Bad cop

Well, what do ya know? Racist Grindr troll turns out to be a beloved local police officer

A police officer from Gonzales, Louisiana is accused of sending unprovoked racist messages to another man on Grindr.

Charles Davis is a recent college graduate. He says he received the messages from the officer, whose name has not been released but who goes by the screen name “Top,” last Friday at around 3 AM.

The conversation went as follows:

Davis initially posted a screenshot of the conversation to Facebook but has since taken it down.

The officer is reported to be “well-liked” in the department and the community. Community members are said to be “shocked” by the allegations.

Chief Sherman Jackson told local TV news station WBRZ that the department is looking into the allegations and, if they are true, “we will not sweep anything under the rug”; however, no disciplinary actions have been taken yet. In fact, Jackson says, he hasn’t even spoken to the officer.

It’s always the people you least expect, isn’t it?

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h/t: WBRZ