EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lambert On Trespassing, Britney Spears, Fame, The Press, And More!

Adam Lambert held an intimate meet-and-greet for the gay elect this week at Chelsea eatery Elmo, where he chatted ever-so-politely with LGBT media outlets and nonprofits.

The glam rocker gave Queerty an interview, as well as a sneak peek at some tracks from his new album, Trespassing, which still doesn’t have a release date. (Though the remix EP of the first single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” was just released on iTunes.)

We dig “Myself,” but “Outlaws of Love” is the track that will most connect with gay fans. Lambert told us he wrote it when “the fight for marriage and against bullying… was coming to a head.”

“I got really sad,” he explained. “I thought of the gay community as outlaws. We’re always on the run, can’t find peace or rest.”

While “Outlaws” is a slow ballad, the other tracks we heard were solid dance-pop club-bangers, boasting catchy-if-cliché falsetto choruses (“Take me up, turn me ’round / Turn it up, don’t stop the beat”) and snaking, four-to-the-floor bass lines.

The American Idol star, who wields an impressive army of Glamberts on Twitter, talked about his influences, his love for Britney, and what its been like being in the media spotlight since coming out (in both senses of the word).

Click through for Queerty’s exclusive interview with Adam Lambert.

Photo via Evan Mulvihill

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  • Red Assault

    Best typo ever “the gay elect.”

    I’m sure you meant “gay elite.” But the self-appointed queens of New York sure think they’re community leaders.

    As far as Adam Lambert goes, am I an anti-gay person if I say I think he’s annoying, has a grating voice, sings cheesy and sappy music or that he’s embarrassing to look at?

  • Cam

    Glad he’s out and doing well.

  • Ann

    Thanks for the article! Can you tell us which song the lyrics that you quoted are from? (“Take me up, turn me ’round / Turn it up, don’t stop the beat”) Naked love?

  • Winston

    @Red Assault: Anti-gay? No. Just deaf and blind. :)

  • Melody

    I think Adam is the best male pop vocalist in the world today. He’s also a very evolved ,kind,charismatic human being.

  • Brandon

    I work hard everyday in the deep south for equal rights for gays and other minorities. You gays make it hard with your ‘eat your own’ mentality. African Americans unite and changes occur. The gay community doesn’t know how to unite. Lambert’s success will only help the gay community. Get with it!

  • Belize

    @Red Assault: “As far as Adam Lambert goes, am I an anti-gay person if I say I think he’s annoying, has a grating voice, sings cheesy and sappy music or that he’s embarrassing to look at?”

    Nope. Just self-absorbed, judgmental and quite possibly bitter. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like his music. Perhaps Adam would also say that you’re embarrassing to look at… if he would even bother.

  • adamfan

    @mikeandrewsdantescove: Check out any of his radio interviews he has been doing for the past 3 weeks. He hasn’t been wearing ANY eyeliner or mascara. He told the audience this when one person asked what kind of mascara he wears. He has been trying to be more mainstream in looks for the radio DJs who are too homophobic to play his music. I think he is great and the new album is going to be his best.

  • Jason

    I totally agree with Brandon. We are our worst enemy. Get with it.

  • adamfan

    @Brandon: Best comment probably ever. Unity would sure help.

  • adamfan

    @Belize: Very nice comment from a non-Adam fan. OK, I’ll quit spamming now.

  • MikeE

    Count me as one of those who isn’t impressed by Lambert.
    He’s a pop singer. That’s it.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the gay community has to latch on to the very tiniest speck of “talent” to have something to cheer about.

    There are so many other far more talented artists out there. Sadly, far too many in the gay community have limited themselves to pop music to even be aware of these other real artists.

  • Nina

    @MikeE: Ha! Your comment a DEAD giveaway you have absolutely ZERO idea of Adam’s capabilities…and simply REEKS of jealousy. Clearly, Elton John, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell, Sam Sparrow, Katie Perry, Meatloaf, Slash, Justin Hawkins, Jake Shears…I could go ON and ON…and ON…completely disagree with you, but never ever let reality intrude on your preconceived notions.

  • Cam

    @Melody: said…

    “I think Adam is the best male pop vocalist in the world today. He’s also a very evolved ,kind,charismatic human being.”

    Ugh, I love the fact that Adam is out and doing well. But whenever there is a post about him on here we always get a few of his fans that seem to scan Google daily looking for articles about so they can come post.

