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Why I’m Loving Dr. John Corvino’s Complete Annihilation Of Nearly Every Anti-Gay Argument, Ever

Dr. John Corvino, the self-professed “Gay Moralist” who edits book collections like Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science and Culture of Homosexuality, takes a, uh, different approach to arguing for same-sex tolerance. (And yes, the word tolerance is there on purpose, rather than acceptance, which doesn’t appear to be Corvino’s immediate goal.) By beginning his debate over gays with our opponents’ assumptions: that we’re a threat to the family, to the nation, to kids. And then he shoots them all down. Which is why Corvino’s speech tonight at the University of Alaska-Anchorage is titled “Is Homosexuality Immoral?” If you put that same question on, you’d immediately assume the question — a mostly rhetorical exercise — is posed with malice. With Corvino, it’s the opposite. It’s a topic that, while phrased negatively (i.e. it’s not “Why Homosexuality Isn’t Immoral”), gets us to where we need to be. As you’ll see from the above trailer for Corvino’s DVD What’s Morally Wrong With Homosexuality, it takes some mildly awkward conversation to arrive at sensible conclusions. With “heterosexual people we talk about relationships. Homosexual people, we talk about sex. Heterosexual people have lives. Homosexual people have lifestyles. Heterosexual people have a moral vision. Homosexual people have an agenda.” Brilliant. But cue to 3:52, for Corvino’s excellent take down of the Roman Catholic Church’s position on The Gays. Fall in love, yo.