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  • randy

    This is where homophobia takes you.


    I read this story with absolute disgust this morning. However this scumbag is most certainly going to recieve more than his comeuppance……..Pretty sure baby killers are even lower on the rankings in prison than kiddie diddlers……….

  • reason

    If this is indeed true it is beyond repulsive. I will reserve judgement for now because an act like this is beyond my imagination and I hope it stays that way.

  • Jem

    This guy makes me sick. Glad no one did this to me. I was so feminine as a kid you’d think I was a girl with a short haircut. >_>

  • Toby

    Fem at 17 months? Wow, his self-loathing took a disturbing turn.

  • Jeffree

    I’m **sobbing**—really— at the moment and since liquid is bad for my keypad, all I can say RIP Roy.Jones III and may the person who committed this horrible.act get his just reward.
    i could scream right now, but I won’t ‘cuz I’m at work…..

  • US activists =All talk,What about the next Matthew Shepards?Who will fight for them?(John From England)

    It would be great if ALL the commenters here would also email NOM? Or all those US so called activists who have as much balls as a mouse and are so frigging scared of the Right that they whine and moan or do narcisisstic gestures like Get Equal.

    Why aren’t Get Equal fighting the future Mathew Shepards??

    THEY disgust me.

  • Mike L.

    Could they try to get him with a hate crime for perceived sexual orientation or gender identity to get him a few more years in jail? They should try.

  • Hilarious

    Totally disgusting act, but having read the original story this is not remotely a gay issue nor “homophobia”.

    This story is being twisted into something it’s not. Many fathers play fight with their sons to toughen them up.

    What this idiot did though is what many other idiots have done. He got way too rough and did it way too early.

    I’ve seen some fathers dive bomb on their sons and then go “What did I do?” when the kid starts crying.

    Some men really can’t get it through their thick skulls that you shouldn’t play so rough with a child just because he’s a boy. I’m sure this idiot didn’t mean to kill the kid at all, but that certainly doesn’t justify what he’s done, and he deserves whatever he gets.

    That said I will say again this isn’t a gay issue or homophobia and the story shouldn’t be twisted into one. What it should be is an example for other fathers not to play so rough with little boys. Tossing your kid in the air and catching him may seem fun in theory but busting his head on the ceiling and giving him brain damage is a possible result.

    I’m equally disgusted that this story is being manipulated as I am at a child dying. A 17 month old can’t act feminine or masculine, hint hint, falsified details. I don’t at all feel sorry for some moron who accidentally killed a child but I also won’t be dumb enough to believe this “story” about him beating an infant to death for being feminine either.

  • Sug Night

    This guy will hopefully get his chance to “act all fem” in prison. Take plenty of Crisco, asswipe, cause you’re gonna see lots of action!

  • ForeverGay

    Don’t hold your breath, he’s only been charged with first-degree manslaughter. No doubt the haterosexual males pressing the charges could understand killer Pedro Jones’ desire to kill an effeminate boy and decided to only go for the least severe charge possible. The defense lawyers if Pedro Jones has a jury trial will try to stack the jury with haterosexual males. I have little faith the bay will receive justice.

  • US activists =All talk,What about the next Matthew Shepards?Who will fight for them?(John From England)


    Are you certifiable?

    I copy and pasted the article.

    “Cops: Babysitter Struck, Killed Infant


    5:23 PM EDT, August 2, 2010
    RIVERSIDE, N.Y. (WPIX) – A man is accused of fatally striking a 17-month-old infant he was babysitting Sunday night on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation on Long Island, according to New York State police.

    The suspect has been identified as Pedro Jones, 20, of South Hampton. He has been charged with first-degree manslaughter after allegedly hitting the boy “several times throughout his body with close fists” and grabbed him by the neck, according to the felony complaint filed by police.

    Authorities say Jones also told them, “I was trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl. I never struck that kid that hard before.”

    The infant, Roy A. Jones, was reportedly found in cardiac arrest and was rushed to Southampton Hospital where he died around 8:30 p.m.

    “I just found out my Grandson died last night that’s all I know,” Donna Collins Smith.told PIX 11 News.