  • Nina

    @MikeE: Oh yeah, I forgot two of the most important…Brian May and Roger Taylor. QUEEN didn’t choose him to front them for two concerts this summer because he was a “pop” singer. They chose him because he KILLED it fronting them at the MTVEMAs. Being an open, honest, charismatic and VISIBLE individual, proud to walk the red carpets with his boyfriend, is yet another reason the gay community should be VERY proud.

  • MikeE

    @Nina: Honey, you’re exactly the kind of person I was talking about. The people you named are ALL pops singers.

    Trust me, after having trained singers for 30 years, I think I KNOW what someone’s capabilities are. Adam Lambert is a capable pop singer. Period. He’s not an artist for the ages, or a musical genius. get over it.

    But, since you actually chose to ignore the gist of my message, here it goes again:

    He’s a fricken’ pop singer. He’s not Mozart. Gawd, stop screaming like he’s the second coming of Jesus. There are literally THOUSANDS of far more talented artists out there who happen to be gay. THEY deserve that some adulation be heaped on them.

    I doubt anyone at Queerty actually knows anything about art, mind you. But it WOULD be nice if they actually got a real arts correspondent. The art scene consists of far more than Lady Gaga, Madonna, and whatever other pop singer the Queerty writers happen to have a hard-on for this week.

  • Punch

    For heaven’s sake! Adam Lambert has thousands of middle-aged, out of shape, female reality TV addicts for fans, thanks to American Idol. When they invade Queerty and other LGBT forums to proselytize on his behalf, it’s just downright embarassing. Give it a rest, ladies. You’re not helping Adam, trust me.

  • Sharon

    @Nina: Hey you forgot Brian May and Roger Taylor. And yes Adam only sings pop songs that’s why Brian & Roger asked him to front Queen this summer not once but twice. He’ll sing with Queen before 26K in Russia and over 120K in London oh and that’s right Queen is a Rock band. MikeE you are an impostor.

  • solo

    I get the feeling that he isn’t really married to pop as a genre, but as a conduit through which to reach the greatest audience. I’ll bet he will go a little more niche in future if he can establish himself enough in pop

  • Sharon

    @MikeE: What an impostor!!! You mentioned that all the singers Nina posted were pop singers. You just proved it you know nothing about music genres or anything about music. Since when is Slash, Meat Loaf, Justin Hawkins, Pharrell Williams and Jake Shears pop artists. You are an embarrassment to the LGBT community if you are even in that community and know nothing about music. Opera stars rave about Adam’s abilities as a vocalist and are baffled at what is is able to do with his voice. Plus Adam is a classically trained singer and trained Opera singer. So Mike E take a hike back to whatever sad and dreary place you came from. The rest of us love Adam Lambert. Only jealous and hateful people post negative comments about Adam the rest of us know he’s a superstar and a great role model for the gay community.

  • squatch

    who else thinks Nina and Sharon are the same person deliberately trying to make his fans look like raging psychos. nice trolling.

  • Sharon

    Thanks to the writer for a great article on Adam it’s just so sad that members of Adam’s own community would post such hateful and demeaning comments about someone who has struggled his entire life with prejudices and hate from outside the community and now has to deal with ignorant members of his own community. I hope the writer will delete these hateful and obviously biased remarks.

  • Sharon

    @squatch: What’s your problem? I feel very sorry for you.

  • Brandon

    @MikeE “It’s a sad state of affairs when the gay community has to latch on to the very tiniest speck of “talent” to have something to cheer about”

    NO. The sad state of affairs is my little brother hanging himself because of homophobic jerks. If it takes Adam Lambert, Lady GG or whoever in “pop music” (with it’s far reaching arm) to change the youth’s attitude and fear, then so be it. It can’t hurt. However, the gay community bashing an out artist in the eye of the youth and the public…yeah…I can see how it will continue to damage the quest for equality and acceptance. You people have no perspective of the BIG picture at all from the straight world. You feed the negativity! I wish my brother had of known Adam. I think he might have inspired him. My heart aches.

  • Franco

    I wish he cared more about his music and less about being famous. But I dig him nonetheless.

  • Punch

    “You people have no perspective”

    You people? You people?!? In the name of all that is sane, will all the fangirls take your “you people” comments, your “you should” comments, your “shame on you” comments, and most of all, your sock puppets, and go swarm somewhere else?

  • RockerGirl

    @Brandon I have tears reading your post. So sorry to hear about your brother! Many people both gay and straight have talked about how Adam’s upbeat message and trying to live his life openly has inspired them and provided then with strength to go on.

