Wisconsin Boy Used Facebook to Sexually Assault Classmates


Well, this is very, very, very sadistic and scary. (Updated with video.)

An 18-year-old boy in Wisconsin is accused of tricking at least 31 male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves and then blackmailing some of them for sex acts. By posing as a girl on Facebook, Anthony Stancl would ask male classmates for naked photos of themselves. Once the nude pictures were in his possession, Stancl, again posing as the girl, would tell the duped boys that if they didn’t meet and perform sex acts on “her” male friend, their embarrassing photos would be forwarded to their loved ones. It’s with this deception that Stancl received numerous sexual favors from several of the initial 31 victims.

Clearly Stancl is disturbed, but how do you think he got that way? Was it his home environment? Or – and before anyone loses it, yes, we realize how presumptuous this is – was the bullied gay kid exacting his revenge?

Update: Here’s CNN on the story.

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  • Alan down in Florida

    Interesting question. Hope it doesn’t get lost in the titillating nature of the crime. Also the absurdity of a 16 year old voluntarily sending self-nudes being considered child pornography needs to be dealt with as well.

  • alex the sea turtle

    What he did is wrong. But I can’t help but want to congratulate him. I also would be curious for more details.

    I feel dirty now.

  • arjuna52

    He’s quite resourceful, isn’t he.

  • cruiser

    @arjuna52: Be that as it may, it was still wrong & deceitful on his part, and besides which BLACKMAIL is illegal punishable by oh say PRISON TIME!!

  • cruiser

    on the one hand you have to(in a sick sort of way)admire the kids resourcefulness as well as his chutzpah(read balls)to convince these unwitting “victims” that he was a girl(kinda says something about todays society huh?)but on the other hand to BLACKMAIL them into providing “favors” was downright WRONG and the kid needs one of two things, years of therapy or time in the slammer.
    Whereas the kid was rather ingenius he still was terribly wrong in the manner in which he acquired said photos.

  • Jheryn

    What he did was sick and wrong. Blackmail, underage nudes, and basically coerced statutory rape. This guy is seriously disturbed. What almost bothers me more is that a couple of you are almost admiring him. “He’s quite resourceful” and “I want to congratulate him.” What the hell is wrong with you people? He is a sick kid in doing this to other people. I don’t want to be forced into having sex with a woman, why would any of you think it is great to force a straight man into having any kind of sex he would not want to have? That is just plain appalling. You should be ashamed.

  • Darth Paul

    @Jheryn: Saying someone is resourceful is not a validation of their act(s). Check your definitions and semantics before you preach/bray.

  • J

    Child porn? I’m seventeen and if I sent pics to anyone I wouldn’t consider them pedophiles. I think people need to realise that legal minors are capable of sexuality (read more than) that isn’t coerced. Although what this guy did was pretty sick (but pretty fucking resourceful all the same) the child porn charges are what really bump up his possible prison sentence so much. This guy needs therapy and real love in his life, not 300 years in prison. The system will fail him.

  • Taylor

    The important question is who will play him in the film or TV movie version? My vote is for David Archuleta…

  • Powerbottom Philly

    Ten bucks says its in the spin cycle for a future Law & Order SVU episode….

  • Michael W.

    @Darth Paul: Would you have words like “resourceful” on your mind if this guy was 53 years old and extorting teenage boys for sex?

    It’s all fun and games because the perpetrator and his victims were young. Some of you probably still got childhood issues that you haven’t dealt with and get some sick satisfaction from imagining yourself in his shoes.

  • kevin


    Maybe so, J. I didn’t think I was naive when I was your age and slightly older, and eventually I did have (legal) relationships with men who were much older.

    Guess what? I got used.

    You may not think you won’t be manipulated by someone who is older but the fact remains that they have tons more experience and the potential for abuse is high.

    I would council any young fag/dyke to be very cautious when dating anyone who is at least 8-10 years older. Everything, including sugar, comes with a price.

    And steer clear of those chickenhawks, because it’s your age that they are attracted to, not who you are as a person.

  • tierceguy

    Wait, these guys are all classmates with Stancl? It seems a bit extreme, however legally legitimate, to call this “child pornography”. And why would those boys all decide it was a good idea to send nude pics/video to some strange made-up girl on facebook?

  • Rigato

    Disturbed boy using stupid boys. Sounds like revenge of the gays at first, but it only serves to make his blackmailed classmates bigots later in life. If a gay classmate blackmailed you into sucking his dick, chances are you aren’t going to be very friendly to gay people in college.
    This kid is obviously lashing out and only harms the gay community with his actions. He needs help.

  • Mark

    Well, this pretty much only proves – ONCE AGAIN – that teenaged males think with their penises.

    And that’s just about ALL it proves… other than the boy from WI was quite the FB whore.

  • getreal

    I think this guy is a sexual predator. Most sexual predators start in their teens preying on younger children this guy may be more imaginative but I think that kind of imagination is very dangerous. This guy forced people to have sex with him using fear. Why is that amusing to some? If he waited in the bushes with a gun and forced them by gunpoint would that be amusing? Forcing someone to have sex with you is rape whether by force or blackmail. There are few things more scary to a teen than public humiliation. Jeffrey Dahmer raped and killed a guy in his teens and we know how that turned out. It is a fact that sexual predators almost always escalate if this is what he is doing as a teenager what will he be doing in his thirties. The psychological community has also stated in several studies that sexual predators who have a very high recidivism rate essentially can’t be cured only managed.I’m not trying to be controversial but I find this story disturbing not funny.

  • dgz

    sexual acts procured through coercion = sexual assault. period. this kid is (allegedly) a predator, and will likely progress to even more dangerous behavior as he gets older, given the chance.

    and even though they may have acted unwisely, please don’t blame his victims.

  • blake

    @alex the sea turtle:

    You’re twisted. This isn’t funny. This guy is a virtual rapist. What psychological damage did he do to his victims? How many of his victims might now develop intense homophobic feelings because of their rape?

    This kid is twisted. He deserves jail time.

  • cruiser

    Those who stated that this guy was resourceful are in no way condoning his actions, all that is being said is that they are(for lack of a better word)amazed at how easily his classmates(no less)were duped into providing not only nude pictures of themselves but al coerced into providing “favors” to this wack job. Granted maybe does not need “300 years” in prison, but one thing is for sure he definitely needs some kind of help. Also true is the fact that because of what he did to his fellow classmates they will more than likely grow up and one of at least two things will hapeen(aside from needing therapy themselves)they will either develop an intense disliketoward gay people in general, or they will turn that into such anger that they themselves may become sexual predators themselves.

  • burton21

    @blake: I agree with everything you said, except for the “virtual rapist” part. He is an ACTUAL rapist. Forcing someone to have sex with you, whether it is by holding a gun to their head or blackmailing them is textbook sexual assault. I also agree that the prison system will most definitely fail this kid, but I’m not sure he deserves anything else. I may be reacting a bit harshly to this, but my straight best friend was in a similar situation where he was manipulated into hooking up with a dude and it took him YEARS to get over the homophobia he developed from the incident. People like this make me sick to my stomach.

