Why Flipping Out‘s Jeff Lewis Makes The Perfect ‘Will’ To Tori Spelling’s Talk Show ‘Grace’

The hunt for Tori Spelling’s gay daytime talk show sidekick is over, and he’s full of it. Jeff Lewis, the angry gay of Bravo’s Flipping Out, filmed a test pilot with Spelling last week.

When word of the ABC project was reported in April, producers were said to be going for a Will & Grace-esque vibe. And with Spelling helming the show, all they needed was their gay. If ever there was a real-life Will, Jeff Lewis might be it: whiny and uptight, perpetually single and un-sexed, obsessive-compulsive and anal, yet somehow lovable and good to his friends (when not screaming their heads off and telling them how to run their lives).

In July rumors floated former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts was up for the gig after an impressive showing on The View, but he’s busy taking over MSNBC these days.

But where in ABC’s programming line-up can Tori and Jeff fit? Well, we hear this Oprah person is throwing in the towel.

Tori Spelling Is Getting a Will & Grace-y Talk Show. Who Should Play the Homo?

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  • pete

    Flipping Out
    Anything to do with those goddam Duggars

    All make me start shaking.

  • Elegance is learned (my friends)


    **Praying to the gods this one actually happens!**

  • Ryan

    This sounds like it could be pretty awesome.
    I loved Tori’s VH1 show “So Notorious”!
    Was way unfair that it got canceled.
    Will be nice to see her doing her thing on t.v. again.

  • Greg

    I probably wasn’t going to watch the show, but there will be no chance now if that neurotic freak with the collagen carp lips is on there.

  • scott ny'er

    @Greg: he looks like he has clown lips! And his face looks waxen weird. Just some observations.

  • Anastacia Beaverhausen

    Everyone knows the best “vibes” on Will & Grace were Jack & Karen…skeptical at best…

  • Tylertime

    I don’t see a WILL or GRACE in the above photos. Tori and Jeff are the same person or at least they go to the same plastic surgeon that is making them look like the same person.

  • IzzyLuna

    Lips Lewis MUST lay off the injections before the show! Those lips are way too ridiculous and distracting.

  • Louis

    Now, we have reality TV, why not stupidity TV ? Which topics will they discuss and what will be under my seat ? Perfect match for the hosts if it is to be only broadcasted during power outages.

  • myki

    Jeff to all u guys that have said anything about his looks is a great looking guy and u all just hate because u dont want to say ur glad he is gay cause if he wasent ur girls would be all over that love you jeff anytime u decide to go straight call me lol

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