Boy can dream

12-year-old boy fights for the right to marry the Chris Hemsworth of his choice

A boy can dream, and one 12-year-old in Australia is getting specific about his.

As the country continues to vote on the issue of same-sex marriage, demonstrations from marriage equality supporters are gaining visibility and volume.

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And where there are protests, there are creative signs.

Max Townes attended a Sydney rally September 10, where he proclaimed his affections towards Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

“All I want is the right to marry Chris Hemsworth,” his sign read. “You’ve got five years until I’m 18 Australia! You too Chris!”

Townes, who identifies as gay, explained to GayStarNews that Chris’ “great jawline” is of particular interest.

It’s also all in good fun, though the weight of the situation isn’t lost on him.

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“I know that I’m not actually going to marry Chris Hemsworth. It was a fun sign to draw attention to a serious matter,” he said.

“I have LGBTI friends and family and think they should be able to marry if they choose to. I marched for human rights,” he continued.

Australians have until November 7 to vote yes or no.