  • blake

    “Anthony Stancl, of New Berlin, west of Milwaukee, was charged on Wednesday with five counts of child enticement, two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child, two counts of third-degree sexual assault, possession of child pornography, repeated sexual assault of the same child and making a bomb threat.”

    “Officers found about 300 nude images of juvenile males on his computer, according to the complaint. Prosecutors said the victims were as young as 15.”

    I don’t understand how some of you can just dismiss this kid’s actions. He preyed upon other children. It’s pathetic that some of you want to joke or excuse this creep’s actions.


    It’s 2008. If the kid couldn’t get a date in his school, he could have done what most other dateless straight and gay nerds do in high school when they’re sexually frustrated: jerk off. Trying to blame society for this kid sexually assaulting others is startling horrific in trying to excuse the inexcusable.

    I don’t understand how you could try to justify this kid’s actions by speculating that he might have been bullied. Because someone suffers from being bullied does not give him carte blanche to rape someone!! Lots of people are bullied and mistreated and they don’t exact their revenge through rape.

  • happyreader

    @J: Under most laws a nude photo of a 17 year old is still considered “child porn” as they are a minor…in court the prosecution can present as evidence a nude photo of a 5 year old as “representative of the nature of child pornography”. Also if you have a young looking 18 year old and cannot prove they are over 18, the prosecution can work on the assumption they photo is of someone UNDER 18, thus we are back to the child porn bit….

  • Geoff

    Very manipulative and combined w/his bomb threat hoax and then intimidation threat makes him a criminal in every sense of the word. While watching the vid I couldn’t help but laugh when he jutts his hip out several times. Although he may be a psycho…’gurls got ‘tude’.

  • Me

    God, I didn’t know that this thing in front of me was so dangerous. So, the words on a computer screen can actually MAKE me do something? You mean I have no control over my own actions? I – I… I can’t stop removing my clothes. Something taking over… Not aware that someone could be recording this in some fashion. Stupidity filling my brain… Must resist computer… CHRIST ALL FUCKING MIGHTY!! These are the kind of simpering bitches that arise from an “everybody gets a trophy” society of soccer moms and suckling adolescents. Take some fucking responsiblity for your own actions. Blackmail? You’ll show nude pics of me??? Must suck dick then, I guess. WTF?

  • REBELComx

    This comment has little to do with the crime at hand here, though I agree it’s disturbing and he should definitely prosecuted for blackmail and sexual assault or what have you.
    But I am just curious how many ACTUAL girls these dozens of boys sent their nude pictures to. If this kid was 15, would he be facing the child porn charges? Does the court plan on prosecuting the boys who SENT the pictures for having nude images of themselves, since it’s technically child porn? Or does it have to be proved they’ve sent them to other people?
    This country is obsessed with “protecting the children” and constantly fails to understand that a 17, a 16, or a 15yr old is not a child. We cannot continue to treat a 15yr old who is whacking off constantly, thinking about sex the same way we treat 9yr old who’s still in the “eww girls” stage of development. For one thing, pedophile (by definition) refers to someone who is aroused by children who have not yet reached puberty. The word is thrown around far too often in this day and age. I’m not advocating we all go pick up a 16yr old, and I’m not defending NAMBLA. But come on, people. You KNOW how horny you were as a teenager. When are we gonna learn that we can’t treat these blossoming adults like babies? For coming so far from landing on Plymouth Rock, we sure do still hold on to some stupid Puritan bullshit.

  • Michael W.

    @Me: These were children for crying out loud. As young as 15. They do stupid things and make very stupid decisions. That’s why this sick fuck targeted them because he knew adolescents are ripe for manipulation. Yes, there are plenty of children who’d suck a dick if it meant knowing that their mom wouldn’t see photos of them posing naked like a damn fool. There are children who, regardless how foolish you think it sounds, would see five minutes of head in private as a quick fix to avoid a public embarrassment.

    In the future kids will be more wary to this kind of shit. Already many have learned a lesson from the voyeuristic pleasures of candid photos online or on camera phones, whether firsthand or not. But this generation of kids was shoved into the MySpace/Facebook age and unfortunately they’ll be the guinea pigs that kids, their parents, other adults and law enforcement agencies in the future will learn from.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    I will not deny that there older men out there whose only interest in younger people is their age. This is true not just in the homosexual community, but in the heterosexual community as well.

    But, to classify all older people as users, is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. One should never judge the whole by the actions of a few.

    At th age of 16, I began my first serious long-term relationship with a man who ws five years my senior. We were together for six years. He cared for me deeply and did not use or manipulate me in any way. He was very generous with me, giving me beautiful special occasion gifts and was more than willingly took up the slack in our unequal earning capacities with never a complaint. I knew in my heart, that I could depend on him to be there for me in any emergency or crisis. Like many other young people of my age, I was too young to appreciate that.

    I was very young, inexperienced and idealistic at the age of 16 and had romantic visions of the rose covered cottage with a white picket fence in the country side and a faithful partner coming home to me every night with a bouquet in hand. obviously, I still had a lot of growing up to do.

    My partner who was 21, came from the country side, had served in the Navy, seen the world, had experience in matters sexual and now wanted the city life and all that it had to offer, including sexual variety. I wasn’t willing to deal with that.

    It was I who chose to leave him, not because I felt used in any way, manner of form, but because I was unwilling to compromise my needs and desires from a relationship. I wanted complete fidelity and my partner was simply unable to give me that. It was his only “failing”, if one could call it that and I was simply too young and idealist to cope with it or give him the sexual freedom he needed to have. I don’t know if the relationship would have survived, had I chosen to remain with him, but then, I will never know the answer to that haunting question.

    As I grew older and experienced several short-term relationships with people my own age that failed for various reasons, I often regretted my rash decision and my refusal to come back to him when he asked me to on several occasions. When I finally grew up enough to realize that I had, perhaps, made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving him, it was too late. He had a new lover.

    I am now 72 years old and I would hope, a bit wiser for all of the painful experiences in my life. I am in love for the last time of my life, with a wonderful Filipino man of 38 and who is young enough to be my son. He has never shown any interest whatsoever in people his own age, preferring to be with an older man, and we just celebrated our sixth anniversary this past New Years Eve.

    We bought a beach house together on the China Sea where I spend the winter months of each year with him and we have as great a live as two people can have, despite the fact that my government will not allow me to marry the person I love or bring him to this country to be by my side. Because of that, I must, like some 40,000 other bi-national couples, live part of my life in exile which has placed a tremendous financial burden on me by having to maintain domiciles on opposite sides of the world.

    I love my partner deeply, as he does me, and would never consciously do anything to hurt him. I provide for him and have made sure that he will continue to be provided for long after I am gone and it is my hope that when I am no on this planet, that he will find another older person who will love and care for him as much as I do.

