WATCH: New True Blood Trailer Arrives. Is Jason Stackhouse Finally Going To Get Bitten By A Boy?

The second True Blood trailer—and the first to show us any actual scenes—has arrived and whetted fans appetite for more. It’s a fairly quick cut, but we can’t help but notice dimwitted hunk Jason inviting newly vamped Steve Newlin into his house before putting the nom-nom on Jason’s neck.

Given the odd homoerotic tension that existed between Jason and the former Fellowship of the Sun preacher when the latter was alive, is there going to be some gay-vamp foreplay before the big bite?

Other questions that come to mind: Who is Lafayette brandishing a knife at? Who is Sookie burying—or digging up—in yer back yard? Who is teen vamp Jessica cozying up to? And ditto for Eric.

It’s been so long since Season 4 we almost forgot about TB, but this teaser has our blood boiling for the show’s return in June.