    Police said Jones, who is not a member of the Shinnecock nation but lives on the reservation, is the boyfriend of the baby’s mother.

    “He infiltrated my family through our trust, through the heart of my daughter and then stole the life of her child,” said the baby’s grandfather Daniel Collins. “I hope the justice system turns around and steals his.”

    Jones pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Monday at Southampton Town Justice Court. He is currently being held without bail at Suffolk County jail.

    Additional charges or the current charge could be upgraded pending the completion of the investigation, police said.”

    Because you’re such a sick individual-I highlighted some of that article you thought was all about A man rough housing with his 17 month old child.

    1) “several times throughout his body with close fists” and grabbed him by the neck,”

    2) “I was trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl. I never struck that kid that hard before.”

    Okay FREAK. Hopefully some of the stuff you have done to people will come back and hurt you since as a sociopath with no empathy chooses to side with an animal who thinks it’s okay to PUNCH a kid because he was behaving like a girl.

    Hope you rot in hell.

  • axos

    There is no way this was an accident. A child doesn’t die because you push him a bit (even if you shouldn’t do that either). This man let anger take over and murdered the boy. He must have punched the baby as hard as he could, in a rage. He should be charged with first degree murder. He knew what he was doing while he was doing it – an now the creep pleads not guilty.

  • Hilarious

    @US activists =All talk,What about the next Matthew Shepards?Who will fight for them?(John From England): Wow, you’re awfully violent over a comment you just so happen to disagree with.

    Are you certifiable? Gain some control over your emotions, Bucko.

    Like I said he’s not the first idiotic male to do something like this and no one on the planet is stupid enough to think an infant is acting feminine.

    This “story” is sensational for a reason and you bought into it hook, line, and sinker.

    If you loved this story I have one to sell you about a pregnant man.

  • US activists =All talk,What about the next Matthew Shepards?Who will fight for them?(John From England)


    You’ve made me like this. And I’m glad. I fight for childrens rights-they have NO power or choice at being born-and people like you are the kind in Social Services who takes the kid bak to his abusive parent because they were ‘roughing it’.

    I wish you more bad stuff and so glad you think I’m the one who is certifiable after I post on a blog that allegedly ALL men punch around their kids and say ‘I was trying to make him more masculine’ BUT apparently to your sociopathic brain…that isn’t homophobic.

    What the hell happened to you in your life?

    In Other News:

    Why the hell did this ‘mother’ leave her child with her boyfriend who is a ‘little’ rough around the edges??

    If she went out with a man who is like this, how can she not know he would go this far?

    But then it’s that whole Sandra Bullock irrationality that humans take on-‘Well Sandra went out with a racist homophobe who can’t spell BUT she didn’t know’.

    Women get away with sooo much! Play dumb!

  • Plays Well With Yo' Momma

    A 17 month old can’t act feminine or masculine

    Perhaps, but a homophobe can certainly perceive “acting feminine” in anybody that’s not acting the way he thinks they should.

  • Hilarious

    @US activists =All talk,What about the next Matthew Shepards?Who will fight for them?(John From England): Oh and PS: While you’re so busy “highlighting” things for me maybe you should exercise your excelled reading comprehension and reevaluate my post. I stated that I was totally disgusted by the fact that a child is dead but for whatever reason you chose to pretend I murdered a child in your ridiculous over the top diva post.

    Calm down, chica, untwist the panties, all I asked you to do was think a little deeper rather than buy what you read as the gospel truth.


    @Plays Well With Yo’ Momma: Strange replyin to another Plays Well……… :-p

    You are 100% correct, a 17 month old can’t act any way, because they are still a baby. This scumbag most likely had some serious issues dealing with his own idenity and somehow took them out on that baby………….

  • Hilarious

    @Plays Well With Yo’ Momma: No. Just no.

    Even if I were to believe that a human being could be dumb enough to believe that an infant was acting feminine I wouldn’t ever for a second buy that he’d also be dumb enough to state that to the police.

    Use your brain. This story makes absolutely no sense.

    It’s one thing to be dumb enough to kill a child. It’s another to be dumb enough to think an infant can behave feminine or masculine. And even then no one would ever cite that as a reason to the authorities.