    When I am in the Philippines, I see far more older men walking around with a young Filipina on one arm and a baby on the other. Asians, bless their hearts, do not have the hangup with ‘age’ differentials that Americans suffer from. In the Philipines, age is respected and held in esteem. “Older” men marry women (girls) half or a third of their age, move in with her family, as is the custom there and get to enjoy a loving relationship and new family long after they would have been dumped on the trash pile in this country.

    So please, Kevin, whatever bitterness you are holding onto with respect to your failed relationships with older people, perhaps the time has come to let go of it and realize that you do not speak for all older people.

    Whatever happened to you in our past, embrace it and learn from it, instead of allowing it to color your perception and apply what you have learned from it, toward bettering your next relationship, should you be lucky enough to find one, in whatever wrapping it happens to come in.


  • Ted C.

    Clever. If only he used his powers for good instead of evil.

    I think the child pornography accusation is a bit ridiculous. Does it make sense that a 18-year-old can legally have sex with a 16-year-old, but not legally look at a naked photo of them?

  • Jeremy

    Predator, plain and simple.

  • Darth Paul

    @Michael W.: I didn’t use that word at all, douchebag. I merely checked a fool that acted they knew.

  • Alexa

    There are two different issues here. First he’s a blackmailer, sexual predator, etc. and obviously that is wrong and needs to be severely dealt with. Second is the ridiculousness of our child pornography laws. The photos on his computer may have been of 15 year old boys, but he is a 17 year old boy. If someone is young enough to be a victim of child pornography, it is ridiculous for them to be charged with it. There is a case in PA right now where 15 year old girls sent their boyfriends nude photos over their phones and they got caught. Now, even though the photos are of themselves, and they were technically the victims, the girls are being charged with distributing child pornography. This madness.

  • blake

    This kid isn’t clever or resourceful, he’s a manipulative, predatory rapist if the allegations are true.

    What the hell is wrong with some of you? Are you so twisted and jaded that you can’t understand that Stancl seriously hurt and damaged other children allegedly? How is this kind of manipulation any different from the typical psychological warfare the average child molester uses? Don’t many rapist continue to assault their victims and tell them that they will be rejected by their family and peers if others become aware of the rape?

    As for pathetic excuses about how words can’t make people do things, how utterly insincere and disingenuous to say such.

  • Vicente Fox

    @REBELComx: Tell it, sister!

  • donsnyc

    Gay or not, what he did was wrong and he should pay for what he did.

  • jbaritone

    What this kid did was clearly wrong, and I’m not even going to try to defend him. But I can’t help wonder if some of the media outrage in this case is because of the same-sex sexual assault? Realistically, the guy would be just as horrible a predator if he was targeting teenaged girls, but I can’t help but think that the whole case would be viewed much more sympathetically.

  • cruiser

    @Charles J. Mueller: Very eloquently put, but this is still the U S and because of our heritage(nothing personal against the British)we have “issues” with May-December relationships or whatever the blazes you wish to call it.
    The fact remains this kid used deception & coercion(both still criminal offenses in this country)to obtain sexual “favors” from his own classmates, that is the lowest form of predatory behavior. Maybe the kid is disturbed maybe he knew exactly what he was doing, fact is the damage has been done and may never be able to be undone.

  • Gurlene

    If I were a 15 year old boy who was stupid enough to send pictures of me nude to someone who never sent me one of them first I would not admit to having been that stupid. They do not teach common sense anymore in school nowadays.

  • alex the sea turtle

    I was wrong I shouldn’t congratulate him. I don’t know why but when I initially read this I found it be intriguing. Thanks for the other comments I realize this is seriously wrong.

  • moo

    Just wondering; does US law not have the concept of “Innocent until proven Guilty?”

  • Gurlene

    @alex the sea turtle: I agree. I sure wish I had something like this when I was in high school. LOL the gay-bashings I went through still make me angry when I think back.

  • TANK

    It is twisted and disturbing and not the least bit funny. This isn’t even clever. He’s a predator and should be locked away for the rest of his hopeless life. The faggots here complimenting his skills are why some gay bashings are justified.

  • RainaWeather

    This is bad, but those on CNN are acting like it’s the crime of the century

  • Yup

    This story is pathetic. The sheer stupidity of ALL parties involved is just sad.
    Anthony is a sexual predator. Plain and simple, add to the fact that he was in possession of child pornography (not referencing the 31 students he deceived pictures from) and committed fraud and identity theft along with calling in a bomb threat not once but twice. This little sociopath needs to be locked away for a very long time.
    But let’s get one thing out of the way. Can we please end the Maude Flanders like “will someone please think of the children!” shrieks and howls from the lot of you? These are not children. They are young adults. Anthony was not a 40 year old man; he was one of their peers. The “victims” were young adults who knowingly sent nude pictures of themselves with sexual intent and like the young women from other states who sent pictures of themselves to friends and boyfriends, they too should be charged with the same child pornography laws. They new exactly what they were doing and just because the pictures didn’t go to their intended recipient (the fake young girl) do NOT excuse them. These young men were fully aware of the consequences and legality of what they were doing. This is not a new thing. The news and press have been swamped with stories about schools and nude pictures so unless all 31 have been completely living under a rock for the past year they also should be held accountable. They, like Anthony, were looking to get off.
    Then we have the 7 (or more) dumb shits who were coerced into performing sex acts. Should we feel bad? No. They’re idiots. I mean come on:

    1. “Girl” threatens to send your naked pictures to friends and schoolmates if you don’t engage in sex acts with another male.
    2. You (being a heterosexual male) do not want to be exposed so what do you do?
    a. Tell someone to put a stop to it
    b. Angrily confront the male who’s in on the scheme.
    c. Call the bluff.
    d. Go blow the guy or get blown by him in public places, at his home or at your own place. Repeatedly. Oh and be filmed doing it. Repeatedly.

    It’s not fucking rocket science people and the fact they allowed themselves to be captured on a CELL PHONE CAMERA (not a hidden camera, but a camera that is in full view of the “victim”) OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. He didn’t force them, he suckered them and they made the situation worse by now making sex videos with another male in order to..wait for it.. Prevent the original just naked pictures of getting out. (Pictures that they had no problem sending them out to any young woman that asked in the first place.)
    And the worst part is now were being asked to sympathize and feel sorry for them because there fucking morons?! No thank you.

    Sigh. This whole generation just gives me a big fucking headache.

  • anderson cooper is my future husband

    @Charles J. Mueller: As someone who does a lot of traveling to south east asia I know exactly the kind of traveler you are. For those of you who have never been to the Philippines it is infested with pervy old western men who go there because there are a lot of people who live in poverty who will form relationships with these old men out of sheer desperation. I have seen these men they go to these countries pay young men and women to have sex with them (often underage people) and delude themselves that “asians are not hung up on age” or “their sense of morality is different than ours” not taking into account crushing poverty and hunger for some people becomes so unbearable that sharing a bed with someone, anyone western is a ticket out of a very hard life. These relationships are always based on money.We met men like this there with their “boyfriends” they are essentially johns but pathetically don’t know it they genuinely think these people they pay for sex and eventually to live with them actually love them. No wonder you are not disgusted by this kid who blackmailed kids into sex acts you probably haven’t had uncoerced (free) sex in years.

