Winner of ‘Drag Race’ banned from RuPaul’s DragCon

DragCon has become a huge event in the three years since its debut, and 2018 is shaping up to be even bigger. But as thousands of drag fans descend on the Los Angeles Convention Center for the three-day extravaganza in May, there is one Drag Race crown holder that fans will definitely not be seeing.

Tyra Sanchez, the winner of season two, has been banned from the convention after she posted a video attacking fellow season two queen Tatianna and season 4’s Phi Phi O’Hara with threats of violence.

The video, which was originally shared on Instagram, was reshared by Phi Phi via Twitter:

In the video, Sanchez says, “But when you see Ms. Phi Phi and Ms. Mother F*cking Tati’s ass stretched out on the motherf*cking ground, you will know it was me. Yeah, I may not have physically did it, but it will be my doing. Remember that sh*t, bi*ch.”

Tyra responded by posting an email she received from World of Wonder, the production company behind Drag Race and DragCon, that stated she could participate in the event if she recorded a “sincere public apology” that denounces violence.

The email also references another video Tyra recorded: “We received your video, but unfortunately the apology is not clear.”

In an emailed reply that Tyra shared in the same post, she wrote back to World of Wonder:

“I will not be apologizing again for something that happened last month. I apologized then for my anger, my temper, my behavior and my choice of words. Multiple times I have stated that violence is not the answer and that queens of my upbringing sometimes express ourselves different than most,” Sanchez wrote. “I understand you may not understand this as you have only appropriated our lives, our attitudes and our mannerisms.

You can continue to push your narrative that I’m some angry black queen, but you and I know that is simply untrue. If you want to remove me from DragCon because of some drag queen drama then by all means remove me.”

Per your request RuPaul's DragCon, RuPaul & World of Wonder Productions I am very much publicly posting this to all of my social media platforms. #SorryNotSorry

Posted by Tyra Sanchez on Monday, April 9, 2018

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Tatiana responded:

“Everyone wants to tiptoe around the bulls*t but I refuse. She was nasty back in 2009 and she still nasty now that’s why she can’t get a f*cking gig… Anytime she crawls out of her hole it’s to get attention in the worst way.

Oh she was banned from dragon? She didn’t have anyone coming there to see her anyways. She is the least respected or liked winner from any of the f*cking seasons and that’s The f*cking T”