NYC Steakhouse To Pay $600K In Male-On-Male Sexual Harassment Suit

New York’s Sparks Steak House has agreed to shell out $600,000 to settle a sexual-harassment and retaliation lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of dozens of waiters subjected to inappropriate advances by a single restaurant manager.

According to the lawsuit, over an eight year period the accused harassed some 22 male servers—groping backsides, making lewd comments and attempting to touch their genitals.  When some waiters complained, they were either ignored, given more difficult work assignments or suspended.

“The severe sexual harassment at Sparks ran rampant for too long,” says EEOC attorney Robert D. Rose.  “Employers must recognize and act on their duty to prevent sexual harassment of any kind.”

As part of the settlement, management at the 46-year-old eatery promised to conduct staff anti-discrimination training, establish a complaint hotline for reporting incidents of discrimination, and amend its policy prohibiting sexual harassment and retaliation.


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  • jerry_pritikin

    That’s one expensive tip for those waiters! Next time the manager should just pat them on their shoulders if they are doing their job!

  • Taliaferro

    I hope they also fired that manager!

  • Dseabo1

    Lol.the manager is still here…funny thing is i dont even think hes gay….he is just abusive and mean…this is the most homophobic environment I’ve ever worked in…they suck. Anyone hiring? Ha

  • Dumdum

    I don’t really know how things are now since I am a happy house hubby who works at home. But when I lived in San Francisco, sexual harassment at Gay owned businesses was par for the course. I remember being told, “there are a lot of other applicants, how bad do you want this job.” I love the time I had a temp job at Fritz Air Freight. The position was going to become permanent and I had been there over a month. I applied for the job but the supervisor was from the Philippines and hired, guess, really guess, a person of the same race with no prior experience. I wonder how often discrimination and sexual harassment occurs and goes unreported?

  • displaynames


    you mean to say you work at this restaurant and you’re asking around to see if there is other work for you? If you hate it so much why are you still there? I run my own business and I would never hire a person like you who talks like this about their current place of employment.
    It’s a free country. I suggest you move on.

    Oh and I don’t believe this lawsuit is legit for a second. Sorry. Wreaks of greed on the waiters parts.

    I’ve been to this place before and my family/friends always had a great time and meal.

    Don’t believe the hype.

  • displaynames

    @Taliaferro: The waiter was not found guilty why would they fire somebody if they were not found guilty????

    Appears this restaurant SETTLED the case to avoid further hassle and expense.

  • displaynames

    People: just because a case is brought to court does NOT mean the accused is guilty, ESPECIALLY if they are NOT FOUND GUILTY/SETTLE.

    C’mon now!

  • Dumdum

    @Dseabo1: Hey buddy send me a pic. I might have a job for you.

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