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YouTuber Criticized While Showing Off Sexy Halloween Costumes Responds To Your Hate

Earlier this month, YouTuber Jack Merridew posted a video in which he showed off his slutty barely-there Halloween costume possibilities and asked his mom for advice. Some people were amused, a few were probably turned on, but a whole lot of people (including some of you reading this now) tore into the young vlogger, berating him for being too thin and for…wait for it… perpetuating negative gay stereotypes. Well, Jack heard you and has posted a video response.

“All the hate on this Halloween costume video came from gay men, and it was weird,” Merridew said. “Come on, gay men. We’re supposed to be brothers. We’re a big fucking family. And you can’t choose your family, so I’m that brother that you want to get rid of, but you know what? You’re fucking stuck with me.”

Watch the rest of his response while he scarfs down some Burger King below.

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