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90210: Did You Hear The One About Teddy And His Straight Buddies Walking Into A Gay Bar?

Okay, so, Mandate? That is the name of the gay bar 90210‘s writers came up with to send Teddy to? Lord. It would be sadder if we didn’t actually have gay bars slapped with more obviously names. (As far as I can tell, the only instance of “Mandate” appearing in actual gay culture is with that erotic magazine.) [Possible spoilers ahead and in video.]

On last night’s episode, we see Trevor Donovan’s Teddy take another step in gaydom — so soon after coming out! — when, after initially being brushed off by his group of straight guy friends who don’t think he’d be interested in their heterosexual machismo activities (watching female volleyball players), and his ex-girlfriend intervening, Teddy ends up at his first-ever gay bar with a trio of breeders in two. The only thing more awkward than watching gay men stand awkwardly around a dance floor in real life is seeing actors play awkward gay men standing awkwardly around a dance floor.

Two of them have a wonderful time at the gay bar. One of them doesn’t.

That would be Liam, who flees the bar when An Actual Homosexual offers to buy him a drink. Joining him outside is Trevor, who laments that this — as in, Mandate — isn’t really his scene, and that he doesn’t really know where he fits in. Awww!

But hey, this is where we congratulate the straight high school friends for joining their gay pal on his first Hollywood nightlife adventure. Now everybody is friend’s again and there is no awkwardness between hetero and homosexuals. And, scene.