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Which “Looking” Character Would You Like To Hang With In Real Life?

Is there anything more comforting than chatting with a trusted friend over a frosty mug of your favorite brew? Well, OK, maybe we can think of one or two things, but let’s not digress. We’re huge fans of HBO’s Looking, yet we’re aware the dramedy has evoked polarizing opinions from viewers. (We’ve read your comments, folks.) Whether you love it or don’t, you have to admit that the series features one of most esthetically-pleasing casts on television. We’re wondering which character you’d most like to see peering at you from across a table for two in the heart of the Castro.

Take a look at the cast photos below and then click over to the 2014 Queerties ballot page to cast your vote…


Patrick (Jonathan Groff)

A transplant to San Francisco from Colorado, Patrick is a video game designer working at Most Dangerous Games and living in the Lower Haight. Recently out of a six-month relationship (with a guy who’s now engaged), the 29-year-old is something of a “boy next door” and spends his time with buddies Dom and Agustín and surfing dating websites like OKCupid, where he’s looking for love.


Dom (Murray Bartlett)

Career waiter Dom — a mainstay at Zuni on San Francisco’s Market Street — is facing a crossroads in his life: an upcoming 40th birthday. He’s contemplating what he really wants — and that may just be opening a restaurant of his own. Dom lives with Doris, his fellow Modesto native, and gravitates toward younger men in his romantic pursuits.

lauren-weedmanDoris (Lauren Weedman)

Doris — the witty gal pal of Dom — was just a recurring character in season one, but the fan fave has been elevated to a regular for season two.


Kevin (Russell Tovey)

The 30-year-old British video game whiz — who works at Most Dangerous Games on a hot new release — is somewhat of a mystery and crosses paths with Patrick.



Richie (Raul Castillo)

The charming thirtysomething is working his way up at a barber shop while manning the door at the Mission’s Esta Noche.


Lynn (Scott Bakula)

The sexy Castro florist met Dom in a steam room, but the looming possibility of romance between the two never came to fruition.

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You can come back and vote once every day until the contest closes on November 02, 2014, at midnight Eastern.