    This is sensationalism at it’s best. The only truth to this story is that an idiot killed a child, but those reports go out everyday, so they had to spice it up.

    Don’t be so gullible.

  • L.

    Againt all logic and probable evidence, I can’t help but hope the part about the feminine thing be false, because killing a baby is abhorrent enough without adding homophobia.

    This is just about every level of sad.

  • mojojojo

    Just another example of the violent homophobia of the black community

  • Kev C

    @L.: Pedro Jones statement:

    “I was trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl. I never struck that kid that hard before. A one-time mistake and I am going to do 20 years.”

  • Jeremy

    Who’s the fucker decided this monster is not guilty?

  • Andra8888

    @Hilarious: A guy is so misogynistic that he beat his boy to death because he thought the boy was acting like “a little girl” and in the comments you accuse a poster of “PMS’ing” and telling him to “untwist the panties”?!? Classic.

  • L.

    @Kev C: I said, “against all probable evidence”. I’m just trying to wish this part out of the story, because it’s bad enough without it.

    But again, deep down I know it’s all wishful thinking.

  • bluenosedive

    This is fucked up. One word: why? He’s a bloody baby! This story pisses the crap out of me.

  • Amydon

    @Hilarious: Sorry your comment got such low ratings, but those who speak the actual truth, no matter in what forum, often do when it’s not what the masses want to hear. I feel your objective opinion is the best one I’ve read here.

  • Hilarious

    @Amydon: Thanks, glad someone gets what I was trying to say.

    I don’t let crazy people commenting on a blog wishing awful things on me for no reason get to me.

    Their animosity over a differing opinion is childish at best. Watching them twist the tragic death of an infant into a sexual hate crime while feigning sympathy is highly ironic.

    Then again this is all old hat on Queerty. It’s not the first time where the comments are more disturbing than the story and well turning the death of an infant into a vehicle to push an unrelated agenda is about as disturbing as anyone can possibly get.

    I know they’ve read plenty of sensationalism before so there’s really no excuse for their behavior. Pure selfishness.

    My heart goes out to the child and his family. This story has nothing to do with sexuality or homophobia and really doesn’t belong here. It’s a slap in the face to the child and his family to use such a horrible event this way.

  • jason

    This is the homophobic culture that exists in America today. Liberals are partly responsible for it. Don’t kid yourselves that liberals are gay-friendly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the scum who did this is a Democrat voter. He’s black for starters.

    He probably listens to the GLAAD-awarded MTV to hear his rap and hip-hop too.

  • Hilarious

    @Andra8888: Right. FYI men wear panties too, you know full well what I meant by PMS’ing and it had nothing to do with insulting women which you are trying to do, and you fully ignored his accusation that women “get away with sooooo much” by “playing dumb”.


    Keep pretending to care about women and feminism by playing the White Knight who has to defend them because they’re so weak and frail in your pathetic mind. So called male feminists like you who are so far up their own asses are an insult to real women and real feminists who are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

    In other words you just don’t get it so sit down and shut up.

  • Krackah

    @Hilarious: The article says Jones told police that he was, “trying to make him act like a boy and not a girl.” He SAID that! Now, I could understand where you’re coming from if it were the mom who had said that, but it was HE! If he were truly just horsin’ around with a 17-month year old, wouldn’t he have said just that? He was just playing around and accidently punched him? Come on!

    Regardless of whether a child can act feminine or not, or whether an adult can confuse how a child is acting, he killed a child and obviously has masculinity issues. Those issues may not have driven him to kill the child, but the fact that he said what he did about his son AFTER he died, undisputably makes him a very SICK SICK man.

  • Hilarious

    @Krackah: When did I ever refute that he’s sick and/or a total moron for killing a child?

    Did you even read or are you just making a knee-jerk response?

    Unless I hear audio of him personally stating that idiotic reasoning for beating a child to death I won’t buy this as a hate crime.

    It was CHILD ABUSE. Again what’s even more sick than this asshole who brutally beat a child is using that child’s death to push an unrelated agenda.

    An infant does not have a sexuality. An infant cannot have masculine or feminine behavior. An infant cannot be gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender. An infant is not a vehicle for gay rights.

