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Would You Kill Your Own Son If He Was Gay? This Ugandan Lawmaker Would

You thought Ugandan lawmaker David Bahati, sponsor of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, was a demon? Then you haven’t met his colleague Otto Odonga, who says he’d kill his own son if he found out he was A Gay.

This morning in Kampala, at an invite-only forum titled “Human Rights and Sexual Orientation” and attended by several ministers of parliament (and NGO officials, students, and academics), Odonga remarked, “Human rights are not sacrosanct. Private parts do not belong in the anus. We will not accept this kind of deviant behaviour in our society.”

Luckily, his remarks didn’t go unchallenged, reports Xtra‘s Kaj Hasselriis, who’s been on the ground in Uganda delivering excellent reports.

Makau Mutua (pictured), the chairman of Kenya’s Human Rights Commission and a co-organizer of the conference, denounced Odonga’s remarks. “I am baffled by the kind of hatred you spew against gay people, including your desire to be a hangman. Would you apply to be a hangman if the person to be hanged were your son?”

Odonga nodded. Which is also what you should expect him to do if the Kill The Gays bill comes up for a vote.