Why PepsiCo Should Treat PFOX As a Pest, Not a Serial Murderer

We don’t exactly buy the argument that PepsiCo is the victim of “harassment” with PFOX trying to rustle up some new headlines, because PepsiCo is a kajillion dollar global enterprise, and on that level, true harassment comes from government environmental organizations and international trade associations, not loud-mouthed groups who know how to issue press releases.

That the ex-gay group PFOX is harping on PepsiCo over a little donation to PFLAG — which, like most, considers ex-gay therapy ineffective and harmful, and distributes materials claiming as such — should be treated with something closer to indifference, not angst.

Because despite our argument that ex-gay people deserve our kindness, PFOX does not, and should be viewed as a rodent you nudge out of the house with a broom, not plastic explosives.