4 of Michael Lucas’ Sleaziest Moments Of All Time

Regarding porn stars, neocon porn impresario Michael Lucas has said, “This is the No. 1 thing that unites them. They are desperate for attention. They have no patience. They are big-time liars, and just not together.” He added that even though he’s a porn star, he defies his own description. But that’s total bullshit. This is the man who has made a career of press whoredom (some of which we’ve engaged him in), public feuds, and inflammatory statements — single-handedly turning The Advocate into an Islamophobic rag. He luxuriates in scandal and doesn’t mind tromping in the gutter, if only to come off as holier than thou. So let’s relive a few of Mr. Lucas’ all time lowest points and revile the man so many love to hate.

WARNING: Some of the links in this story are labeled NSWF. He’s a porn monger for crap’s sake, what did you expect?