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These 17 tweets about being gay and single during the holidays are way too relatable

Shirtless man in a red Santa hat holding a Christmas present.

If you’ve got no one to cuddle up with for the holidays—no “Santa Baby,” perhaps—you’re in good company. Tons of gays users have spent the festive season solo… and cracked wise on Twitter about it!

In a 2017 article for Instinct Magazine, Ryan Shea encouraged readers to embrace their single status during the holidays.

“Embrace that you aren’t stuck going to your annoying partner’s in-law’s and feeling like you have to impress them,” he wrote. “Enjoy being alone in this. Masturbate as much as you want; no one is there to stop you. Bring out your inner ‘ho, ho, ho’ and have a hookup or two. Or, just do what we all used to do and go out and find a guy for a night, a date, or something more.”

Two years later, Anthony Gilét penned a “Single Gay Man’s Guide To Surviving Christmas” for Attitude, in which he pointed out that coupled gays may be less holly-jolly than they appear.

“It’s easy to feel lonely when you see cute couples kissing under the mistletoe, but just remember that the snow is always whiter —especially when it has an Instagram filter,” he wrote.

Plus, single gays can spend all their gift-giving funds on themselves for the holiday seasons, Gilét added. “Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated, so it’s OK to be selfish every now and then—especially if the turkey is the only one getting a stuffing this Christmas,” he wrote.

And before you drop the needle on “Lonely This Christmas” yet again, scroll down to see funny tweets about being gay and single (or, at least, gay and finding a holiday boyfriend) this time of year.

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