    You and everyone replying negatively towards me knows damn well what I’ve been saying this entire time and no matter how hard you try to twist and spin the point will stay the same. This child was abused, the child died, and it’s horrible to use that death for your own personal gain.

  • Krackah

    @Hilarious: So do you listen to every response of every convicted person to make sure that what was reported was indeed what the criminal stated? I’m sure you do.

    I guess you must think that every story the police releases a report of what the criminal said must be sensational.

    Apparently, you’re the one who hasn’t read the original story. You can do so by clicking on the link “was acting like a man” and follow it to the site > <.

    It's there in quotes. What he DID to the child makes this a child abuse story- like you said- but what he SAID makes this a gay rights issue. Read the original story again. I did.

    Oh and you can bet that this is a very related agenda. How many kids (babies or older) have been abused by their parents because of their sexuality? Jones may not have abused him because this child was feminine acting, but the vile that came from his mouth suggests that he did. Obviously, you're one of the very few on here that fails to see that.

    And how am I using this as a personal gain? Excuse me for being a little cliche, but you don't know me! What would I have to gain from this?!

  • Kieran

    Society’s unaddresed, festering homophobia claimed it’s latest and littlest victim this week. The asshole bully deserves to hang for a crime like this ofcourse, but this is New York so he’ll probably get ten years—-if that. The victim was only a baby from a poor neighborhood afterall. His case will soon be forgotten. It’s not like some wealthy NY celebrity, socialite or VIP was beaten to death.

  • Hilarious

    @Krackah: Oh good lord. Yes an infant was murdered because his wrist was limp. That’s exactly what happened because the news said so “in quotes”.


    You say you read the article but then you keep saying the kid was his son when he wasn’t.

    He played too rough with the kid trying to “toughen him up” which is VERY common. The news reporter who wrote the article played on words and spun a more shocking story in which the man supposedly claims an infant is feminine.

    You can keep spinning all you want but common sense would tell you he was literally playing way too rough with a baby and killed him by jabbing his fists at him.

    Just because the news spun it into something more doesn’t mean that actually happened because it’s far too stupid to have actually happened.

    You think the news doesn’t ad-lib to make stories sound more shocking and “exciting”? Do you even understand what sensationalism is?

    This is sensationalism. Plain and simple.

    What is more believable to you? That he said he was trying to “toughen” a little boy up or that he said he was trying to beat the girliness out of a baby?

    Regardless what we have agreed on is that he both abused and killed a child.

    What do you mean what do you have to gain from this? More laws in favor of protecting gay rights because it’s no secret that hate crimes aren’t severely punished. I don’t need to know you, manipulating this issue proves you’re pushing an agenda.

    A baby cannot be the victim of a sexual hate crime because a baby has no sexual identity. You and others fail to see that. You also fail to see that you have no clue what came from his mouth you’re just blindly going along with sensationalism that draws ratings and pretending like it’s reality when you should know damned well that no one can be that stupid.

    Use your freaking logic. If it had been true no matter how irrational it even is, he wouldn’t then plead not guilty after admitting it.

    Clearly he didn’t say that he beat him because he was feminine because if he did say that it would be an admission of guilt basically pleading guilty. He pleaded not guilty because he was playing too rough with a baby and accidentally killed him which as I’ve said all through this is COMMON, stupid, but very common.

    Many fathers play too rough with small children and it’s usually the mother that steps in and tells them to stop. Most of them don’t get it until after the kid is crying.

    At 17 months old it would take one light hit from a grown man to break his neck.

    Stop ignoring reality. Use your logic and reasoning skills. If he intended to murder this child there were many ways too do it and he would’ve ran. He wouldn’t stick around and then admit such a stupid story to the police before pleading not guilty.

    Regardless he deserves whatever the hell he gets for killing a child. I just think it’s really stupid how so many of you are so quick to believe an idiotic story just because the news said it “in quotes”.

    Believe it or not they make up stories all the time “in quotes” because the people who get arrested can’t exactly afford a lawyer to sue them for slander now can they? No. If no one comes forward to sue them then they get away with it and now you understand how the “news” is made.

    Wake up.

    I guess you also bought the pregnant man story and think drink anything that says green tea on it.

