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Woman throws epic library tantrum over LGBT books, China, fentanyl, and whatever else she can think of

If you’re searching for a fresh audition monologue, look no further! This conspiracist Christian woman recently crashed a library meeting to regurgitate Fox News talking points in epic fashion, and the full speech is perfect for showing your range.

The woman isn’t from Maury County, Tennessee, rather having just moved from Indiana, but she sure felt comfortable storming into their local library discussion over LGBTQ books to tell these officials how to run their county.

No one can say she didn’t say her piece:

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We get the regular ole’ “think of the children”/”queerness is pedophilia” rigamarole that one can currently expect at any discussion on LGBTQ books in public libraries.

“We moved here from Indiana to start our family,” she states. “I will not raise kids in a county that has sexual oriented books on the counter!”

“We live not for heaven but from heaven. What that means is when perversion permeates our county, that is when the devil gets our children.”

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This is where she starts going a bit off the rails. Folks familiar with Christians know that when someone starts talking about the Book of Revelation “occurring right before our eyes”, they’re a little too far gone.

By the time we get to the allegedly related remark about “so many illegal aliens here who are bringing fentanyl,” the rails are no longer in sight.

Then it’s on to predictions of civil war and the collapse of a “fifth pillar” of the United States, saying, “The fifth pillar — how you take ahold of a country — is you don’t send a platoon from the north, east, south, and west. You dominate it by destroying the inner fifth pillar.” Somehow, China gets roped into this one too. She’s really just starts playing the hits.

Managing to fit a sermon and a fear-mongering telecast in about two and a half minutes is honestly kind of impressive, and again will make for great monologue fodder for anyone interested.

A quick look at the woman’s own Tiktok gives a deeper look into whatever brand of trouble miss thing’s mind  is going through. The woman, who identifies herself in the meeting as “Stephanie” but goes by “Red Garnett” online, is a self-proclaimed “nude model to deliverance minister” who espouses things like “how to rebuke a hurricane” through prayer. Love the drama of the character storyline, not so much the hurricane hokum.

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Naturally she got dragged to hell and back online, with commenters on TikTok and Twitter smacking her down like the righteous hand of her fave.

“I like how she goes straight to the sin of Pride by saying she alone is the voice of almighty god,” one user writes. Another asks, “Why is she speaking? Her book demands her silence and subjugation.” On her many talking points, a TikTok commenter writes, “How the hell do they all get the same spam email and read it?”

Tennessee representative Gloria Johnson chimed in to say what everyone is thinking:

In a satisfying conclusion, the person recording posted their own rebuttal from the meeting:

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