Why PepsiCo Should Treat PFOX As a Pest, Not a Serial Murderer

We don’t exactly buy the argument that PepsiCo is the victim of “harassment” with PFOX trying to rustle up some new headlines, because PepsiCo is a kajillion dollar global enterprise, and on that level, true harassment comes from government environmental organizations and international trade associations, not loud-mouthed groups who know how to issue press releases.

That the ex-gay group PFOX is harping on PepsiCo over a little donation to PFLAG — which, like most, considers ex-gay therapy ineffective and harmful, and distributes materials claiming as such — should be treated with something closer to indifference, not angst.

Because despite our argument that ex-gay people deserve our kindness, PFOX does not, and should be viewed as a rodent you nudge out of the house with a broom, not plastic explosives.

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  • terrwill

    Read the first link, Here you have a major corp. finally attempting to exterminate these scumbags and Queerty is encouraging they not do so………..I am strongly beginning to believe that Queerty is now a front for a political or legal group…….

  • romeo

    I’m with you, Terrwill. The original referenced article was not about being “nice” to ex-gays; it was explicitly about giving them credence, believing in their “sincerity,” all in deference to an intellectual exercise that is not based in the reality of our lives. If we give that credence, then there is no room for gay people in this world.

    Queerty’s provocations have often skirted the line, but generally it has been healthy in stimulating thoughtful debate.

    But that first article above referenced was unforgivable. A trust was broken, Terrwill.

  • terrwill

    @romeo: Winds of change are definatley blowing into Queerty land……more provocative threads that are clearly designed to ruffle feathers. Possibly Hasilbeb hired some marketing “genius” to assist in upping the click count. Me for one am totally disgusted by staff at Queerts, multiple times have sent emails seeking info on like that annoying st lucial couple who drove us crazy few weeks ago, and now I am getting auto flags on some of my posts. Asked them why and didn’t even get the courtsey of a reply email…….Boo Hiss on Queerts……..

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