    As to why an Adam fan would post here: mostly to try and help with fact checking and to provide a supportive voice to the LGBT community. Yes, I am an Adam fan and also a hetero female. It is thanks to Adam that I am now a supporter of equality for the LGBT community where before I didn’t pay any attention one way or the other – or even care. A lot of us “females” are out there working for progress – and bringing our hetero males along (and yes hetero males are a harder sale in this regard but with us women inching them forward the tide is slowly turning). So it is very sad when posters put down Adam fans who are simply trying to help. And the “eating their own” while seems to be true in many cases, just doesn’t make any sense – why?

    RE makeup: for the new era/album Adam is going more natural. I hope people who have not paid attention to him since the last cycle will take another look because he has grown a lot and this album has a lot of lyrics based on his personal experiences and hence may resonate with the LGBT community too…

  • Ha Ha

    LOL Gays calling posters fat and old….just like Straights calling gay people names….Gotta love it!! yep….we are progressing! *eyeroll* I’m grabbing some popcorn as I sit and watch you all destroy each other!

  • Sharon

    @Cam: Guess you mother never taught you to respect your elders what are you even doing here posting such angry crazy nonsense.

  • Cam

    @Sharon: said…

    “Guess you mother never taught you to respect your elders what are you even doing here posting such angry crazy nonsense.”

    Go live your own live fan-girl. Trolling the internet because you’re obsessed with a singer is just sad.

  • LittIeKiwi

    hating Adam Lambert won’t make any of your own lives better.

    and the only people who think he’s “embarrassing to look at” are insecure wimps who are still apologizing for being gay and have capers for testes.

    it’s Adam’s fault that he lives a life he’s not ashamed of and you’re a coward who is still ashamed to be gay.

    grow a pair.

  • William

    I just don’t understand why he won’t make House/Trance music, light up every club from here to Tokyo, and call it a day.

    Do you Adam, excited for the new album.

  • Maureen


    Hi Mike, you are certainly allowed to not like Adam Lambert. But try this first:
    Adam is well able to sing far more than pop and a little research would throw up amazing recordings from his 10 years in musical theatre.

  • LittIeKiwi

    if people dislike Adam Lambert so much why the need to click on a story about him? so you can remind people that you don’t like him?

    wow. you’re unique rebels. there will always be insecure boys who need to let everyone know that “they’re not into the current pop music that other gays like”

    well, good for you. may your declarations earn you one more day of pitiful tolerance from the plebeian bigots whom you choose to surround yourself with.

  • MKisNE

    I’m excited about the album it sounds good, but they need to move on from ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ and just get the album out.

  • Aric

    @MKisNE: Amen, lets hear a real dance track. I read that “Cuckoo” was going to be this album’s saving grace.

    My body is ready.

  • Shannon1981

    @Sharon: Comments like yours are the reason there are hardly any LGBT fans on Adam’s own fan sites. I left that fandom because of that behavior. I am a self identified, numbered Glambert. I had a membership to his paid fan club. I love and support Adam. However, his fans are often overbearing and woefully ignorant of the LGBT community and our plight. We are shouted down all over the place in the real world all the time. When his entitled, straight female fans storm gay sites with derogatory remarks about the very community Adam belongs to, you help NOTHING, least of all Adam. I usually stay out of Adam articles on Queerty and other LGBT sites for this reason, because it turns into AO part deux.

    Now to the article, and Adam: so glad he is doing well, and can’t wait for the album to drop, and hopefully a tour.

  • Cam


    Preach! LOL

  • Shannon1981

    @Cam: LOL thanks. You know, when I left the AdamOfficial site where I had nearly 10,000 comments, and his paid fan club, it hurt. Like, it really did. It was a hard decision to make, but I have to say I know it was the right one. I still get the emails for when new stuff happens, and, reading the echo chamber of ignorance over there..well..let’s just say I made the right decision. I am still a huge Adam fan. I am still an Idol fan. But as for miring myself into a fandom with a bunch of people who simply do not know what they are talking about when it comes to this issue…nothing doing. Never again.

  • Sep

    Dear @Cam, so you think all of Adam’s fans never in their lives experienced any type of prejudice. Let me tell you, me, as a middle-eastern woman have been discriminated all of my life because of my gender and belief. I have 1/2 of the right of a man in my country. Forced to cover my hair. I have to keep my belief to myself. Otherwise, I’ll be in notorious Evin prison just like some of my friends and family members. I won’t tell you what they do if they find out you are gay. I’m sure you have seen videos of it on youtube.

