump to do his job properly and will generate any type of nonsense or rubbish story they can to tarnish his presidency, case in point – the 2 scoops of ice cream story – total nonsense. The left don’t understand the damage they are doing to this country with all of the anti-Trump rhetoric and the damage they are doing globally with all of this anti-Russia stuff

    • Bob LaBlah

      “Are we supposed to just blindly believe the New York Times and take their word for it?”

      It has been confirmed that the information he relayed to the Russians was gathered by the jews. Jews do not play that b/s because their survival is based on secrecy and intelligence gathering. He has pissed off the WRONG group this time and the jews will be unforgiving, trust me.

    • mhoffman953


      General McMaster, who was at the meeting, said that sources of the information were not revealed and stated that Trump wasn’t given the sources of the information. So according to you, who confirmed Trump knew this and gave it out versus the unnamed source knew this information (which would denote that the leaker is someone in the intelligence community) and told a newspaper? Rather than jumping to conclusions, we should be vetting these news sources first.

      Also, what’s with your constant anti-Semitic rants?

    • Bob LaBlah

      Correct me if I am wrong but being a military man would it be embedded in the mind of General McMaster to protect the commander-in-chief and his lies no matter what?

      Its always an anti-Semitic rant when it involves the truth. I guess it was anti-Semitic when the press reported on the Mordecai Vanunu incident too, huh? As I said, the Jews do not play around with their security and revealing the work of a deeply planted spy is an incident that can incite them into action by revealing what Trump would prefer to keep secret, his taxes. You don’t know YOUR people very well, do you?

    • Kangol

      McMaster said the sources and the methods weren’t revealed, but he did not address or deny the substance of the Washington Post and New York Times reports that clearly stated Trump had revealed classified information, despite our intel ally’s desire that it NOT BE REVEALED. You’re diverting from the substance of what happened. Why? Oh, and then after his minions lied on his behalf, Trump admitted that he HAD revealed the classified, secret info to Russia. Not only that, but he barred US media from the meeting but DID invite Russian state media to film it. Indefensible behavior, and he only keeps getting worse and worse.

    • dwes09

      No offense “La Blah” (well actually offense intended), but you are a scum sucking asshole. this progressive Jew is sick of your antisemitism and given the chance would kick your face in.

      The Gay community does not need scum like you, and does not want scum like you. Willing to be that Hoffman is not Jewish, and in any case The political entity of Israel is not “the Jews” except to the stupidest and most hate addled of people.

      You are no better than hoffman, mo bro, and the rest of them as you are just as removed from reality, just as mean spirited and intellectually deficient. Crawl back under your rock with your copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, its pages stuck together from you masturbating to images of Dachau.

    • Bob LaBlah

      “Crawl back under your rock with your copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, its pages stuck together from you masturbating to images of Dachau.”

      You know, after really giving it some thought and coming from an old gas passer like you, I must say that I thank you kindly for that suggestion. But considering the amount of RENT that YOU would now charge me for the space under that rock that YOU no doubt own I’ll have to wait until I qualify for subsidized housing, which won’t be no time soon. I had been hearing about that book for years but always thought it a bit too extreme even for my tastes but I shall now put that belief on the side and check for the truths that it exposes. And for those of you with inquiring minds as to why he didn’t include the link you too can read it for yourselves and come to the obvious conclusion. I won’t list the link to the Turner Diaries because of the violence but it too is available for those of you who have the time and curiosity about what it too is about.

    • ShaugnR

      It’s sad you don’t know how full of shit you are.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    I doubt it but maybe congress was just being professional for once by not commenting on an ongoing investigations.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      May……BE! Maybe. Maybe, baby. They were so gracious to Clinton, why, now I can see it, outstanding bastions of integrity. How refined. Thank you for your keen perspective about the GOP.

  • John

    This is the fodder of the “face of gov’t” keeping us all focused on the circus, makes me curious as to what the “real” gov’t is doing while we aren’t looking. Gov’t to the public is smoke and mirrors compared to what is going on that we don’t know or see.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      I believe this. Twelve men in a smoky room run the world.

  • Neonegro

    Well done by the republicans.

    They should not speak to the liberal media at all.

    Trump should move the press room out of the white house to the executive building.

    They should change the daily briefings to weekly briefings.

    Keep them out of the loop as much as possible and release important information to conservative media first.

    This is a war and Trump better understand that.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      The Grand Wizard will have his minions and dark passengers after he gets pardoned by Ryan. If the Mormons create a militia after splitting from the Boy Scouts, he may even have a creepy, little army. Golden Op’s, of course. It will be easier to whip up his followers without the constraints of Office. Shadow Boxers such as Joey T or Neo will find brothers. What’s that? Over there, under the sun? Nothing new.

    • dwes09

      Why am i not surprised that a fascist sympathizer has no understanding of the importance of the media in a democracy or democratic republic? You (and Trump) would prefer they be complacent sycophants…that is the road to autocracy. Are you really that stupid?

      If it is a war, it is a war against the lies of an undeniably corrupt or impaired chief executive and his cabinet. And as always the press is at the front lines for democracy. As for your lame notion of the “liberal media”, pretty much all the media are n=owned by centrists or right leaning folks. The NYT and the WSJ are in no way bastions of progressive ideas. The WP is, but is hardly slinging lies like Fox and Breitbart. All three of these papers have won awards for their objectivity, and are the apotheosis of responsible journalism. Not perfect, but head and shoulders above the crap the right cites.

    • Neonegro


      If as you claim I am a fascist sympathizer, why then would I care about a free press?

      See how stupid and dumb and lacking in logic your old brain is.

  • GayEGO

    After the way Trump treated his GOP opponents I always suspected that some of them would wait for a way to get back at Trump. Now, I see impeachment proceedings on the news. Bye Bye Donnie!

    • Neonegro

      Bye Bye Donnie……WELCOME PENCE. Still good

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