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WATCH: What’s it like a survive a zombie apocalypse when you’re gay and Deaf?

Have you ever wonder what it might be like to survive a zombie apocalypse when you’re gay and Deaf? Well, here’s your chance to find out…

The Deaf vs the Dead is a digital series pilot written, directed and co-starring Deaf, gay filmmaker Dickie Hearts. It just entered the final round of the AT&T Create-A-Thon competition.

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Over 40 teams of filmmakers competed in the contest, which has now been narrowed down to just five finalists. Each team was assigned a random location at Warner Brothers Studios and given one weekend to shoot a 7-minute short film. The winning team will receive $20,000.

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The Deaf vs the Dead centers around a gay Deaf man who must find a way to survive and protect his loved ones after a zombie apocalypse breaks out in Los Angeles. The cast and crew consisted of mainly Deaf artists. The pilot also co-stars actor Chris Salvatore, an LGBTQ ally who has never been shy about showing off on Instagram:

Watch The Deaf vs the Dead below…

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