  • Ed (the original)

    stupid boy!

    He should’ve join the boy scouts and hung out with the Catholic kids carrying the “Joy of Sex” book. Besides at his age getting straight guys to do something isn’t that hard.

    Now though, he’ll have all the sexual predation he can handle.

    I feel sorry for him and his victims however. Innocence lost once again.

  • porky poon

    hmm. the future crimes of america.

    Technology becomes decidedly mature once its been tarted up by psychopaths.

    I can’t look at it the same way.

    (crying) why? (crying some more) WHY!!!!???

  • Anthony in Nashville

    I realize what this guy did was wrong and he probably does have issues.

    But people acting like he pulled off the crime of the century are overstating things I think.

    These ‘victims’ were pretty stupid if you ask me. You can point to their age as proof of their innocence, but they were old enough to feel comfortable sending nude photos to people whose identity they could not verify. As far as the blackmail threat, you couldn’t have scared me into eating pussy when I was in high school. And videotaped, no less!

    These people were playing with fire and got burned.

  • blake

    Some of you people have your heads so far up your asses you can’t seem to understand the basics facts. This kid allegedly blackmailed and coerced other young people into having sex. Anyone, gay, straight, or bi, who does that is a criminal.

    All this talk about how teenagers are “horny” is the same kind of twisted excuse that child abusers use to justify their sexual assaults of teenagers.

    The hypocrisy here is staggering. As gay people, many of you wish to use science to prove that gays have an inborn reason for their homosexuality. Although there is plenty of science that shows teenagers lack the ability to make rational decisions, some of you would dismiss that and try to argue that teenagers are little adults capable of making the best decisions about their sexuality. That is not always so, especially when it comes to teenagers engaging in sex with adults.

    Whether a teenager is manipulated and coerced into sex by a peer or an adult, it’s wrong. Pushing a line of reasoning that the alleged victims were “stupid” is morally reprehensible and an insult to science. Teenagers by their nature make terrible decisions.

    Furthermore, hiding behind your own painful teenage experiences to take pleasure in this kid’s alleged sexual exploits shows how morally bankrupt some of you are. This is not funny, amusing or anyway acceptable. This is about rape and exploitation.

    You have no idea what issues those who succumbed allegedly to Stancl’s threats faced. Do you know if any of these kids had been previously abused and thus were susceptible to further exploitation? Do you know if these kids came from abusive homes and feared retribution or condemnation from their parents?

    No. You don’t know a damn thing.

    Instead, all some of you can do is make smart ass comments about how stupid the victims were. Well bravo to you for joining a long line of jerks who have blamed the victims of child abuse and rape. Take a bow for being as sleazy as any jerk who made a rape victim feel shame or contemplate suicide. What scum you are. Congratulations on being the gay equivalent of the idiots who would say that a woman deserves to be raped because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The glib responses that make light of the sexual assault of teenagers is appalling. Last year, Bill O’Reilly made similarly revolting comments after a 15-year-old boy who had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted for years escaped his captor. O’Reilly said the boy must have enjoyed being with his rapist. This is the kind of talk that child/teen victims of sexual assault face. And here we have people on Queerty using Bill O’Reilly’s twisted reasoning and showing little to no compassion for the victims.

  • getreal

    @blake: Wow powerful and persuasive.

  • moo

    @blake: Well said.

  • james_boston

    Well put Blake…incredibly well put! You just raised the I.Q. level here by at least 75 points…

  • Mo

    @blake: So by that account, the fact that Anthony was a minor himself when a majority of all this took place, can we apply what you had written in your post to him also? Because if that is the case he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions either.

  • Ed (the original)

    just a thought. I think some posters are taking other posts WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too serious.

    I doubt any people here really take glee in the exploitation of others.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @anderson cooper is my future husband:

    Defame and flame a lot do you?

    Perhaps you have not taken the time to read Queerty’s Comment Policy or feel that it does not apply to you. For your edification (and legal safety), I have copied and pasted it for your review.


    Don’t post hate speech. Don’t incite violence. Don’t defame anyone. And also: Don’t be a total dick. Queerty is not the place for you to spread anti-gay propaganda. We’re not an advocacy site, and we’re all for tolerance, but if you’re going to make an argument against gay people, “FAGGOTS SUCKKKKKK!!!” is not acceptable; at least try to impress us with your knowledge of biology and religion. Should you fail to do so, we reserve the right to, like, totally out you and call you a fag.

    You wrote “I know exactly the kind of traveler you are.”

    Do you, now? Have you been spying on me and on what authority do you make that assumption? Do you have some facts to back up that loaded statement? With no proof whatsoever, you have just made yourself guilty of character assassination.

    Like Reverend Rick Warren, who likens LGBT relationships to incest, pedophilia and bestiality, you have just likened me to pervy old western men. Spoken just like a member of the bigoted, hateful Mormons and Christian Church. Which one of those mystic, sky-pixie worshipping cults do you belong to, Sir?

    You then wrote “I have seen these men they go to these countries pay young men and women to have sex with them (often underage people)”

    And I have seen these men (and women) do the very same thing here in America. What’s your point, Mr. Self-Righteous?

    First of all, the age of consent in many Asian countries is 12 or 13, so by the American standard of 18, what may appear as illegal to you, is in fact not illegal in those countries. You are comparing apples to oranges and laying your morality on countries who would take sharp issue with you as to what is considered illegal sex.

    Your morality is so Xstain like. Like so many of them, you would tell the rest of the world how it should live as they have just done in California. People like you sicken me.

    I am not a member of NAMBLA nor am I an advocate of sexually exploiting underage people. That said, so I very much resent and strongly object your implication that I am a child-molester and abuser. And in so doing, you are flirting with a defamation of character lawsuit. We have laws against against that sort of thing too in this country in case you are not aware of it. I demand an immediate apology from you. If it is not forthcoming, I will request of Queerty that you be banned from this site.

    For the record and owing no explanation to you whatsoever, I am involved in a long-tern relationship of some six years with a man who is 38 years old, not some underage child whom I am taking sexual advantage, as you are intimating and suggesting.

    You wrote “These relationships are always based on money.”

    For your information, I am not a john and have never been a john, Mr. Smart-assed, know it all. And even if I were, it would be none of your self-righteous concern. MYOFB. We are both self-supporting, own a home together and have our own cars. We each have separate checking/savings accounts as well as a combined checking account with which to pay the monthly household expenses. My partner holds two college degrees, one from the University of Sydney, and is a well-paid teacher in a high-recognized Philippine University.

    Our relationship is open, known to and supported by his entire family as well as all the people we come into daily contact with in the city we live in. We are respected and looked up to and his sexual mores as well as mine, are beyond reproach. How dare you besmirch either his or my character with your unfounded insinuations. You have absolutely no right to do so.

    And lastly, you said “No wonder you are not disgusted by this kid who blackmailed kids into sex acts you probably haven’t had uncoerced (free) sex in years.”

