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Watch the Lutherans FREAK OUT Over Gay Clergy Who Have Sex


And so it begins: With the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America deciding Friday to let sexually active gays become clergy, some churches have begun ditching the ECLA. At least cosmetically.


In Charleston, West Virginia, the Rev. Richard Mahan has blocked out the word “Lutheran” from his church sign (pictured). In Lindenhurst, outside Chicago, the reverend opened the service “with a cry of anguish.” Something called Lutheran CORE is worried the ruling will “open the door” to recognizing gay marriage. And some churches are too flummoxed, they won’t even speak about what happened last week.

We know, it’s difficult imaging Jesus could love all his children. These are frightening times!

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  • J

    What to look for next: congregations acting all gutsy and posturing to leave the church, then shock of shocks, playing victim when the national congregation says “well, ok, but the denominational rules you operated under for so many years don’t exactly allow you to keep the building, the manse, the land, the leases signed with daycare operators, and everything else.”

    This is like a McDonald’s franchise owner deciding he wants out, but wants to keep the restaurant and a sign that closely resembles the big arches too.

    You operate for decades with the big national chain brand sign on your outfit, you benefit in a customer base that trusts your brand. You want to stomp away from the national brand? Fine, but go hold your services in your yard or a rented American Legion basement social hall somewhere.

  • Chance

    Just imagine what would happen if a denomination made a truly courageous stand and said that homosexuality isn’t a sin. Then we’d actually be able to separate the bigots from the supporters.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Guess what…

    It already happened last year, only it is a small orthodox congregation breaking away from the church because they now accept marriage equality and GLBT members.


    And yes, the church is doing the decent thing and allowing them to keep using their building.

    After all, it goes both ways. The church may hold the papers, but do they think they will get a congregation out of thin air?


    What are you talking about?
    You already don’t recognize the clear declarations and courageous stands that have been made, so you don’t need to act so open-minded and conciliatory.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Of the 2,800 Anglican parishes in Canada, only 10 have broken with the church and joined the “anglican Network” which condemns homosexuality.

    Frankly, I respect their right to do so, but I am more encouraged by the vast majority which have seen the light, and support us.

  • Peter

    And Lutheran congregations all own their own buildings. So guess again J. You must be a republican since you do not understand the word “compromise” or listen to anyone else’s opinion.

  • J

    Guess again, Peter:

    e. Title to the property of a congregation that has acted to terminate
    its relationship with this church by the provisions of 9.62. to
    become independent or to relate to a non-Lutheran church body
    shall continue to reside in the congregation only with the consent
    of the Synod Council. The Synod Council, after consultation with
    the congregation by an established synodical process, may give
    approval to the request to become independent or to relate to a
    non-Lutheran church body, in which case title shall remain with
    the majority of the congregation. If the Synod Council fails to
    give such approval, title shall remain with those members who
    desire to continue as a congregation of this church.

    Translation: Congregations own the property right now, as congregations of the denomination. Duh, and that’s exactly what I was speaking of in my comment that you felt an uncontrollable desire to snark at with some bizarre partisan gibberish (I must be GOP because I’m against anti-gay breakaway Lutherans, huh wha??).

    What happens when a congregation decides to bolt is the obvious question. If they form some anti-gay Lutheran denomination, they might be ok. But if they decide to leave on their own, the Synod gets to decide what happens with the property, vis the OBVIOUSLY SO GOP constitutional excerpt provided above.

  • rudy

    @strumpetwindsock: Here we go with this nonsense.
    Tolerating the bigots’ right to their feelings does not mean handing them a soapobox and helping them to flourish.
    You’re supposed to be Christians – would Jesus say, “Yes, you go brother and preach hate in my Church and in my name?”
    Or even better “Every word of the Bible is true for homosexuals – the rest of you can pick and choose.”

  • strumpetwindsock


    Actually, I’m not a Christian.

    I think when it comes to secular law we can demand our rights, but when it comes to religion we unfortunately have to respect their rights to their belief, even if it is distcriminatory or does not make sense.

    From the look of what is happening with the Lutherans and other churches though, it looks like some churches are way ahead of the state. Believe it or not, it has always been that way, at least with some faiths.

    And everyone comes around sooner or later. It may have taken the Mormons a century to let blacks into their priesthood, but even they finally learned.

  • dj

    @J: Sorry, but you are totally WRONG on all counts concerning the property. You’ll have to go buy your own!

  • dgz

    @J: haha! served.
    nice research.

  • Brian

    @strumpetwindsock: “You already don’t recognize the clear declarations and courageous stands that have been made, so you don’t need to act so open-minded and conciliatory.”

    It’s not courageous to “welcome gays and lesbians” (they tithe, too) and there are NO clear declarations, just some vague “affirmation” dribble and permission for gays to preach. Wow.

    You’re happy with this progress after 2,000 years. There are 3,400 gay-friendly churches out of +350,000 in the US. That less than 1%. It is NOT significant and shouldn’t create an ounce of hope. In 98,000 years half the churches would be gay-friendly. Wow.

    For 2,000 years religion had made us “wrong.” Not a single Christian denomination has undone that b making a very simple declaration: “homosexuality is not wrong, sinful or deviant.” If a Church or denomination would take that simple step, it would be significant.

    Lutherans have employed a “don’t ask, don’t tell” regarding the Christian beliefs about homosexuality. So, the damaging part of religion – it’s branding of homosexuals is still intact for Lutherans and all other Christians.

  • Peter

    Where was there any thought that these congregations were leaving the Lutheran Church????? Some may remove themselves from a church and start up a new one or move to an existing church that they feel more comfortable in. But they are still Lutheran. AND ALL the buildings still belong to the original congregants.

    J just try to learn to read and understand something even if it does not agree with your queer sense of logic.

  • patti in ny

    @J: those churches built and supported the elca for years,built and maintained the buildings bought the land. Explain to me why ELCA has now cut almost in have the pensions of its retired…hmmm big business politics shameful

  • patti in ny

    @Peter: Thank you Peter, from a straight Lutheran, who has and loves her gay uncle.

  • patti in ny

    @rudy: No Christ would ask us to love one another. In purity not in sexual deviation. I do not have to say it is wrong, I have to accept God in His word. I do have to treat my fellow humans of all races,genders,creeds ,with the love He would give. We must not judge but we must obey

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