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Wendy’s manager accused of probing male employees with spatula, exposing himself, and demanding sex

In case we needed any more reasons not to eat at Wendy’s, two men allege that the general manager of Norcross, Georgia location fondled them, asked for sex, and exposed himself, and when they complained about it, he threatened to have them deported back to Mexico.

Mario Martinez and Gabriel Salas were both cooks at the fast food restaurant. They’ve both filed federal lawsuits against Jason Colon, the store’s general manager, accusing him of sexual harassment and discrimination based on sex and national origin.

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According to the lawsuit, Colon’s behavior happened “on virtually a daily basis” and included crotch grabbing, groping, spanking, attempted kissing, and a bizarre incident involving a spatula.

“Mr. Colon grabbed Mr. Salas’ crotch and poked a spatula into his clothed buttocks then continued to use the spatula to flip burgers,” the lawsuit alleges. “He also repeatedly made lewd comments to Mr. Salas, and repeatedly invited Mr. Salas to engage in sexual activity. Mr. Colon also exposed his nude body to Mr. Salas and other employees. These acts were witnessed by numerous employees.”

As a result, both men say they suffered “emotional and mental distress and hardship” and are now seeking lost wages, damages, and attorney fees.

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“Such hardship and distress includes, but is not limited to, clinically diagnosed depression and severe anxiety, loss of sleep, damaged interpersonal relationships, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish,” the lawsuits claim.

When the guys filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, they say Hoover Foods, the company that owns Wendy’s, “made inadequate attempts to investigate and rectify the situation.”

“Prior to the EEOC complaint, there is no evidence that Defendant even addressed the situation with Mr. Colon except on one or two occasions when he threatened [Martinez and Salas] and other complainants with retaliatory termination, and bragged that no one is going to do anything about their complaints,” the lawsuits say.

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