    Umm…reread my commentary again please. No where in my posting did I say or suggest that I was not disgusted by this kid who blackmaild kids into sex acts. I am as disgusted by this 18 year old’s actions as anyone else would be. You took it upon yourself to twist everything I said to make your uncalled for tacky, deprecating and defaming remarks. The entire thrust of my commentary was directed at Kevin, who like you, also saw fit to attack senior citizens and make them all look like “pervy old western men”, as you so charmingly put it.

    Incidentally, I was very impressed with your apparent knowledge of and experience with the seamy underbelly of Filippine life. Pigs. Sleep. Smell? Tell me, Sir, did you visit any other Philippine cities besides Angeles and Olangapo in your travels, Sir? I mean, it’s really not fair to condemn all of Hamburg, Germany, simply because it contains the Reeperbahn’s die sündige Meile. You can look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls or Fromer’s Travel Guide, since I really don’t feel like going through the trouble of educating and enlightening the ignorant.

    It has often been said that one sees only what one wishes to see and this appears to be true in your case. I got that you were (and are) very focused on underage sex/abuse etc. Perhaps it is you, that needs to examine your own sexual mores? Like Reverend Haggard, who also pointed the accusing finger at others before his fall from grace, I find myself wondering what pervy and forbidden sexual acts you indulge yourself in while spouting your own brand of sanctimonious rhetoric and protestations?

    Shakespeare was right on the money when he said, “The lady doth protest too much me thinks”

  • L

    Teens are skanks. If a 17 year old sends naked pictures to an 18 year old, who is the criminal and who is the victim? Laws “protecting” these innocent “angels” are ridiculous. And blackmail- give me a break – shame will make you do lots of stupid things, but who put the shame in your head?

  • Charles J. Mueller


    You wrote “Anyone, gay, straight, or bi, who does that is a criminal.”

    And, that’s the truth! Pffffffffffft. You nailed it. Dead on, Blake. What this young man did was clearly wrong, wrong, wrong. As an adult, he deserves to spend some time in prison and theraphy instead of being praised by some posters on this blog as being “resoureceful”.

    Like you, I am sick to death of people, especially gays, who always see fit to lay the blame on the victims, instead of the perpetrators of the crime. Like male homophobes who shoot or beat a gay person to death and then use the “panic defense” to get off with a slap on the wrist.

    It appears that there will always be people who judge members of their own minority group through their own prejudices and twisted mores and values, like Anderson Cooper Is My Next Husband sought to do when he compared my relationship with a 38 year old Filipino to that of a child/molester/abuser who is only in the Philippines for the purpose of operating outside of the law.

    You have to wonder where some of these people are coming from?

  • anderson cooper is my future husband

    @Charles J. Mueller: I agree “doth protesteth to much” You write these long posts about how great you are and sanctimonious everyone else is when you are the most sanctimonious blowhard on this thread. Look old man stop monopolizing the comment section with your rambling comments you always say and do the same thing. You have the same talking points “I’m old let me tell you sonny all the great things I have done” (yawn who cares) “Christianity kills” (yawn no duh) “If you don’t agree with me you are moral or stupid or a bleeding heart etc.” (yawn why are you so wrapped up in getting validation from others at your age ). Some of have different points to make not the same old tired posts regardless of what the story is. No one here cares about constantly hearing about your dusty boring old man life if you can’t ever comment on what the subject matter is why not find a bitter old man blog and post there because really, yawn.

  • J

    @Charles J. Mueller

    Very well said. I read your comment and thought it was
    really heartwarming that two people could be together against all those odds. I think that guy’s a complete dick and what he said to you was completely uncalled for. I also think that people make comments like that because they’ve got serious self esteem issues. I can’t see a normal, well adjusted person taking the time to defame you like that completely unprovoked.

    It’s also nice to see an old guy that can operate a computer. XP

    Best of luck and don’t listen to that dick.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @J: I’m a normal person who has gotten tired of this guy bullying anyone on the post who disagrees with him. You have a right to your opinion but if I were you I would read the whole thread and read his long rambling accusatory posts and see how heartwarming they are. His posts are repititious attacks interspersed with bragging and jesus freak baiting. It’s boring. And 72 and he is only in a 6 year relationship (hmm).

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @matt (the other other one):

    Excuse me. Just when was it that I pissed on your posies and when may we expect to have the pleasure of an an intelligent, intellectual commentary from you, that isn’t just a hate rant directed at someone whom you seem have taken an obvious dislike to without provocation?

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: I have read dozens and dozens of posts where you attack people and vomit your own issues with sex, religion, old age, immigration, etc. over people hatefully with no provocation. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. When someone gives you a taste of your own medicine you hide behind the Queerty policies which you break daily. Just like a bully when actually confronted you back right down.

  • Cee

    Um, what’s the big deal? He’s only 18, probably just turned 18. The boys he did this to were only a year or two younger. Hardly a child predator. At age 16 you can’t play victim to an 18 year old. Someone needs to address the 16 year old boys that were sending nude pictures to a random person on the internet. Parents perhaps? One of the officials said this is the worst crime scene they have seen? LOL

  • Mo

    @Cee: of course not most of the people getting upset at blaming the victim, live in this nice and fluffy world were everything in only good and bad, black and white and refuse to acknowledge that grey area that makes them uncomfortable. Then start acting all Ann Coulter like pointing ridiculous fingers at those that dont agree and calling them homophobes. ==rolls eyes===

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @matt (the other other one):

    Hey. It’s a free country. Who appointed you the moderator of this site and since when am I required to get your approval of what I say in order to post on these blogs?

    There is a simple solution to YOUR problem. If you don’t like what I have to say….then simply ignore it or go to another site like Gay.com, Towelroad or Citizen Crain.

    None of the posts on this site were directed at you to begin with, so no one is twisting your arm to read anything I post.

    Got it?

  • Vonkiki

    @Charles J. Mueller: Okay stop it girls, both of you are pretty.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: Yeah I got it and every time you attack someone for feeling differently than you I will be on you like white on rice. If you want to bully people fine now you have a bully.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Vonkiki: Thanks for the humor. Your point is received.

  • Gurlene

    He should have added toys. If I ran across a bunch this dumb I sure as hell would have. Water sports and all. I mean really.

    You knew it was a man you were going to meet. And you figure it is better to have sex with a man than have the world see that you made an ass of yourself while thinking you were doing it for a girl? God I wish I could be at that trial when they have to describe the sex acts he “forced” these jocks to do. LOL the do not teach common sense anymore in high school.

  • Mister C

    Excuse me for being Blunt.

    He should get his ass kicked! Regardless teen or not these were his intentions all along and he should get this sh^t beat out of him. This “domino effect” sh^t needs to stop.

    deception is a bitch!

  • tallskin

    You people really are astounding!!!

    On a previous post about that 17 year old model, all of you sky pixie Lawnorder brigade were saying a 17 year is too young to be responsible for his own sexual choices.

