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Whoa! Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Caught Cozying Up To Skin-Crawling Lizards

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Trouble in paradise? Looks like lithe Olympic diver Tom Daley and fiancé Dustin Lance Black have been having some fun on the side.

The two were recently caught on film canoodling with a pair of lizards, neither of whom have been identified.

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The incident, which occurred in a Florida park, reveals the creatures were all over a shirtless Daley and his accommodating partner.

One lizard tenderly clutches Daley’s knee, while another is fondly tethered to Black’s arm.

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The photographs have since shown up on Instagram and been picked up by the likes of The Gay UK and tawdry gossip rag The Daily Mailwho first broke the story.

We’ll update with more info as it becomes available.

I found a little friend ???

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Making friends in Florida

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