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The world’s strongest man just lifted Tom Daley like he was the littlest bug; the smallest worm

Here’s an uplifting news nugget to get your day off on the right foot.

On Sunday evening, Olympic diver Tom Daley was effortlessly lifted into the air by a strong powerful man like he was just the tiniest little Nerf football, or perhaps a lit lighter at a Roxette concert, or maybe even just the littlest insignificant bug, or possibly a thimble or something very small like that.

As he hosted Radio 1 Xtra’s red carpet at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony, Daley was lifted up into the air by a certain Eddie Hall, currently considered The World’s Strongest Man.

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Daley elicited a little giggle as Hall — who is the only living human to ever deadlift half a ton — insinuated he might accidentally rip Daley’s terrifying Christmas sweater during the stunt, which unfortunately did not come to pass.

What did happen, however, is Hall lifted Daley up into the air as though he was just the smallest little thing: a marble or wadded-up gum wrapper… just the tiniest, littlest, cutest thing you ever did see…. We’re talking something really just terribly small here.