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WATCH: Troye Sivan’s TikTok concert was a hot mess

If you’re like us and binged the Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ documentary this last week, you’ll know it doesn’t matter how good a performer is — there’s always at least one noise complaint.

Troye Sivan was in Miami for Art Basel when his set puttered to a halt because someone wasn’t feeling the vibe.

After the show, Sivan took to Twitter to explain what had happened:

“GUYS lol wtf the city shut down the show,” the “Angel Baby” singer wrote.

“Okay so basically i played 5 songs tn and Angel baby was the LAST ONEEEE and the only one being streamed live on tiktok”.

“But then turns out throughout the show we got a noise complaint and the city literally came and shut down our speakers during Angel Baby

“I’m sorry to anyone who woke up at a weird time to watch the stream. i feel fine about it and had fun until then lol but I’m sorry if it was a mess to watch from home.”