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Whose Israel Trip Will Score Better Yelp Reviews?: Josh Wood v. Michael Lucas

Back in January we noted how two gay powerhouses were facing off for your Israeli travel dollars: Both porn proprietor Michael Lucas and nightlife producer Josh Wood are organizing gay-themed trips to the Holy Land. But would it have made sense for the twosome to work together?

It sounds like they tried.

“We spoke with Michael last fall about developing a film component to our trip,” Wood says. “I guess he thought it was such a good idea that he decided to do his own.” Zing!

Uhm … not so much, retorts Lucas, whose pre-porn career included a stint as a travel agent back in Russia. Once Men of Israel began generating buzz—including a shout-out on Chelsea Lately, an L.A. Times write-up and endless blog-bursts—Lucas says that guest-starring in Wood’s Israel production didn’t really make sense. “Once I did the numbers, I just realized they needed me more than I needed them.”

“I love that Josh is doing a trip,” Lucas adds. “My goal is to show as many people as possible Israel’s other side, the non-propaganda side.”

Ahem. Non-propaganda?