    The news twists the truth every single day. I can’t even believe I actually have to explain this. Sensationalism has existed since the very first newspaper hit the presses.

  • Krackah

    The news didn’t say it in quotes, he did. I guess you don’t believe anything you read then? Can you then even cite any of your allegations? Actually, I have to question why you even read the news at all? I guess 9/11 was sensationalism, too. I guess the reporters probably just wrote crap about what happened there, too? The media just wanted us to get upset at the Middle East, right?

    Trust me, I understand sensationalism alright. If this story is so sensational, how come it’s on none of the major media outlets? Wouldn’t it have at least been on CNN’s Northeastern American section on their website? Well, it’s not. I’ve first found the story on queerty, which, even as wonderful as it is, it’s hardly a major news outlet.

    I NEVER said I thought this was a hate crime. This is a gay rights issue because of what he said. It suggests that his motive for being too rough with the boy was because he had a problem with the way the boy was acting. He should get whatever’s coming for him for taking a child’s life. I don’t care whether it ends up being called a hate crime or not.

    Perhaps this is just a very undeveloped story. It’s more of a stub than anything. Perhaps he didn’t actually say what the cops said he did. It’s very unlikely, but I’ll give you that. The only way we’re ever going to really find out is after the trial.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    @Hilarious: I think u watch too much fox news, put down that kool-aid! And as for the comment the fact that it seems illogical for him to say it doesn’t mean he didn’t say it. Many people for various reasons say things they are illogical, he might’ve panicked, or possibly even felt guilty, it’s even further plausible that he has a serious mental issue…
    It’s not usually good practice to automatically assume the police are lying in this instance, (have you ever watched any episodes of Cops) though this isn’t to say cops don’t lie or act deceptive. The point is IF the statement he made to police is infact true Homophobia and strict adherence to gender norms are contributors to the murder! Either way it heinous and reprehensible ( I know,I know you agree it’s reprehensible and heinous)

  • Hilarious

    @ConcernedCitizen: Yep you’re right. A baby got beaten to death because he was acting feminine.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Okay what @Hilarious: Okay what you CONTINUE to fail to realize it has NOTHING to do with how the baby acted and how the man PERCIEVED the baby to be ACTING! If the baby cried a lot was temperamental ect and he PERCIEVED these acts as feminine and his HOMOPHOBIC ideology is that this baby will be feminine unless I “toughen” him up then his perception of GENDER ROLES plays an issue in this murder!!! Your head seems to be thicker than a trogolydte’s ugh!!!

  • ConcernedCitizen

    That should read “but how the man PERCIEVED the baby to be ACTING!

  • Hilarious

    @ConcernedCitizen: Right.

    That nonsense you posted really made sense to you?

    On a site full of men it’s really hard to believe no father figure in your life ever said he was doing something to “toughen” you up and not in a homophobic sense.

    Oh but you’re so intelligent with your mighty thesaurus and insight into sheer stupidity.

    Keep using a baby’s death to feel sorry for yourself. At the end of the day the story is unoriginal and extremely common. Fathers play to rough with their children all the time so a man who isn’t even related to a child would have even less empathy.

    Feel free to have another tantrum just because you disagree with me. The last one was cute. :)

  • ConcernedCitizen

    He was an INFANT you looney tune!!!

  • Meeko

    @mojojojo:One the dude wasn’t black and two all races have homophobic members. Just like any sexual orientation can be racist.

  • ethanamadeus

    @hilarious: look, bud, what makes you think you know what the guy did and didn’t say? You keep saying over and over that this man never said that and this is sensationalism, that no one could be stupid enough to think a seventeen month old can act masculine or feminine, and that the news reporter made it up. But here’s the deal- I know people who ARE stupid enough to think that babies can act masculine or feminine. And you don’t KNOW what the man said anymore than any of us do. All we have to base any kind of judgement on what’s going on here is the article, so yeah, it makes sense to believe what it says. Why would a reporter choose this particular instance to turn into a big deal? Why not any of the hundreds of the kids who have been murdered? And punching a kid is not the same as playing rough with the kid. If this article is true, which it most likely is because NEWS is meant to report ACTUAL events, then the guy admitted to beating this child, on purpose, in order to toughen him up- which actually does mean to make someone more masculine, and less feminine, in the eyes of most people. Which, again, makes this an issue of homophobia. You’re obviously not going to change your opinion-no matter how ridiculous- but I just thought I’d point out those many flaws in your thinking,

