Gay Photog's Talent and Taste Developed Together

A New Look At Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe’s stunning and sexually-charged images started critics and conservatives. While some said his sexuality tainted his work, Sylvia Wolf claims the late artist’s identity as a gay man and as a photographer go hand-in-hand:

Within his first year of taking pictures, Mapplethorpe also began to explore his sexual attraction to men, trying to determine whether he was gay, straight or bisexual, and the Polaroid camera became an accomplice and an aid. As he embraced homosexuality, he made dozens of photographs of handsome young men gazing at the camera with sultry come-hither looks or staring past the photographer in states of suspended consciousness. For his subjects, being photographed by Mapplethorpe was often an erotic experience. For Robert, taking pictures was a means of seduction and a catalyst for sex.

May be should be taking more shots, huh?

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