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WATCH: Russell Tovey’s new sexually-charged short film

A reader tipped us off to this new short from director Joe Ingham, a sort of collage film about the late artist David Robillard.

Robillard lived as an out gay man in 1980s London, where he used his work to explore the realities of contemporary queer life. Unfortunately, that meant confronting the spectre of AIDS, and how it quite literally killed the carefree, sexually liberated vibe of the 1970s. For Robillard, the epidemic would have personal implications. He contracted HIV and died in 1987, just 36-years-old.

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Flash forward to 2020, and director Ingham happened to stumble on to some of Robillard’s work, and how its mixture of melancholy and tongue in cheek wit seemed to foreshadow the current pandemic. As such, he complied this short reflecting Ingham’s life and work. He also enlisted Russell Tovey to bring voice to Robillard’s words. The resulting film celebrates a moment in history, and a queer soul gone too soon.