WATCH: The U.S. Men’s Olympic Gymnastics Team Gets On The Floor

Thank God for our gay friends at BuzzFeed (and the closet homos at GQ): How else would we know the Olympics was coming up? And with the Olympics comes the overabundance of pectoral glory that is men’s gymnastics.

This past Sunday, gymnasts Jake Dalton, Jonathan Horton, Danell Leyva, Sam Mikulak and John Orozco were officially announced as the U.S. Men’s Olympic Gymnastics Team for the 2012 Summer Games. They triumphed in the trials and will now have the chance to represent the U.S. of A. in London on July 27.

And thus they’ve become the target of our unabashed objectification.

BuzzFeed’s special-investigations unit spent a solid afternoon compiling all the juiciest tidbits on these boys (height, hometown, Twitter profiles, etc). Here at Queerty, we need to see them in action: Y’know climbing atop a long, hard beam; hanging from the rings; straddling a horse. Just good, clean American athleticism.

Click through to the members of the U.S. Men’s Olympic Gymnastics Team doing their thing.

Photo: USA Gymnastics


Jake Dalton can really work that pole… vault.



Listening to the plethora of male voices cheering on Jonathan Horton reminds us of last summer in Palm Springs.



Unfortunately shaving your head without a shirt on is not an Olympic sport. Otherwise Danell Leyva would get the gold.



Why, yes, we’d love to help lift Sam Mikulak onto that high bar.



John Orozco‘s body work is intoxicating.