    Adam is a beacon of hope and inspiration for his fans from this region. My inspiration everyday to cope with atrocities in my country is to listen to Aftermath and Out Laws of Love. He is light and hope to those who are faced with discrimination.

  • e3fan205

    @MikeE: @Red Assault:

    Interesting that you say Adam Lambert is only a “pop” star with only a “speck of talent.”
    Of course, that’s why Queen picked him to front the band at two huge venues this summer, the Moscow Olympic Stadium and the 120 thousant Sonisphere concert. Are you familiar with the body of his work even before Idol? I am encouraged that this guy has been courageous no matter what the flack, the media negativity, very hurtful blogs, and on occasion, criticism from the LGBT community. But isn’t it nice that the professional musicians who work with him consistently talk about his amazing talent, ease and grace as a collaborator, and what a great singer he is. His personal integrity under fire, poise,and just plain decency,should make him worthy of respect even among those whose music tastes go in another direction. Having met him, I saw only a very nice guy, polite, patient, charming and generous with this time. All of us should aspire to those qualities.

  • rita

    @Shannon1981 I feel you. I am also an Adam fan who got fed up with the small loud vocal fans of his. After 3yrs of observing his fans I have come to a realization that these fans are his fans that he picked up from Idol. I notice that all the male Idols have these fans. They are straight middle age women who dominate the show American Idol. In Adam’s case his fanbase is larger than the other male Idols so they are overwhelming with their internet presence. They aren’t helping Adam one bit. The good news is that now his fanbase is mostly International fans who are younger and are removed from Idol. Some of those “older” US Idol fans are moving on to the next new male Idol and his US younger fans who are eye rolling them are expanding. You can see them every where now. I also notice that a lot of his straight older female fans lean conservative which is part of the Idol demo. These woman have never followed a gay guy before let alone be so active on the internet, so for many of them this is all new to them. Is it a good thing? Maybe. It is always a good thing to have more straight people be aware of gay causes and get involved. But I’m not sure if it is a good thing for a young gay male artist who is trying to break in the music business as a pop/rock singer who should be gearing to a demo his own age.

  • kitty

    Boy, everyone is certainly an expert here. Adam certainly has more than a “speck” of talent. He’s an extremely talented singer. People who say they don’t like him have pretty much chosen not to like him, not on his merits, but because people often choose to hate someone for other reasons. I have followed Adam from Day One. He is talented, smart, entertaining, kind, generous. If you decide not to like him, fine. Don’t. Just leave him alone for the rest of us to enjoy. And, by the way, just who are all these “thousands” of other more talented gay artists just waiting to be discoverd? Adam is as deserving of his success as anyone else and more deserving than some. He continually gets high praise from respected writers and producrs in the industry. Save the hate. He doesn’t deserve it.

  • snicks


    Fortunately, only some people who experience being put down by a majority choose to put down others.

    Unfortunately, some of those people are very vocal on the internet.

    It hurts ALL people when some people label others in disrespectful ways, and it encourages hate.

    I am a Lambert enthusiast, but everyone is entitled to his own opinion. All artists have people who like their work and who don’t like their work. That is part of creating. I’m always more interested in hearing dissenting opinions when they are expressed respectfully and without name calling from either side.

    Lambert has those who appreciate him and who don’t appreciate him inside and outside of the gay community. No member of any community needs to like the music of an artist just because he is part of that community.

    Fat people, old people, gay people, straight people, my experience is worse than your experience people… We all have our own stories, and it is interesting that so many people bring their own stories into their response to Lambert.

    For me, I love the voice. Sure it might not be the best voice in the history of the world, but it makes me feel good almost every time I hear it. I’m looking forward to the new album. I have heard some of the tracks from it, and while some lyrics are the usual expected pop, some are surprisingly unexpected as well. It is a mix.

    As far as music in general, I love some songs for lyrics and some songs for the beat or the emotion they make me feel. I barely care about lyrics when I am listening to dance music, for example.

    I’m with you in thinking that the heartbreak and vulnerablilty of Outlaws of Love will resonate with people emotionally. Well, at least it does for me.

  • Shannon1981

    @rita: What I have seen-and one of the things that made me leave the fan club- is that they will say they support gay rights, then turn around and defend the GOP to the death. In other words, they don’t support gays. They just happened to get their panties wet over a gay pop star. I hope you are right about the shift in his fanbase. For his sake and ours.

