Watch: This Mother Would “Trade A Straight Son For ‘A Hello Mom, Meet Nate’ Son”

Sandy and Richard Riccardi are raising “four fabulous boys,” but, says Sandy, “sometimes you wish for what you don’t have.” As in, at least one fabulous gay boy. This is “Charming Gay Son,” an ode to “a son who’d keep me in chatty company / and sit with me and watch Mame, and Fame.” Just a wee bit of stereotyping of what it would be like to raise a gay son? Sure. But it’s also, um, pretty damn accurate. Belts Sandy: “Call me a fag hag to wish for a charming gay son.”

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  • Cam

    The sad joke for this mother, is that since she wants a gay son so bad…she’ll probably get a Rugby playing, NBA watching, Car repairing, Rock Climbing gay boy who wouldn’t sit through MAME but wants to watch Football and NASCAR. :)

  • JAW

    This is an embarrassment to all gay men… hell to all men in general… suggesting that straight men smell and leave a mess while gay men do is bull… then she suggests that gay men would not own guns, and sit through Mame (I hate Mame)… and to Top it off… she uses the F word

    Is this an April Fools Joke a day early????

  • Adam

    This made me smile.

  • scott ny'er

    whoa. I’m sure this chick wasn’t trying to be offensive. Ok. I hope she wasn’t. And that she was trying to be funny. And it was from one perspective. But from the other, it really is insulting and cliched.

    She’d hate me if I was her gay son. Because, beyotch, I don’t wash my socks, and fart more than all the cows in the world. I like Fame the movie and Mame is ok. But I smell and don’t like to wear deodorant. And my place is none too clean.

    @JAW: Actually, you have it right. It’s insulting to straight dudes too.

  • Riker

    Slightly insulting? Sure, but then again most comedy is supposed to be slightly insulting. Honestly, I laughed.

  • AladinSane

    Have you guys stopped to think that maybe her boys DO fart, and smell, and leave messes?

    And the song is tongue-in-cheek…give the lady a break…

  • Mark in Noosa

    A nice chuckle – it’s tongue in cheek — sheesh – lighten up! It’s all in fun and being PC all the time gets a bit old. Don’t detect any malice in this – meant to be fun!

  • hockeymama

    CAM: I wrote the song to show that I would hate for one of my sons to feel merely “tolerated” and accepted” by me, rather than flat-out CELEBRATED. Please recognize that it is a tongue-in-cheek, comedy song about a mother fantasizing about her “stereo-typical gay son”, the irony of which is that parents all fantasize about stereotypes for their children. I fully realize he could be a sports-nut, a soldier, a whatever. I’ll love him no matter what. I’m a professional musical theater performer who lived in NYC for 11 years and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I ran this song by at least six gay, male friends of mine, who got every joke and helped me make some changes to it as well.

  • Tyler T.

    We have to be willing to laugh at ourselves. Not all of our qualities are perfectly redeemable and comedic stereotypes are a way to point out perceived flaws (eg vanity and vapidness) while still embracing a group.

  • Mike P.

    @hockeymama – Awesome job, very fun, very supportive, and well done! Thank you for being an ally!

    @JAW – Oh my god. Seriously. Get over yourself. Why brow-beat a supporter? How many gay men would kill to have a parent this supportive. If my family could be this out and proud about how I am, I wouldn’t care if they used the word fag in place of my first name. A sense of humor is a very attractive quality.

    @Scott-Ny’er – Deodorant is a good thing.

  • ewe

    I am not even going to watch it.

  • TheBell

    Would rather come out to her as a mother or someone who doesn’t talk about gays at all? It’d be much easier to come out to my mother if I knew she had a sense of humour about these things.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    Seriously I thought it was Great! Im not one for Muscals over-all…but Loved it…like others have said…Lighten up…sheeeesh!

  • Ian

    Great song! And frankly she pegged I think rather ACCURATELY that MOST gay men are slightly fastidious (I have 2 hampers, one for whites & the other for darks), fashion loving guys (unlike some of the posters here who seem to rejoice in their personal stink, which sounds like some stink fetishists frankly) and I for one can proudly say that Rosalind Russell’s Auntie Mame was my alltime favorite movie the first 20 yrs of my life! Thanks for the great song Hockeymama!

  • JT

    Ugh what an annoying lady! Talk about wanting very bad gay male stereotypes this fag hag shouldn’t be a parent at all. Then again nobody says you have to have intelligence to breed or be a baby factory with 4 kids instead of just 1 or 2 kids.

    I hope that all of her sons are Heterosexual/straight since most people are heterosexual.

  • JAW

    @Mike P.:

    Seriously Mike… why is it when someone does a stereotype like this about women or trans everyone is up in arms. When a woman makes fun of men… both gay and straight it is funny…

    Do you feel the same way about Target as you do this woman> Target has been very supportive for many years, then they made a donation to a pac, that most gays do not like and many hate them. This straight woman writes and sings a disrespectful song… and we love her… is this a double standard??

  • Isaak

    haha love it!! more people need to be like you!!! <3

  • Mike P.

    @JAW – How can you even remotely jump from your overly sensitised opinion on this woman’s attempt at comedy to comparing her with a mega-corporation donating to actively anti-gay organizations and candidates? That is exactly the same kind of logic that wingnuts use to compare gay marriage to pedophilia and beastiality.

    At worst, she is uninformed/ uneducated on how to make a politically correct, unoffensive piano bar performance.

    If you are such an activist, instead of bashing someone who clearly supports our community, why did you not post educational recommendations on how she can sanitize the song so as not to be offensive in any manner.

  • Jem

    You people take this song way to seriously. It’s supposed to be fun. I found everything about it hilarious. The way some of these posters have been reacting is more of an insult than this song could ever be. Are you trying to scare away all the supporters you possibly can. And for the record, I am a gay man and I use the word ‘fag’ all the time. It’s one of my favorites. It would be way different if this song was malicious and hateful and used fag in an insulting way. (Not to mention that fag hag is an actually term.)

  • Scott

    Jesus Christ Queerty, maybe if you asked your boyfriend to use some more lube you wouldn’t be so butthurt all the time.

  • JAW

    @Mike P.:

    LOL… I actually loved the song, it was funny, current and creative. The only issue that I had with the song was; I think she should have had a video going along with the song. Picture her and gay son sitting and laughing at Mame. Picture jock sons hanging out with dirty clothes all over etc. I agree we all need to have fun.

    I wish she were back on the east coast… perhaps she will do her show up in New Hope, Pa.

    As for Target… I have asked this question on here Many Many times and have never gotten a response… Name a retailer out there has done a better job, for LGBT’s then they have? Target has been a friend and has been giving money to our causes for over 20 years… What other retailer comes even close to that?

    and as you asked… are you trying to scare away all the supporters that you possibly can?… sounds like we are with Target

  • scott ny'er

    @Mike P.: I agree with this…”At worst, she is uninformed/ uneducated on how to make a politically correct, unoffensive piano bar performance.”

    after reading what she wrote as a response, I get it… tongue-in-cheek. The problem was I didn’t see that UNTIL she wrote that. There was no wink-wink in her work up to the song. Or wink-wink in the song. So, it seemed pretty straight forward and not, look at how I’m playing on these terrible stereotypes.

    oh and deodorants… bah, overrated. :p

  • Schteve

    No wink-wink in the song? Did you even watch the thing? Jesus Christ.

  • hockeymama

    I <3 Schteve. : )

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