10 Reasons Nick Symmonds Is Basically Perfect

American Olympic track star Nick Symmonds won queer hearts the world over earlier this week when he dedicated his silver medal on anti-gay Russian soil to his LGBT friends back home. But that’s just one reason to love the 29-year-old middle distance runner. In fact there’s nothing not to love about Nick, we can confidently declare after spending hours trolling through his social media pages. He’s pretty much perfect, you gays.

Check out 10 reasons why Nick Symmonds is perfect and true. 

11. He’s an animal lover and has a bunny named Mortimer T.R. Symmonds


2 2. Those eyes


3. 3. He can rock the ‘stache if he wants to


44. His bedroom face (we’re guessing)

4a And hoping.


5 5. He’s a smart guy: “Coach said I could have one beer”


6a 6. Baby got back

6Hard at twerk, we see…


77. He’s a sea-man


88. This face he made while reading Fifty Shades


9b 9. He loves halloween, he’s been a crab, panda, and a Playboy bunny


10c 10. He looks good in and out of clothes.


In case you don’t believe us:




But he looks adorable as a panda:


See, perfect! We rest our case.