    Yet, NOW you’re all slavering for blood and saying that a 16 year in this case is more than able to be judged and tried in a court as an adult for his sexual misdemeanours! (And, incidentally, this case also at the same time disproves your bullshit ideas that a boy of 16 /17 years old is incapable of sexually choosing and acting on his lusts!)

    Make up your fucking minds, per-leaze!

    And for what it is worth, my opinion is that this kid needs a hard and short punishment – perhaps a good beating. But all this talk of locking him up for 40 years or more is just more evidence of the savagery of the US legal system and the moral bankruptcy and barbarity of the US in general.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    An 18-year-old boy in Wisconsin is accused of tricking at least 31 male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves and then blackmailing some of them for sex acts.

    For sexual purposes…he’s a boy.

    But, at 18, he’s a man who is old enough to get his ass shot off in Iran or Afghanistan.

    Love the double-standards we Americans like to indulge ourselves in.

  • cruiser

    @moo: not any more, in todays society if you commit a crime or are ACCUSED of committing a crime you are GUILTY UNLESS PROVEN INNOCENT

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @matt (the other other one):

    “@Charles J. Mueller: Yeah I got it and every time you attack someone for feeling differently than you I will be on you like white on rice. If you want to bully people fine now you have a bully.”

    From Wikipedia on Internet Stalking:

    Most stalking laws require that the perpetrator make a credible threat of violence against the victim; others include threats against the victim’s immediate family; and still others require the alleged stalker’s course of conduct constitute an implied threat. While some conduct involving annoying or menacing behavior might fall short of illegal stalking, such behavior may be a prelude to stalking and violence and should be treated seriously.[16]

    The current US Federal Anti-Cyber-Stalking law is found at 47 USC sec. 223.[13]

    The first U.S. cyberstalking law went into effect in 1999 in California. Other states include prohibition against cyberstalking in their harassment or stalking legislation.

    In Florida, HB 479 was introduced in 2003 to ban cyberstalking. This was signed into law on October 2003. [14]

    You have made what constitutes a threat toward me and have made it it exceedingly clear that you intend to continue to bully (harass) me for whatever reasons you deem justifiable and in so doing, you have violated both state and federal laws.

    Given the increasingly menacing tone of your posts against me on this and other threads, I have, as Wikipedia strong suggests, decided to treat this matter seriously.

    Not only have you been reported to Queerty.com, you have also been reported to my ISP who will, in turn, locate your ISP and contact the police if they believe that your threat is a prelude to further stalking or possible violent intent on your behalf.

    Anything further that you post on these threads will be used as evidence against so I would caution you to cease and desist, lest you dig yourself into even deeper trouble with the authorities.

  • G of WNC

    @TANK: If you believe some gay bashings are justified, then you are as dangerous and psychologically damaged as Stancl. It is people like you that continue to make and justify a scary and hopeless planet. I would beg to say you have some sexuality issues with that grown up “faggot” term thrown around. It sounds like you yet need to graduate high school.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: Boy you can dish it out but you can’t take it. Save the drama or better yet bring it to your rent a boyfriend. When you bully people on this site you will get it back period. Save the long rambling posts and get a life.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: Anyone who has read your posts and mine will see that one is a hysterical old man who insults and attacks and one is a normal person who stood up to him. Your pathetic threats do not scare me clearly you will think twice before you attack someone on this site again. .So I got what I wanted. Stop being a bully or people will bully you. So for every chrisitan or other group you have picked on on this site I guess now you know how they feel. I don’t care what you do beyond that but if you can’t take people standing up to you get out of cyberspace.

  • Cee

    You guys still at it? What’s the big deal? These boys made the choice to perform sex acts on another boy for fear their nudes being shown to whoever. If you are old enough to take nude pictures of yourself and send them to random people on the internet then you are old enough to deal with the consequences. I don’t know why they are talking about giving this 18 year old boy life in jail. I don’t want me tax dollars going to that. They are treating him like some 50 year old child molester when the boys he “black mailed” were only a year or two younger. What were they, his classmates? He needs some counseling and probation maybe, but a 300 year prison sentence? This is a joke.

  • Michael W.

    “You have the same talking points ‘I’m old let me tell you sonny all the great things I have done’.”

    LMAO!! That was killer. Anderson Cooper’s future husband summed up Chucky Mueller and his rambling essays with one sentence.

  • Bill Perdue

    Right now we don’t know much about the details, and that’s were the truth is hiding. If the facts are as stated Stancl certainly needs counseling and some form of punishment for the pictures thing. I just don’t buy into the getting back idea, at least as it applies to guys three years younger than him. Unless he hasn’t graduated yet it doesn’t make sense. The threats against the school are another matter and they’ll roast him for that.

    I like YUP’s analysis of the whole thing. There’s enough stupidity here to start a new religion (Blue Shod Elves of Pelvic Elvis, God of Holy Tupelo?) or at least to float a battleship.

    Stancl is stupid but he’s not a predator like the thousands of roman cult priests continue to commit crimes real against children. Nor is Stancl in the same league as christer priests and pastors in Africa who tell people they’ll get HIV/AIDS from condoms. It makes you wonder why these christers ignore their own crimes but detonate with two-faced anger at the misdeeds of a young and not so bright (he got caught) gay man.

    The 300 hundred year sentencing proposal is definitely a christian thing because of the gay sex angle. Sex between men makes them go apeshit and their bigotry and homophobia just explode. They demand resignations and maximalist penalties to the same degree that they’re dead quiet about the killers of Lawrence King, Sakia Gunn and Matthew Sheppard. Their sanctimonious hypocrisy is breathtaking.

    They always overreact when gay sex is involved. We seem to offend their narrow little minds no end. Some of them get as out of control as matt(the other other one) the christ-on-roids dick who got pushy in the legally defined sense. I’m glad Charles is defending himself from an admitted stalker. Beyond that this is the second accusation against atheists as child abusers I’ve seen from christer nut cases in a week. It’s pretty sick and it’s actionable. These accusations are very christian of them and all but they’re also prime examples of anti-gay christian bigotry in action.

    These right wing christers are getting to be a bit too much. It seems Obama’s victory has given them new hope that they can inject their superstition in our discussions and that we have to like it. They’re even making noises about providing christian direction to the GLBT movement.

    Not gonna happen, jubuz jumpers, not gonna happen.

    You christers can lie all you want. You can make bigoted accusations all you want, and spew all the psycho babble you want and even say we have really, really bad breath and zits. None of it will stop us or intimidate us in the least. Because no one believes you. Nor will you be able to divert the general discussion from the main question. We’ll always drag it back to what important, while dismissing you diversions. None of us are going away and none of us are going to shut up.

    Get used to it.

    Now it time for mattie other other to spew some more. And maybe make a stalker threat or two and raise the question of bestiality. That a christer favorite they’re holding in reserve.

