gay days

150,000 Homosexuals Storm Disney World In Search of Tinkerbell

The red shirts came this year, like they have every year for the past two decades, and unsuspecting parents at Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center in Orlando, pushing their strollers and trying to remember if that’s little Billy’s second or third turkey leg, found themselves in the middle of an estimated 150,000 homos flocking to Disney World in search of Goofy, Mickey, and other ‘mos.

While the annual Gay Days at Disney is thought to be just a weekend event, it’s really nearly a week long. It began Tuesday, wrapped up yesterday, and in between stuffed in a business expo, a religious mass ceremony, pool parties, a film festival, drag pageants, comedy shows, and of course all the theme park trolling you could muster. (There’s even special programming for drug and alcohol addicts in recovery.) Estimates put the economic contribution at $100,000,000, a figure that while suspiciously large and round still impresses.

And it wouldn’t be gay days without the protesters. While the Florida Family Association this year advised heterosexual families to avoid Magic Kingdom at all costs, at least the Family Policy Network, based in Virgina, got into the celebratory spirit and flew an airplane banner over the festivities on Saturday morning that read “JESUS CHRIST: WWW.HOPEFORHOMOSEXUALS.COM.” It’s a regular contribution from the group, which each year yearns to turn Gay Days into “Hope Days.”