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  • Jeff

    You were way too kind in your blogging of the episode.

    My eyes are still bleeding

  • Brandon H

    Fuck you very much for the Ooompa Loompa orange hair comment.

    Red Heads UNITE!

  • [email protected]

    This show makes gay people look stupid and vapid and vile.

    Its as though it was the scheme of every anti-gay extremist in collusion.

    Its an insult.

    Logo is an insult.

  • Joe

    I’m going to tune in again next week. Any chance of seeing more of Rodiney will keep me glued.

  • Bobby in Seattle

    Great write up! I think I enjoyed reading this better than watching the actual show!

  • JoeyO'H

    Rodiney & Mike kept me glued. I’d like to see them bone each other!

  • jason

    Why is this show on LOGO and not on parent company MTV’s main channel? Perhaps MTV is too homophobic to show it on its mainstream channel.

    MTV has no problem with “hot lesbians” or “bi chicks” on its main channel. Recall, if you wish, their Tila Tequila “bisexual” dating show. This show featured purported lesbians and purported bisexual women cavorting for the purpose of pleasing strictly straight guys. No gay or bi men were allowed to appear on this show.

    As far as I’m concerned, MTV and LOGO can both fuck off. They deserve to fail, big time.

  • scott ny'er

    That was pretty good. You should rip into them more tho and be really bitchy. I’d enjoy it more.

    Yes, I actually semi-watched the show between cat-napping and cleaning. It was ok. Rodiney is hot and should be the star of this show. He seems the most interesting person (altho he falls in love too easily).

  • Nightstalker

    I like how this post is conspicuously lacking a byline. That tells you everything you need to know.

    The show was soul-bendingly lame

  • Cam

    The weird little modeling agent confuses me. What year was it decided that male models have to be annorexic and have bodies like a 9 year old girl? I mean he might hate Austin but the guy had a much better body than the little orange stringbean.

  • Andrew

    This was hilarious! I can’t wait until the blogging for the next episode. Thanks!

  • Michael C

    @Jeff: Of course they’re too kind. They don’t want to piss off potential sponsors/advertisers. And, of course, they’re hoping the “A-lists” will want to be their friends.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    I was the author. The byline was accidentally left off and I have free reign to slam the show however I like, advertisers be damned. Besides, they know what they’re peddling. I’ll be live blogging the show every week from now until my eyes burn out. Thanks all!


    @Daniel Villarreal: Wow a real live Queerty person finally speaks!! :p

  • Kyle

    @Cam: Are you kidding, he has moobs!


    I am actually pretty damm proud of myself! I posted on another thread how I would hate myself for watching this trashfest. I just started watching the premiere on the DVR and got up to the point where Derek was standing there showing his ohh so very flat ass on my flat screen and I could not hit the stop and erase buttons on the remote quick enough…….

    These queens are nothing but self absorbed, shallow, delusional, silly caricatures of the stereotypical Gay queen. Problem is they take themselves so damm serious, they neglect to realize that what makes being such a big queen entertaining like a drag queen is the camp and self effacing humor…….These bitches actually think other people should and would give a thit about their shallow simple lives……..The show is nothing more than a pathetic train wreck……….

  • Rodiney

    First of all, i got to tell you: Rodiney is brazilian, not spanish!
    He doesn´t speak spanish, so stop telling these lame latino jokes.

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