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Why Did Florida AG Bob McCollum Choose George Alan Rekers As An Expert Witness?

Because he “was the best available at the time,” McCollum says, noting Rekers was one of “only” two adoption experts “willing to testify.” For a tidy five-figure sum? I can find you two dozen in a half hour using Google.

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  • walt

    Maybe he hired him because they’re boyfriends.

  • schlukitz

    I couldn’t understand a word of what this man was saying.

    Sorry, but this guy looks more like a fag-hating Baptist Minister than an Attorney General or aspiring Governor of Florida.

  • romeo

    The point is the state was trying to defend their gay adoption ban and Rekers was all they could get to testify even at that price. That alone should have told McCollum something about the legitimacy of that law in the face of what real experts thought.

  • pdaku

    @walt: Perhaps McCollum and Rekers just share a love for rentboy.com and swap tips, recommendations, and stories (but no fluids). I love the way McCollum is all prissy about the correct way to pronounce Rekers’s name: “Reekers.” There’s a lot about this story that just reeks.

  • holla

    What is it about Rekers that makes him an expert on adoption? The fact that he has adopted children? The fact that he hates queers? I’m very confused by this. I have gay nieghbours who have adopted five children. Maybe they should make big money as “expert” witnesses.

  • tjr101

    AG McCullum looks just as creepy as George Rekers, seems like there’ll be more scandals to come.

  • Cam

    Oh PLEASE! LOOK AT TAHT GUY! I have a feeling that this is the guy who told Rekers about Rentboy dot com.


    Did his face get ripped off by a pissed off monkey??? Seriously, use the googles to look at the guy recently introduced after getting a full face transplant..He is disturbing to look at……… *am ascared*

  • the crustybastard

    Q: Why Did Florida AG Bob McCullum Choose George Alan Rekers As An Expert Witness?

    A: Because he knew that Paul “extermination of the gays is an option” Cameron had been run out of every professional organization he’s joined.

    Glad to help.

  • B

    QUEERTY: “Because he ‘was the best available at the time,’ McCollum says, noting Rekers was one of ‘only’ two adoption experts ‘willing to testify.’ For a tidy five-figure sum?”

    Of course it was for a “tidy five-figure sum”. The rest of the “adoption experts”, even if they needed the money, had too much self respect to lie just because a potential client wanted them to say what he wanted to hear. It’s simply supply and demand, and supply was extremely low. You know, “Economics 101”.

  • Steve

    When there are hundreds of professors in a particular field, and all but one or two are on one side of an issue, those one or two are usually just wrong.

    It is difficult to find an expert witness to testify, under oath, to say something that is just not true. Most professors are concerned about their integrity and reputation. But, when the issue is a political agenda, a few special people are able to overcome their integrity to push the agenda.

    I think McCullum knew that Rekers was not telling the truth, but was willing to use the testimony because it supported McCullum’s political agenda.

    Lawyers don’t seem to have the much concern for integrity and reputation. After all, they only ask the questions. The witnesses do the actual lying.

  • WalkderDC

    He is anti-gay. Therefore he is a closeted gay guy.

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