  • heavendral

    @hilarious I have yet to see anyone on here claim that the child was purposefully killed, only that he was being beaten because of what this sick man perceived as a baby having a gender identity. Which is pretty common, as you have actually pointed out several times inadvertently by bringing up the fact that many fathers roughhouse with their male children to toughen them up. Most people here aren’t even saying “ohhhmygod look how homophobic this man was”, but rather “why did this happen and what can we do to prevent it in the future?” Or at least, that’s what I’m getting. Why are you making such a big deal out of sensationalism? Yeah, it happens. But not every story is exaggerated. And how exactly makes you think that the guy who did this wasn’t stupid enough do and say something like that anyways? In my experience, plenty of people don’t know much of anything about kids or the fact that gender roles are learned. Most people think that gender roles are just a natural thing- when they’re not. Just because you aren’t stupid enough to think that, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t. And it also doesn’t mean that you know everything.

  • horus

    this asswipe must be a buttbuddy for Ruben Diaz

  • Hilarious

    Yeah yeah. We’ll see if the court calls it a “hate crime” won’t we. Which they won’t because it was child abuse.

    Anyway. Moving on.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Meeko: I’m pretty sure he’s being ironic/sarcastic. Many people here think it’s racist to acknowledge that people who were subjected to injustice can turn around and do the same to others. And to even condemn that behavior makes you a Nazi.

  • Wes

    @mojojojo: little FYI there’s violent homophobia in EVERY community… read the news about what’s happening in Europe and the Middle East, Asia.

    No one has a monopoly on hate. Luckily, the same is true for love.

  • hdot

    @mojojojo: I’m really hurt and disturbed that 8 people actually gave your comment a thumbs up. the black community is no more or less homophobic than any other one. and to say otherwise is uninformed and ignorant. being divisive is so asinine to me when we’re all in the fight together – or at least should be.

  • sam

    @Hilarious: This is completely ignorant. Of coarse it’s a gay thing. He said the boy was acting like a girl. Straight guys see that as being gay. And as for the toughen up excuse, dad’s want their son’s to toughen up so other guys wont think he’s a sissy or something. Or in other words the stereotype weak=gay is still pretty popular. As for “falsified details,” no one in their right mind would let the media put a gay spin on extreme child abuse or get let them get away with it. If you mean the murder falsified the details that would only make things worse. That would mean the killer felt he had a reason for beating the baby instead of it being accidentally “too rough” when toughening up someone. I agree that that being objective is always best but you’re not being objective you’re being ignorant. In any way ‘making it a gay thing’ cannot make the situation any worse. This is one of the wort things that can happen, spinning it any way cannot make it worse.

  • Kev C

    @hdot: The black community, and black culture are extrememly homophobic. The facts speak for themselves. And for anyone to white-wash this fact is a dirty liar. I don’t know what race Pedro Jones is, probably black hispanic. For anyone to say he isn’t black must be friggin blind or a pig dirty liar.

  • samthor

    how manly should a 17 month old act? …its a baby…

  • Mommaof4

    @Kev C:

    That is the most discusting quote I’ve ever seen in my life. I cannot believe this @$$hole thinks we should feel sympathy for HIM! MISTAKE I think not. you don’t accidentally beat ANYONE to death and the manslaughter charge is BULL$h!t! He should be charged with Assault and Battery, Child Endangerment and 2nd degree murder!

  • EM

    THIS. Needs closer inspection from the prosecution:

    “I never struck that kid that hard before.”


    You have hit him before and hard?

    What is this woman doing with your sorry ass?

  • ADC

    @Kev C: Right, because the majority of hate crimes committed against GLBT people in the US are committed by Black people…oh wait, no they’re not.

    Shut up.

  • mojojojo

    @Meeko: That man is black as the ace of spades!

  • Zoe Brain

    The defence lawyers will no doubt claim that it’s a biological thing.

