Why Iowa Is Targeting Theme Park-Loving Californians


Legal gay marriage is good for state and local economies in so many ways. It’s a boon to the party planning and florist business. It attracts progressive business and their tax dollars. Oh, and it’s also great for tourism! Not only can states like Connecticut and Massachusetts encourage “marriage tourism,” where visitors drop by to get a marriage license before heading home, but states like Iowa are going one step further: Lobbying residents of anti-gay states to move there full time. That’s why Iowa reps were at Gay Days at the Disneyland Resort in a vendor booth trying to convince Californians to head to a land that welcomes them.

Two representatives for three regional visitors bureaus flew out for the three-day Gay Days, when 30,000 partipants roll into town to attend Disneyland. Gay Days is not sponsored by nor discouraged by Disney.

At the booth set up inside Disney’s Grand Californian hotel, gay and lesbian couples sampled wedding cake and posed for photos inside a frame that read, “Just Married … In Iowa City!”

The Iowa representatives took the free photos and supplied the tuxedo jackets and bridal veils. They also handed out brochures touting Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Coralville, among other cities.

They did not, however, have a good answer to the question, “Okay, but is it sunny and warm there 365 days a year?”

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  • aaron

    “Okay, but is it sunny and warm there 365 days a year?”

    It is not.

  • YellowRanger

    …However there is a decidedly less significant risk of breaking off into the Pacific when the big one finally hits.

  • terrwill

    Our Own Private Gay Idaho…………….

  • terrwill

    Stick your heads out your windows if u can………thats the sound of tens of thousands of rightwing-nutbag Iowa residents screeching in horror, banding together, sharpening the pitchforks and getting the torches ready!! ;-P

  • Darj

    Actually, there’s been very little backlash and talk about the gay marriage issue since May. No pitchforks here!

  • SteamPunk

    “Okay, but is it sunny and warm there 365 days a year?”

    Very important! I’d much rather have warm weather 365 days a year and dangerous wildfires rather than equal rights for myself and my family.

  • rici

    No pioneerism among you guys. You can always keep warm in Iowa.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Iowa’s Sate motto:

    “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”

    Terwill is making the same assumptions I had made at one time, but then “Iowans” came to our house and stayed in our City for an entire week and I soon realized that these guys and gals were so hip! Their sense of humor bends on irony and the State motto is taken to heart….Very progressive, hilarious, and cool. I can’t wait for them to return. It was a very nice experience. Live and learn.

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