Why The Prop 8 Trial Doesn’t Really Include the Expertise of George Alan Rekers

My expert report to the court — which was written entirely by me, includes a list of scholarly sources and is available for anyone to read — includes no mention of Mr. Rekers. And for good reason: I have never met Mr. Rekers or read any of his writings. I recently learned that a separate, lawyer-generated document submitted to the court apparently does list an article by Mr. Rekers in connection with my testimony, but that document, on this point, is in error. This matter is particularly important to me, since in my report to the court, as well as in my testimony on the stand, I clearly and emphatically rejected the anti-gay views that Mr. Rekers has apparently expressed.

—David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values and accidental gay marriage supporter, responding to the Times‘ article that his Perry testimony relied on rentboy enthusiast George Alan Rekers [via]

UPDATE: Blankenhorn writes the Times, admitting he’s a little mistaken.