    As in:
    “Look, Brian happens to be a heterosexual character, as I am. If I found out that I had slept with a gal who was transsexual, I might throw up in the same way that a gay guy looks at a vagina and goes, “Oh, my God, that’s disgusting.” It’s just the way we’re biologically wired. They should give that another look.”

    I mean, you can understand how a straight guy might feel nauseated if a boy behaves like a girl, can’t you? Even gays might feel like that. It undermines their own masculinity, already under constant attack by the bigots and the ignorant.

    That’s the way our society is at the moment. Deaths like this are a consequence. We have to change that (to state the obvious).

  • Zoe Brain

    The defence lawyers will no doubt claim that it’s a biological thing.

    As in:
    “Look, Brian happens to be a heterosexual character, as I am. If I found out that I had slept with a transsexual, I might throw up in the same way that a gay guy looks at a vagina and goes, “Oh, my God, that’s disgusting.” It’s just the way we’re biologically wired. They should give that another look.”

    I mean, you can understand how a straight guy might feel nauseated if a boy behaves like a girl, can’t you? Even gays might feel like that. It undermines their own masculinity, already under constant attack by the bigots and the ignorant.

    That’s the way our society is at the moment. Deaths like this are a consequence. We have to change that (to state the obvious).

  • Bill Perdue

    @Queer Supremacist: Queerkapo is as looney as any Nazi.

    Below are excerpted remarks by the KAPO, His full are very long and very sociopathic. But, if you have the stomach for check them out at )

    No. 10 • Queer Supremacist
    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    There are no “Palestinians”. You’re nothing but an Arabist pig defending filthy genocidal homophobic Muslim camel fuckers, while perseverating (sic) (sick) discredited Stalinist tropes like a severely autistic parrot…

    Take your pro-Muslim blood libel elsewhere or I will report your IP address to the FBI for treasonous activity.

    The land of Israel belongs to the Jews, including the parts illegally occupied by goyische breeder terrorists. They have more of a right to exist than the United States…

    (I consider all heterosexual sex acts rape)…

    The only thing keeping Obama from becoming a dictator are the constitutional separation of powers…

    On the other hand, Israel’s founding, in a location where there was a Jewish state before the convicted thief Jesus and the child rapist Muhammad were even born, was to protect Jews from further hate crimes from heretic goyim (all gentile religions are heretic… Israel needs … to do whatever it takes to protect innocent people from being brutally murdered by terrorist scum who worship convicted felons like Jesus and child molesters like Muhammad.

    And the first equivocation of Zionism (that’s with a capital Z, for the rest of you Pan-Arabist scum) with racism by the United Nazis, I mean the United Nations…

    Uganda has no right to sovereignty. Iran has no right to sovereignty. Iraq has no right to sovereignty. Afghanistan has no right to sovereignty. Jamaica has no right to sovereignty. Saudi Arabia has no right to sovereignty. Zimbabwe has no right to sovereignty. The Vatican has no right to sovereignty…. China has no right to sovereignty…

    If the majority of the gays turn against Jews I will become celibate and actively homophobic.
    2 for 10 against

    Posted: Jul 30, 2010 at 12:49 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]

    No. 11 • Bill Perdue
    @Queer Supremacist: Who let you out of your sty, racist.
    8 for 0 against
    Posted: Jul 30, 2010 at 4:15 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 12 • Jadis
    @Queer Supremacist: You are everything that’s wrong with the world.
    6 for 0 against

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 10:37 am • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 13 • ron
    @Queer Supremacist: Holy shit! You must be as exhausted from that tirade as I am from reading it! You, sir, are full of shit……
    6 for 1 against

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 10:46 am • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 14 • L.
    @Queer Supremacist: You’re not getting paid by the word, I hope.
    3 for 1 against

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 6:35 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 15 • Queer Supremacist
    By the way, your ad hominem attacks have done nothing to disprove everything I said.

    Yes, I am a proud bigot. I am bigoted against the enemies of the Jews. I am bigoted against the enemies of the gay community. I am bigoted against people who hate me and want me dead for a “being crime.” I am bigoted against land robbers and genocidal maniacs. I am bigoted against people who worship thieves and child molesters.

