Why Is The Trevor Project Helping Out Homophobic 49er Chris Culliver?

chris culliverAfter he had sufficient time to lick his wounds from losing the Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers’ Chris Culliver was ready to publicly atone for saying gay players shouldn’t be in NFL.

So the cornerback spent all day Monday at the Los Angeles offices of the Trevor Project, reports  NBC Sports. Culliver’s publicist, Theodore Palmer, said the football pro “learned a lot” in his day with the LGBT youth-crisis group. “He wants to use his profile as a professional athlete to help—he wants to become a volunteer for the organization and become more active.”

You know how Culliver can help? By staying the hell away from LGBT kids.

This is a man who told publicly said, “we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do—can’t be with that sweet stuff,” and recommended any gay ballers only come out 10 years after he retires.

Those kids who turn to the Trevor Project for a lifeline read the Internet—they know what he said, and they’ve heard enough of that in their lives already.

We are grateful for the work they do, but we gotta say we’re a little disappointed in the Trevor Project for so eagerly offering itself up as p.r. rehab for Culliver. Apparently, Trevor Project spokeswoman Laura McGinnis thinks Culliver could be a great crisis-intervention volunteer or work with programs directed at young people. Writes the Sacramento Bee:”McGinnis said there was no reason to suspect Culliver, 24, wasn’t sincere in his desire to understand and help at-risk youth.”

Oh, sure—what possible ulterior motive could a man who was excoriated from coast to coast for homophobic comments have for volunteering at a LGBT nonprofit?