Showing Off

Aaron Carter sacked from ‘Naked Boys Singing.’ Here are the famous gays taking over…

Chris Salvatore, David Hernandez.

Former child pop star Aaron Carter, set to make his debut in Naked Boys Singing this fall, has been showed the stage door. Producers for the show have announced his replacements: David Hernandez, of American Idol fame, and Chris Salvatore of Eating Out.

Press for Naked Boys Singing–the all-male, all-naked musical revue–had initially announced Carter would lead the show when it reopens in Las Vegas this September. Now comes word that the producers have fired Carter from the show, allegedly because the singer refuses to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Salvatore and Hernandez–both openly gay men–will step into the spotlight when the show resumes on September 15.

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“I’m really stoked to be in the show and back in my birthday suit,” Hernandez said of landing the job. “Naked Boys Singing is hilarious, empowering and incorporates my favorite aspects of life: music and nudity.”

“I’m thrilled to join Naked Boys Singing in Las Vegas,” Salvatore said, echoing Hernandez’s enthusiasm. “I’m excited to combine my passion for music and singing in the hope to encourage others to be proud of their bodies.”

Both Salvatore and Hernandez will take part in an 11-week residency in the show, set to run through November 28. Naked Boys Singing originally hit the stage in Los Angeles back in 1998, where it won acclaim for its mix of music and flirtatious nudity. The show has continued to run ever since, spawning a film adaptation in 2007. The show remains the only fully-nude musical revue in Las Vegas.