Revenge plot

Wealthy software tycoon accused of setting up fake Grindr account to get revenge on lawyer

A disgruntled software tycoon has been accused of creating a fake Grindr profile for his lawyer during a year-long harassment campaign.

According to court reports, Jonathan Sherwood used a picture of Jeremy Harris, who works as an intellectual property and disputes partner at Kemp Little LLP, to create Grindr profile @kemplittle and offer sex acts in his office bathroom.

The profile also included a physical description of Harris and the words, “All cummers welcome.”

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“I was disgusted and concerned about what would happen if people saw it, particularly my wife or family members and people I know,” Harris testified in a London court this week.

54-year-old Sherwood is the managing director of Gravy Solutions LTD. He allegedly inundated the staff at Kemp Little LLP with relentless phone calls, voicemails and messages after claiming they “ripped him off” during a multi-million dollar contract dispute back in 2012.

“It was really just abusive messages,” Harris testified, “calling us scumbags. Excuse the language, but one email referred to me as a c*nt, saying he was going to take me down.”

Harris says the harassment, which lasted for over a year, left him and his staff extremely stressed out and “horrified.”

The trial continues.

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