    Queerty is the Gay Stormfront. Heil Hitler and Heil Muhammad.
    0 for 5 against

  • Kev C

    @ADC: “Right, because the majority of hate crimes committed against GLBT people in the US are committed by Black people…oh wait, no they’re not.”

    Oh wait .. disproportionately to their population size, yes, they are more homophobic than any other group.

    “Shut up.”

    No, but how about this idea: take a nice long vacation into a black neighborhood, or black country like Uganda or Jamaica, and tell us how gay friendly it is.

  • shell

    Who hasn’t seen a little boy put on his mom shoes, hell even put on lipstick, and throw her purse over his shoulder. SOme little boys play with dolls too and I have friends think that is sissy. Huh? Being nurturing to a baby doll is a bad thing? People………….pull your heads out of your asses and make sure your friends who are ignorant do too.

  • Yo

    @Kev C: “No, but how about this idea: take a nice long vacation into a black neighborhood, or black country like Uganda or Jamaica, and tell us how gay friendly it is.”

    Oh please, the same could be said about a number of white communities (white Evangelicals being a great example). This Roy Jones dude is a homophobic douche with sociopathic tendencies, plain and simple. His race has got nuttin’ to do with it. If he was white, would you be ranting about the evils of “white culture?” I doubt it, so please, do us all a favor and STFU.

  • Drop_Dead_Fred_Phelps

    I can understand people thinking that this is being used as some kind of sideline into the “gay rights” push, that this issue of a grown man beating a little baby to death ain’t got shyt to do with rights for gays. But still, this dude beat a little baby just to try and make him “man up.” What could have influenced him to do such a thing? Christianity? The prevalent mindset that gender is a binary, that you’re either 1 or 0, black or white and there are no inbetweens?

    What if, just for the sake of argument, instead of the dude beating his kid cuz he thought he might turn out “not masculine enough”, the dude beat him because he thought he might turn out “not black enough?” or if it was a white guy beating his mixed son cuz he wasn’t “acting white enough.” More of you would be on that, without this “well yeah, you need to get that outta him, but not THAT way” crap I see around here.

    Ray said: “I had a friend who was forcefully grabbed on his azz by a gay dude, he beat the dudes azz, and they charged him with a hate crime, took him two years to clear his name. I ask you is that shyt fair?”

    Like the Race Card doesn’t get used the same way sometimes? People using it to keep themselves from being the one at fault, like the gay dude who grabbed your friend’s azz?

    I always hear how “the gay rights thing ain’t nuthin like what the struggle for race rights was” but actually there are lots of similarities:

    Blacks: White kids being paranoid to be around blacks or drink from the same fountains cuz of imagined diseases.

    Gays: Kids being paranoid to be around kids they think are gay because of the mindset “all gays have Aids.”

    Blacks: White folk being paranoid that black men wanna rape their white women.
    Gays:Everybody being paranoid to let gays around their kids cuz “all gays are pedos.”

    Blacks: Laws like the “Racial Integrity Act of 1924” that kept people of differing races from being able to get married based on the belief of white Bible-thumpers that “mixing the races is an abomination to God and allowed law enforcement the right to invade people’s homes like in 1967’s Loving v. Virgnia, the case that finally made everyone else take notice and nulled the anti-mixed marriage laws.

    Gays: Anti-Sodomy laws that made being gay a crime, gave excuse to homophobes to kill gays… did not get nulled until 2003’s “Lawrence v. Texas.”

    Hate for gays and hate for people of other races is a learned thing, from parents, tv, friends… but it can also be un-learned, through education, through debunking of myths. The same religious zealots who told mixed couples what they did was sick and a crime against God are the same ones now saying the same crap about gays. History repeats, but as the bad parts repeat, so will the good parts. In another 50 years or more, hate for Gays will be as palatable to the general public as racism today.

    Marriage between two males or two females will be as in-offensive to their “moral senses” as Interracial Marriage is now. And when that time comes, those who bashed gays like the Westboro Cult and the countless people who murdered gays will be looked down upon just as the general public looks down upon the ignorant redneck hicks of the KKK and the people who strung black youth from trees.

  • kill em all

    I’m glad he kill that thing
    one less in the world

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