  • matt (the other other one)

    Sounds like another corny old man. This is an issue of a guy who forced people to have sex with him. He used fear and intimidation to force underage people to sleep with him. He is no different than a rapist who hides in the bushes with a gun. This is not a gay issue it is a human issue this guy is a rapist he forced people to perform sex acts on him. The fact that he happens to be attracted to men instead of women does not make him any less sick nor does it exempt him from punishment and blame. And this also is not a religious issue it just has nothing to do with christianity. Can we have a moratorium on religion obsessed crazies. I dont believe in god and am sick of reading 2000 word posts about religion. This is the facebook blackmailing case take your religious mania to a church or to hell or a long walk on a short pier we are all sick of you injecting it into any and every dialog.

  • matt (the other other one)

    I may be an a non-believer but arent people obsessed with christ christers? Bill if you arent a christer stop preaching to us about religion. We are sick of it a lot of fled the midwest and the south so we would not have to listen to and read this crap all the time. This is a gay website! Stop trying to force religion down my throat all the time this is not a damn nunnery and if you can’t talk about GAY STUFF go away!

  • TANK

    @G of WNC:

    My error was not using scare quotes for “gay bashing,” for clearly someone responding violently to the advances of a sexual predator is justified regardless of that predator’s sexual orientation.

    It is galling to see some in jest (or not…some of those absurd comments from “faggots”–yes, they exemplify many negative stereotypes excluding them from the title of gay man–were not jokes) congratulating the shrewdness with which this criminal sexually abused and exploited his victims, as it feeds into the stereotype that I’m coming to realize has a grain of truth to it amongst some gay men. That is, that gay men are preying upon straight men: sex obsessed fiends who will take advantage of straight men, who they cherish because of their own “deficiencies” as “men”. This does no one anywhere any favors. But sobering is the realization that gay men are capable of being just as horrendous and predictable as everyone else; and stories such as these serve as a reminder of that fact.

    To clarify, no gay bashing is justified, even in the case of a hetro violently rebuffing a gay man’s non-violent, non predatory advances. Not justified. But a violent and unrestrained sexual advance met with a violent response certainly doesn’t seem unjustified.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Thank you for your kind comments and words of support. It is encouraging to know that there are people on these blogs who have a heart and who are not all filled with bigotry, hatred and self loathing and who feel the need to denigrate and defame others for sharing their life experiences with others, as a few folks on Querty.com seem driven to do.

    Life is short, unfortunately, and if we cannot celebrate it by showing love and concern for our fellow man, then it seems to me that we have missed the point of even being on this wonderful plant.

    Edwin Bok, the noted Dutch poet said “Make the world a better place for having lived in it.” I think he was onto something. :-)

    Now, I’ll wait for some bitchy queen to trash that sentiment as well. lol

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Bill Perdue:

    And thank you, Bill, for your kind and supportive words as well. It seems, once you get caught in the cross-hairs of someone who decided to take a disliking to you for no reason at all, it’s like trying to shake off sticky fly paper. The more you try, the more tangled-up in it you become.

    Now it appears that he has also decided to get on your case as well as mine. Unfortunately, his hostile rhetoric and actions are following an all too familiar and ugly pattern that I have already become experienced with.

    Our seriously troubled friend, Matt (the other other one) seems to have several problematic areas in his life that need to addressed professionally. One can see clearly from his postings that he is a very unhappy and angry person who needs to strike out at others by whom he feels threatened. He threatens me, and now you, for the very same actions he accuses us of and of which he himself is guilty.

    Matt then justifies his actions with comments like “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” He seems totally incapable of responding in an intelligent manner to any of the posts he disagrees with, which is his prerogative as guaranteed to him under the free speech clause in our Constitution, preferring instead to launch a vilifying personal attack.

    Unfortunately, we of the LGBT community are already far too familiar with these sort of sick tactics. Like the Mormons and the Religious Right, his thinking is extremely convoluted.

    And like the Mormons and the Religions Right, Matt has proven himself to be a disingenuous liar as well. Despite repeated requests for proof for his accusation that I was “chased” off another thread for all the “insults and attacks” I supposedly made, he has yet to produce an documentation to prove his charges. By virtue of the fact that I am still posting on these threads, it would appear to me (and to him if he had a brain), that I was never “chased” off of anything by Queerty.com since I began reading and posting on this site. If Queerty.com does not have an issue with my commentaries, they I fail to see what Matt’s problem is?

    Whether a Christian or not, he nevertheless acts just like the Mormons and the religious right who attack the LGBT community relentlessly with every means they have at hand, and when we fight back, they accuse us of “Church bashing”, “Christian bashing” and self-righteously scream that they are “sick of hearing it.” while attempting to make themselves look like the real vicitims.

    D’oh. What about us? We’re pretty sick of hearing it too! Why don’t they take the same advice Matt just offered to you in the closing line of his rebuttal to you? This guy is acting like a self-appointed vigilante member who is going to take the law into his own hands. People like that scare me.

    I’ve also noted that he constantly employs the term ‘old’, ‘senile’ and similar denigrating terms in his unprovoked attacks. Apparently, he also suffers from agism in additional to his other rather obvious mental disorders. He really should seek some help before he finds himself in exactly the same mess that Stancl has put himself into.

    These are not the actions of a “normal” person that he has professed himself to be in his post no. 59 to J, who, like you, wrote in support of me. This too, follows a pattern that stalkers use. They try to get everyone on their side to support their abuse and illegal activities. He is definitely exhibiting all the attributes and trade marks of a stalker which he blithely admits to. Doesn’t sound too “normal” to me.

    A few years back, on Gay.com, I had someone threaten me with a gun in a blog because he too did not like what I and a few others had to say in our commentaries. Like Matt, he too never contributed anything meaningful to the commentaries. His only purpose for being there was to disrupt the room, create an atmosphere of discord and make personal attacks on commentators which is what Matt is currently doing. And, this guy justified his gun threat with the same all too familiar rhetoric Matt is now employing in his attacks on us.

    Gay.com was hesitant and I felt slow to take action against this person who was clearly breaking all the TOS rules and it finally took a phone call from me to the police to chill him out nd remove the offending weapons from his house that he cheerfully bragged about and which were all unregistered and unlicensed. Real smart. I guess the need to play Mr. Macho was bigger than his pea-sized brain.

    Despite reporting Matt to Queerty.com and my ISP for abuse and my personal warning to him to cease and desist, Matt apparently had no intention of chilling out and has apparently made the decision to not only continue his demeaning diatribe, but to mount an escalated attack on anyone who does not agree with him.

    Some people just have to learn the hard way, it appears.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Bill Perdue:

    PS: I almost forgot to address Matt’s last sentence in his second rebuttal to you. (NO. 81).

    “Stop trying to force religion down my throat all the time this is not a damn nunnery and if you can’t talk about GAY STUFF go away!”

    For someone who professes not to be Christian, why is he so defensive of the likes of the Christians and Mormons who recently voted our civil-rights away with Prop 8 in California, I wonder?

    GAY STUFF is precisely what the Christian Right and the Mormons love to talk about, 24/7/365. In fact, it’s clearly an obsession with them. So, why is Matt now also playing the role of censor, in addition to a vigilante member, by telling the rest of us what we can and cannot talk about on these threads?

    I could not help but chuckle over his comment that he is “sick of reading 2000 word posts.”

