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Why Didn’t Canadian College Students Want to Hear Ann Coulter Argue Gays Want to ‘Complain’ Like Blacks?

So Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of Ottawa was canceled, supposedly out of safety concerns from hundreds (thousands?) of angry protesters and not because Ms. Coulter is a hate leader and deserves no public forum. But news of her nixing was only announced moments before Coulter was expected to take the stage, and nothing gets protesters angrier than not being able to confront their target subject in person. The scheduled appearance was to arrive after Coulter addressed an audience in Ontario, where after being warned to tone things down (and then claiming she was “the victim of a hate crime” for being asked to censors herself), she reportedly argued “feminists, gays and illegal aliens all want to be black as they complain their rights are being attacked in the same way the rights of African-Americans once were.” Tomorrow she’s headed for the University of Calgary.

So far, it’s still on. And so far, her $24,000 Ontario speech check hasn’t been canceled.