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And the winners of the 2017 Queerties are…

The Queerties have arrived, that time of the year when readers of Queerty get a chance to vote for best of LGBTQ Media and Culture. In fact, you voted 300,000 times, a record turnout.

The winners of the 2017 Queerties have made a difference simply by entertaining in a queer friendly manner or by championing our cause, even when it’s not necessarily in the job description.

Ok, except for the “2nd Worst Person in the World,” who can buzz off.

With no further ado…

1. Badass of the year: Michelle Obama











Winner: Michelle Obama 

Former first lady, style icon, working mom and all around badass.

Runners up:

Chuck Schumer

George Takei

Laverne Cox

Sarah McBride

Hillary Clinton

2.  2nd Worst Person In the World: Kellyanne Conway

Winner: Kellyanne Conway 

Presidential counsel, spokesliar, and model for crypt keeper chic.

Runners up:

Benham Brothers

Sean Spicer

Pat McCrory

Jennifer Boyle

Peter Thiel

3.  Social Media Maven: Max Emerson

kyle krieger max emerson new orleans scavenger hunt

Winner: Max Emerson 

Model, YouTuber, DNA jackpot winner and all-around media star

Runners up:

Ari Fitz

Miles Jai

Andre Hamann

Daniel Franzese

Arielle Scarcella

4. Queerty Crush: Pietro Boselli

Winner: Pietro Boselli 

Math teacher turned model

Runners up:

Nick Jonas

Laith Ashley

Nyle DiMarco

Jwan Yosef

Frank Ocean

Jussie Smollett

Nico Tortorella

 5. Hero Award: The Trevor Project

Winner: Trevor Project 

Non-profit devoted to educating and preventing suicide by LGBTQ youth

Runners up:

Larkin Street Youth Center

Los Angeles LGBT Center


NLGJA – Association of LGBTQ Journalists


6. Fashion­ista: Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Winner: Tom Ford 

Designer, director, advocate

Runners up:

Joe Haller & Ian Hannula

Marc Jacobs

Zac Posen

Andrew Christian

Olivier Rousteing

7. Enter­tainer: RuPaul

Winner:  RuPaul 

Drag icon, actor, style maven, and Emmy Award-winning TV host

Runners up:


James Corden


Ellen DeGeneres

Billy Eichner

Lady Gaga

Janelle Monae

8. YouTuber: Todrick Hall

Winner:  Todrick Hall 

Singer, broadway performer, all-around good guy

Runners up:

Raymond Braun

Sky Williams

RJ Aguiar

Ethan Hethcote

MarkE Miller

Rhodes Brothers

Davey Wavey

9. Top Jock: Tom Daley

Winner:  Tom Daley 

Olympic diver & sex symbol

Runners up:

Jordan Burroughs

Cory Moreno

Brian Anderson

Chris Mosier

Orlando Cruz

10.  Web Series: Go-Go Boy Interrupted

Winner:  Go-Go Boy Interrupted

Sit-com about gay life in Los Angeles

Runners up:

Hey Qween!



The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

The Feels


Fashion Photo RuView

11. Indie Movie: Hurricane Bianca

Winner: Hurricane Bianca 

Comedy about an outed teacher who becomes a drag queen

Runners up:

Beach Rats

God’s Own Country

Other People

King Cobra



Spa Night

12. TV Series: Stranger Things

Winner:  Stranger Things 

Sci-Fi series about a group of kids searching for a lost friend

Runners up:

Search Party



Orange is the New Black

The Leftovers

The Night Of

American Horror Story: Roanoke

13. Holly­wood Block­buster: Deadpool

Winner: Deadpool

Crazy comedy about a post-modern superhero

Runners up:

Rogue One

The Jungle Book

Sausage Party

La La Land


14. Best Doc­umentary: I Am Not Your Negro

I am not your negro

Winner: I Am Not Your Negro 

Film about the great queer, African-American author James Baldwin

The Trans List

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?


Strike a Pose

Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures

15. Closet Door Bust­down: Colton Haynes

Winner: Colton Haynes 

Actor, role model, heartthrob, survivor of anxiety disorder

Runners up:

Charlie Carver

Ingrid Nilsen

Cody Alan

Maria Munir

Brandon Davis

Lilly Wachowski

Waylon Smithers

16. Rising Diva: Bianca Del Rio

Winner: Bianca Del Rio 

Winner of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 6, star of ‘Hurricane Bianca’ & stand-up comedian. #NotTodaySatan

Runners up:

The Boulet Brothers


Alyssa Edwards

Bob The Drag Queen


A special thanks to the sponsors of the 2017 Queerties: FX’s “Feud,” SKYY Vodka and the city of New Orleans

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  • graphicjack

    Congrats to the winners. My only comment… Bianca del Rio is not a RISING diva, she is a diva who has made it. For me, the queen who rose the most this year was Alyssa Edwards. She was the popular choice for AS2 and should have won except for Rigger Morris snake Alaska and BEAST! Detox. LOL….

    • DarkZephyr

      Agreed! And I do think Tatianna deserves an honorable mention. Girl rose QUITE a lot from where she was thanks to AS2.

  • He BGB

    Many I voted for won. I think the audience for queerty is probably not us seniors. Lol. As I admire Rupaul and am proud of his accomplishments in the face of adversity, I don’t think of him as an entertainer; Lady Gaga is an entertainer. That’s my 2 cents. Congrats, everyone!

  • He BGB

    I think all of those 2nd worst people are worse than the implied 1st. ALL. And surprised President Bannon didn’t get a nom. For one thing Spicer and Kellyanne, et. al, know better whereas the #1 is just mentally ill.

  • wolfmagic

    What about Ann Coulter? aka Eva Braun with extensions

  • radiooutmike

    I just watched Hurricane Bianca a few nights ago on Netflix. Funny movie! Rachel Dratch needs to be in more things.

    • DarkZephyr

      I enjoyed it too! Glad I waited a few months before I purchased it on Amazon Video! Like you, I watched it using my Netflix subscription.

  • ErikO

    Silly awards. I voted for Lady Gaga, and Tom Daly.

    • DarkZephyr

      Silly but kinda fun! I also voted for Lady Gaga as I was blown away by her Superbowl performance and by her continued efforts on behalf of LGBT tees, but I am not angry that Ru won. Ru always entertains me. :D Tom Daly is difficult not to vote for when you see his image. lol He is such a distraction!

    • DarkZephyr

      and that would be “teens” and not “tees”.

  • JessPH

    Moonlight lost to Hurricane Bianca? Bianca Del Rio is funny as hell but the movie is your typical badly written and directed B-movie.

  • Sluggo2007

    (Yawn). I’ve never even heard of most of them.

  • MediaGuy

    What total shit this is.

  • DCguy

    Wow, Queerty REALLY wants an excuse to keep writing about Colton Haynes, to the point of not nominating multiple higher profile people who all came out this year?!?!

    Kristen Stewart (Twilight)
    Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham)
    Sheppard Smith (Fox News Anchor)
    Sara Ramirez (Greys Anatomy)

    Really, you missed all of these ones just so Colton could have another moment on here?! What gives!?

    • hazelsimmons566

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  • Herman75

    Hey Qween wuz robbed!

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