do you even lift, bro?

8 hot Instastuds share their best fitness tips to help you build muscle


Most guys would love to have the body of Adonis with little (or no) effort, but sadly that’s not how muscle building works.

To help find out how some of our favorite Instagram studs maintain their muscular physiques, we asked them to share their best fitness tips. If you’re tired of hitting the gym and not seeing the results you want, check out the advice below.

If you have a workout routine that has helped you build muscle, feel free to post a comment below with your best advice, or tag @Queerty in your best fitness photos on Instagram.

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1. Jesse Diamond

“If you’re trying to gain muscle mass, keep cardio to a minimum and focus on heavy lifting.”

2. Jae Fusz

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“Do all your sets slow and controlled to maximize the rep.”

3. Saulo Sarmiento

“Food and fitness are the key! They work together. I don’t eat a lot before bed. I mix the cardio circuit with weights, and yoga classes are a super plus.”

4. Damien Montoya

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“I work out 5x a week; 45 minutes of powerlifting, isolating different muscle groups each day. Finishing with 20 minutes of cardio.”

5. Nick Mangiapane

“It’s all about keeping the heart rate up with supersets and no more than 60 seconds rest between rounds. Healthy eating is the real secret to being fit though.”

6. Nick Adams

“Variety is essential. I mix up my workouts with weight lifting, dance, crossfit and gymnastics. Mix it up for best results!”

7. Tom Goss

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“Work those arms like a man but them legs (and booty) like a lady.”

8. Avi

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“My fitness routine consists of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. I lift 7 days a week and have 3 different regimen cycles for upper and lower body parts. My favourite part of the workout is doing 200 jumping rope between each set to get the blood flowing to the muscles. More importantly, I believe that a healthy diet is key to having a fit body. “

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