    Matt could not compose a 2000 word post if his life depended on it. Judging from the majority of his posts, it’s a real mental reach for him just to be able to put a half dozen sentences together coherently.

    2000 words would surely blow all of the few circuits he has.

  • Buddy

    The alleged victims certainly displayed poor judgment in sending out the nude pics and clips, not to mention letting themselves be videoed having sex with this guy, but it doesn’t excuse nor diminish the actions of Stancl.

    From the perspective of a gay guy whose high school life was made a hell, there may be a projected soupcon of comeuppance happening, but if this had been a straight guy blackmailing 15-17 year girls or lesbians into sex, I suspect there would be no backhanded admiration here.

    Stancl needs help, for sure. I am not competent to make a magic diagnoses over the internet from a few paragraphs of coverage, but I’d be worried that this guy could turn into a full-blown sexual predator, if he isn’t one already.

  • moo

    @Charles J. Mueller: A word to the wise (and not an attack, please don’t think it is, and not a defence either). If you want to shake off the fly paper, try not making personal comments such as this:

    “Our seriously troubled friend, Matt (the other other one) seems to have several problematic areas in his life that need to addressed professionally. One can see clearly from his postings that he is a very unhappy and angry person who needs to strike out at others by whom he feels threatened. He threatens me, and now you, for the very same actions he accuses us of and of which he himself is guilty.”

    You really can’t make that kind of judgement about a person based on what they write in an anonymous forum. We all adopt (I believe) a different persona when we use the internet, just like we do when we get behind the wheel of a car (I think its the isolation and subconscious thought that what we say and do doesn’t really affect anyone).

    That’s all.

  • Tim in SF

    My, what a clever little rat this kid is. For once it’s the boys who are getting lied into the sack.

    I thank god, THANK GOD I SAY, that there was no myspace when I was a teenager. I might still be in prison.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: I have read you insult a lot of different people for their political views and their religious views. When someone stands up to you you go into a tizzy. Good! When you call another person on this site stupid, a bleeding heart, a stupid liberal, crazy, brain dead ( terms you have used against other posters) just because they won’t agree with you then you invite others to take you to task. And calling me a christian is just not a big insult I’m not but what makes you think it is okay to attack them with impunity? Now go write a book playing the poor picked on old man when anyone can see your posts are always attacks. Well guess what people can a attack your posts too. It is hilarious you attack,insult, and incite people on the website everyday but the second someone stands up to you you run screaming like most bullies when confronted your real colors show. Have fun playing the martyr.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @matt (the other other one):

    Once again, in case you failed to hear me the first time around, you, Sir, are a disingenuous liar.

    You continue to make new accusations against me, but as you have in the past, have not been able to show or quote one thread or date as to when I supposedly uttered these comments. So typical of character assassins.

    You can deny being a Christian until Kingdom come, but the fact still remains, you use the same tactics and lies to besmirch and denigrate those whom you dislike or do not approve of. And yes, I will continue to attack Christian, Mormons and any other religious bigotry and hatred that I am confronted with, as well as people like you who display all of their bigotry and hatred with impunity.

    Your continued usage of the term old man, clearly indicates that you are an ageist. My experience has taught me that ageists are usually misogynists and racists as well.

    I am actually beginning to enjoy your posts because it does such a fine job of showcasing your bigotry, hatred, ageism and Lord knows whatever evil thoughts and feeling you are harboring. By all means, please do continue to peel away layer after lay of yourself as you’ve been doing so we can all see your ugliness in all of it’s magnificence.

    As Bill Perdue so aptly said, you are probably holding back the accusation of bestiality in your arsenal of hateful remarks as the piece dé resistance.

    I cannot help but wonder how long you will be able to constrain yourself before you toss that that bombshell out at me as well?

  • matt (the other other one)


  • alan brickman

    he reinforces the stereotye of gays being stalkers of straight guys so not cool at all regardless of all the politcal correctness people publish here…

  • Tim in SF

    @matt (the other other one): He is no different than a rapist who hides in the bushes with a gun.

    You’re inability to perceive gradations is pathetic and sad.

    As for the rest of you, DNFTT.

  • matt (the other other one)

    Someone who is raped at gun point just as much a victim as someone who is blackmailed into sex. It is sexual assault. There are lots of children who are told by molesters if you tell I’ll ____ (insert horrible thing) your parents that’s blackmail. My point is for the person being victimized being forced into sex it is a horrendous, scarring experience it is not hot or not a big deal just because the person used ingenuity instead of a gun to force them.

  • matt (the other other one)

    What does DNFTT mean? Just curious.

  • Bill Perdue

    Do not feed the trolls. Don’t tell us you’ve never heard that before.

  • matt (the other other one)

    Hilarious! Not sure what it means but it sounds funny!

  • Bill Perdue

    Go look in a mirror.

  • matt (the other other one)

    Still don’t get it

  • Tim in SF

    Google it, dumbass.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Tim in SF: Well someone explained it. I notice you seem to enjoy insulting people. It is very impressive we can all tell how happy you are!

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @matt (the other other one):

    You wrote: *yawn*

    If you’re tired, go to sleep.

    Meanwhile, where is your backup for your accusations? Despite all of your self-righteous rhetoric and BS, none has been forthcoming. We are all still waiting with baited breath.

    “Just the facts, Ma’am. Just the facts.”

  • matt (the other other one)

    You are waited with baited breath? Get a life. But since you ask here is on someone just posted about you. Clearly I’m not only in seeing you as a bully. This was posted less than an hour ago. I’m not going to cut and paste the many,many unkind posts where you insult people but here is one where someone stands up for themselves.(From the bistro bash video thread) I’m sorry you have so little to do that you are waiting with “baited breathe” to argue with someone time to get a hobby and a life.

    No. 33 · dgz
    @Charles J. Mueller:

    “and please don’t insinuate that i don’t support the community, or that i harbor some sort of self-hatred. that’s unkind and unwarranted, but sadly given what i’ve read of your posts, not entirely unexpected”

  • matt (the other other one)

    not alone in seeing you as a bully I mean

  • Tim in SF

    Charles, DNFTT. She’ll go away and we can go back to having our nice, adult conversation without her.

  • matt (the other other one)

    Hey if you are having an intelligent conversation by all mean continue I have no reason to insert myself and I’m a guy not a woman. Enjoy your conversation and have a good night.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Tim in SF:

    I agree, Tim. A tip of the hat to you.

  • TANK

    If there’s nothing I hate more than olds it’s olds with these wearying opinions that they inflict upon everyone and anyone who will listen. “But I’m lonely”–get a dog…a hobby…a gun to put yourself down with. Criminy crack pipe, it’s annoying and funny at the same time.

    Well, that was apropos of nothing, but neither were the last ten or twenty comments.

  • disgusted

    Send him to jail. He’ll get all the gay action and more than he can bare. He doesn’t get any sympathy from me. He was wrong and he sexually abuse those boys. Therefore, he should be proceuted as a sexual preditor. And for all of u that praise him. Shame on u! Smh

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