Will Superhero-Hunk Lightning Strike Again For The CW’s Arrow?

After the longevity of Smallville, The CW was looking for another deconstructed-superhero show that will appeal to both comic-book fans and the One Tree Hill demographic. Their answer: Arrow, a slight tweaking of the DC Comics’ character Green Arrow, starring the ridiculously hot Stephen Amell.

In the show, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Amell) returns to civilization after five years on a remote tropical island where he learned archery and all kinds of crazy survival skills. His friends (and enemies) thought Queen was dead, but now he’s back to right wrongs and making amends for past transgressions.

In the comics, Green Arrow sported a jaunty Van Dyke beard and Robin Hood-esque green tights, but it looks like the network is going to avoid putting him in that particular costume.

Hey, if they want to keep him out of his clothes entirely that’s fine with us.