What’s It Like To Get Shaved By Ryan Kwanten? This Guy Knows.

Admit it. You had a jealousy-filled conversation sometime Monday morning about Ryan Kwanten’s latest homoerotic scene on HBO’s True Blood in which his often dim-witted character Jason Stackhouse had a, let’s call it a nocturnal fantasy about a male faerie named Ben (played by British actor and Pacific Rim star Robert Kazinsky). The two shared a steamy bathroom encounter in which Jason helped been get rid of all that unwanted stubble. So how did the two hetero actors feel about filming such an erotically-charged moment before the True Blood crew? According to Kasinsky, it was one of the, ahem, hardest scenes he’s ever filmed. But not for the reason you’re thinking. The two men could barely contain their laughter.

“I couldn’t ask to have my first sex scene on the show with anyone, he’s so good at doing them,” said Kazinsky.”He made me feel like a lady.”

(Re)Watch the shaving scene below.

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  • Polaro

    I sure hope they take this further. Jason has slept with a bunch of women on the show, its time to do it with a dude.

  • Dixie Rect

    I have never shaved with a straight razor. One wrong move and ooouuuch!

  • Cee

    Warlow is hot. I don’t like his accent in real life though.

  • Eiswirth

    Jason’s character has an erotic dream about this beautiful, male fairy/vampire and then awakes from it with a hardon. I hope they keep exploring the gay side of Jason this and future seasons.

  • Lefty

    I’ve had a crush on Robert Kazinsky since he was in Eastenders on British TV about five years ago.
    I had no idea he was in this, as I don’t watch it.
    Hmm, not sure I’ll start either.
    More Kazinsky man-on-man action and I may change my mind…

  • Cam

    A nice thing about True blood is that the don’t pluck and wax the men down into little make-up covered feminized clones.

    This guy, just another real looking hot addition to the cast.

  • Steve

    @Cam:Ryan is shaved and waxed from his chest to his butt and underarms

  • Mike

    Just listen to what Ben/Robert says

    do you want to do me now
    you haven’t done this before have you
    relax do it like you do it to yourself
    its ok taste it

    Now tell me the scriptwriting team wasn’t trying to do subtle inuendo !

  • Kangol

    This show is so problematic. Its depiction of queer people is especially wack at times.

    On the one hand you have the positive queer relationships that Tara and Lafayette have been in, but then none of them last very long. You also have these moments of queer desire involving Jason and Warlow.

    On the other hand you have Lafayette’s character, who is like a bad stereotype wrapped inside an even worse one. Who the hell came up with this and keeps writing him in this manner? And it gets worse each passing year.

    Can someone get through to the writers and tell them to at least stop the nonsense with Lafayette? The actor playing him, Nelsan Ellis, seems to have forgotten that there’s camp and then there just outright farce, but it seems like it’s probably more based on the writing than anything else, because the depictions of all the people of color tend to veer toward stereotypes after a positive episode or so.

  • Alan C Miller

    Hard hitting journalism right there

  • Jim McHardy

    It is a hot scene loved it

  • Mark Coxon

    Is True Blood back

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