You Can’t Fault Florida AG Bill McCollum For Telling The Truth About George Alan Rekers

The blogs have been beating up on Florida Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Bill McCollum for new comments he made about George Alan Rekers, the rentboy expert he hired to testify as a homosexual parenting expert in the state’s gay adoption trial. “You don’t find very many experts out there, people willing to testify, especially on academic campuses that are, actually, very discriminating today against people with views that differ from theirs, especially on issues like the gay issue,” says McCollum. “He was the best expert that was available and willing to testify.” At least he’s being honest?

McCollum knew what he wanted the state to argue in court: That gay parents are not fit to raise children, and thus should be prohibited from taking into their home the abandoned children of others. But to find somebody who was willing to say as much, with a straight face, was an uphill task, given most members of the psychological community do not volunteer to traffic in lies, and follow a code of ethics that prevents them from saying something about sexuality that isn’t at all rooted in reality. So really, Rekers was “the best expert that was available and willing to testify.” He lied during his testimony, sure, but at the very least, McCollum isn’t trying to hide the fact that nobody else would take the stand.