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WATCH: Straight dudes on TikTok react to Troye Sivan as a woman

Three panel image. On the far left, A man with dark buzzed hair and a thick beard sits at a desk in a Jaws t-shirt with a befuddled look. In the middle, Troye Sivan, dressed in drag with long blonde hair, and a translucent white shirt and bikini top purses their lips. On the right, a man with dark blonde hair sits on the couch from a profile view and squints.

No music video in recent memory has captured the gay zeitgeist quite like Troye Sivan‘s sensual visual for “One of Your Girls.” You know, that one where he donned stunning drag to give Ross Lynch a lap dance?

While most gay men could spot Sivan’s body signature pout from a mile away, we’ve got to hand it to the “Rush” singer’s styling and makeup team because his female transformation was truly jaw dropping.

The sleek and synthy bop documents a desperate attraction to a potentially heteroflexible man, and one that Sivan is willing to compromise his value for. “Give me a call if you ever get desperate,” he sings. “I’ll be like one of your girls.”

And it sounds like he might have some takers, judging by the number of viral reactions to his female persona. It’s safe to say the heteros, homos, and everyone in between are gagged.

In fact, YouTube brother-duo James and Justin Sampson (known for their online show Stay Spiritual) were positively stumped by it.


In their video, which has already racked up 29,000 views, the dudes try to decipher meaning from the clip. And they hilariously miss the point, completely.

“It was a bunch of dudes and all of the sudden that woman’s in it,” Justin said as Sivan begins dancing like Britney Spears, adding, “I feel like maybe it’s the lead singer as a woman.” His brother firmly answed, “I don’t think so.” LOL.

Perhaps their reaction is best summarized by Justin’s remark: “There’s an LGBTQ-something going on in there.”

The video also confused Parisian creator Fabrizio Moroni’s straight friend (who remarked that Troye was “not manly enough for him”).

“Wouldn’t you go for him if you didn’t know he was a man,” Moroni asked. “That’s… yeah,” he replied.

@fabriziovmoroni here i am on a mission to educate uneducated straight men (and miserably failing) 😭 @Troye Sivan ♬ original sound – Fabrizio Moroni

Other internet boys, like YouTube and TikTok reactor Bennshouts, recognized the video for its twist on sex. “It absolutely makes you challenge your own gender, thoughts, or sexuality and things like that,” he explained.

@bennshouts #oneofyourgirls #troyesivan #somethingtogiveeachother #bennshouts #reaction ♬ original sound – bennshouts 😎

Still, one of the best reactions came from TikTok user @goobigubbi and his extremely supportive mom. Her mouth went completely agape when the drag reveal started.

“Troye is gorgeous, is he famous,” she asked, before telling him to give her son a call. “What are we going to do, bump purses?” her son replied. “Bump something,” she retorted.

We stan!

@goobigubbi gooped and gagged #troyesivan #oneofyourgirls #mom ♬ original sound – Goobi Gubbi

And yet, the video even confused some of the gays. “B*tch, that’s Dua Lipa,” a friend said in Dan D.’s reaction video. The ultimate compliment! I cant believe it took us that long.. @Troye Sivan #troyesivan #oneofyourgirls ##somethingtogiveeachother ♬ original sound –
@jaymaddinsall one of ur girls live reaction featuring my fav homosexuals @Troye Sivan #oneofyourgirls #somethingtogiveeachother #troyesivan ♬ original sound – Jay

However, our ENTIRE reaction to the video can be summarized with this clip from YouTube creator Josh Dove: nervous giggles.

@frangosss @Troye Sivan #fyp #oneofyourgirls #reaction #joshdove #troyesivan #drag #rosslynch @ross_lynch ♬ suono originale – Frangos

Finally, if you haven’t checked out “One of You Girls” for yourself, watch below.

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