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ABC News reporter opens up about the stigma he still faces as an HIV+ gay man

“The stigma associated with HIV is one of the main reasons HIV/AIDS is still spreading at an alarming rate in some parts of the world.

The images that were burned into our memory from the 1980s and 1990s were effective at shocking people back then but we haven’t moved past that and for many, when they think of or hear the letters HIV, that is all they know.

It shocks me and saddens me that within the younger gay community there is so much stigma and discrimination towards those of us live with HIV.

To be asked if I am ‘clean’ when it comes to inquiring about my sexual health and overall health is not only offensive but it’s incredibly ignorant.

It’s time we have a new and very real conversation about what it means to be HIV-positive in this day and age and hopefully by me telling my story I’m helping to facilitate that a little.”— ABC News reporter Karl Schmid in an interview with the Star Observer.