From Big Bellies To Bubble Butts, A Look Back At The Most Erotic Of 2014’s “Homo Erotica”

This year, Queerty launched a new photos column, Homo Erotica, that highlighted various sexual styles and looks while celebrating sexy men of all sorts. Over the past 12 months, we’ve covered foot fetishes to armpit fetishes, hairy older hunks to twinks, with a few bubble butts and beer bellies thrown in for good measure. It’s been an interesting year, and we’re looking forward to bringing you even more homo horseplay in 2015.

Scroll down for a look back at 10 of our most popular Homo Erotica of 2014…

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Guys With Bellies Drive Us Bonkers

There’s something sexy about an inch to pinch, not to mention grippable love handles, wouldn’t you agree? This post celebrated all the sexy guys who let their guts hang out with pride.

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Yummy Guys Show Off Their Tasty “Manspreads” Just In Time For Thanksgiving

“Manspreading” may be an issue on New York subways, but there are plenty of times when we don’t mind a fella showing off his Larry Craig (a.k.a. his “wide stance”). These men displaying their delicious manspreads definitely gave us something to be thankful for.

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Bubbles Butts Drive Us Bananas

Bubble butts have long been a desirable trait. In fact, when tightly packed into jeans, they often translate into free drinks at the bar, lots of bad pickup lines, and some serious grab-ass as the night wears on. In this post, we tackled the white hot topic of pygophilia (a.k.a. the sexualization of the buttocks).

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Hot Homoerotic Twins Have Us Seeing Doubles

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, incest between twins, or “twincest,” is “a subclass of sibling incest and includes both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.” Incest, of course, is about as taboo as taboo gets, which is precisely why we decided to dedicate this entire post to homoerotic hunks with matching DNA.

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Rugged Men In The Wild Get Back To Nature

Whether it’s hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, or skinny dipping in a mountain stream, there’s no shortage of ways to channel your inner bear and become one with the wild. In this post we highlighted rugged men showing their love of wilderness. Grrrr!

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These Men’s Sexy Calves Make Us Say “Moo!”

Legs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hairy and muscular. Thin and smooth. Round. Slender. Bulging. Svelte. Here we took a moment to appreciate gorgeous guys and their glorious gams.

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“Plumber’s Butts” Will Make You Say Yes To Crack

Don’t act like you don’t think a little ass crack peeking out from the top of a guy’s jeans is hot. The all-knowing Wikipedia defines buttock cleavage as the “minor exposure of the buttocks and the butt crack between them, often because of low-slung or loose trousers.” We define it as “one of the sexiest parts on a man’s body.”

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Foxy Older Gentlemen Remind Us That Age Is Just A Number

There’s no shortage of nicknames for attractive guys over 40: DILF, daddy, silver fox, papi. The allure of the older man is hardly new. We did a roundup of hot older gents who demonstrate that 40 is the new 30, and 50 is the new sexy. 

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Husky Hunks Prove That Sexy Comes In Every Size

We love men of all sizes. Big. Small. Short. Tall. Muscular. Large. Extra large. Whatever. And, judging by the huge response this post got, you do, too. These husky hunks prove that sexy comes in every size.

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Get Turned On Inside The Men’s Locker Room

Few locales inspire more public nudity, towel snapping, sideways glances and general homoeroticism (not to mention shameless selfies) than a men’s locker room. A recent study found that straight men frequently size each other up in the communal showers, and will often “slap their cocks around” to look bigger. All that being said, it’s no wonder this was one of our most popular Homo Erotica posts of the year.

Graham Gremore is a columnist and contributor for Queerty and Life of the Law. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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