  • kitty

    Hey, Mike E., I’m in the vocal training business, too. Have been for quite a while. Adam’s voice is MILES better than most pop singers. Pop music is his vehicle right now. Hopefully, he’ll evolve through the years and be able to show the depth and breadth of his capabilities, which are substantial. I think his talent will carry him further than most singers. He’s got guts to be honest about himself. It’s one more hurdle he has to jump. I think his vocal talent deserves better than your comments, but we all have our opinions. Have you heard any of his pre-Idol professional work? The guy can sing. As for his fanbase, he tends to attract a more discerning group, if you ask me. Teens like their Bieber and Gaga and Perry. And yes, fans of all types do often move on to the next “star.” Adam’s fans span many groups, and yes, his international fanbase tends to be younger. He’s an anomaly who we can’t seem to put into a set category. He gets people riled up, often for undeserved reasons. I think he’s worthy of attention. I don’t think he deserved such harsh criticism. He’s a singer trying to make it like so many others.

  • rita

    @Shannon1981, I think when it comes to gay issues not all GOP think a like. By no means am I GOP defender but you can say the same for liberal thinking people who can’t stand Adam. I have seen and read both sides. It is weird because I find that more of his conservative fans jump to his defense. I also think there are people regardless of their political views who want to see equality for all. There are extreme on both sides but for most people who tend to be more in the middle in their thinking and living their lives really want to do the right thing for all.

  • jane


    mike e
    “There are so many other far more talented artists out there”

    name some..I can’t think of anyone who sings better than Adam

  • Shannon1981

    @rita: Its fine to want equality for all, but when you vote against it, it matters not one iota. Talk is cheap.

  • Daez

    I think there is to much musical snobbery going on. I might not have always liked all of Adam’s decisions. His in your face, I’m gay so you better accept it opening dialogues were over the top and did not help the cause. Making out with a man on national television on an award show that was watched by children across the country then acting like everyone else had a problem when being called on it didn’t help. But, he seems to have matured greatly since then, and his music is somewhat decent for pop, and just because I prefer other genres doesn’t mean I can’t like pop music.

  • Shannon1981

    @rita: And its more of his conservative fans who jump to his defense because those are the ones who have the time. They are bored housewives, well to do women who don’t do anything else but sit online all day. They are professional Adam defenders. If it weren’t for him, they’d not know nor care anything about gay people. That is what irks me so much. It’s their fucking obsession with this man, not gays, they care about. All of this is to feed an obsession.

  • rita

    Daez, That is a great attitude to have. I believe the AMA controversy was not to all liken. For me it was no big deal since we see women display their sexuality all the time on national TV. The performance happened 11pm and my kid would be in bed by than. At that point Eminem was rapping about raping women before Adam’s performance. Violence is OK in America. Look at Chris Brown. I think Adam went from an LA club kid from Hollywood who has been openly gay since 18yrs old to being thrust out to mainstream America. I think he has learned and matured enough to realize that he can’t totally be himself. There is a fine line. I do believe it has helped him Internationally since for them they didn’t get what the big deal was. I also think for fans he lost because of that he gained some.

    Shannon1981, No one knows what one does in the voting booth. I know many Hispanics/Blacks/Whites who voted for Obama and are liberals who aren’t for gay equal rights. I think it has more to do with ones religious upbringing.

    jane, You must be a new Adam fan or “fan” of other Idols. Whenever I see “Adam is the greatest thing since slice bread” or “He is the best singer EVAH” I have to wonder if some are guising themselves to perpetrate the reputation that Adam’s fans are passionate and rabid. They go out of their way to feed the BSC myth. Adam is an excellent vocalist and talented but the best singer and most talented, no. There will always be someone better and more talented than the next person. Absolute statements like that is nonsense and ignorant. Musical taste in artists are subjective and ones opinion.

  • Shannon1981

    @rita: So do I. Religious nuts. But I stand by the fact that the folks who storm this site and others with their ignorance care not about us, but about their idol. Seriously. I think its blind to not recognize that.

  • Cam


    Clay Aiken’s fans did the same thing. They were so belligerent…comeing onto blogs like this and demanding that people think Clay was the most wonderful thing in the world that they actually hurt him.

    Lamberts fans do the same thing. If they like him, great! Buy his CD’s and go to his concerts, but you nailed it. When they come on here, yell at us and try to tell ME what it’s like to be gay, unfairly or fairly it makes me like Lambert less.

  • Shannon1981

    @Cam: I am more of a casual fan now. I care not one bit what he is up to,etc, like I once did, outside of CD’s and concerts. Don’t give a damn who he is dating, who his friends are,etc. So yeah, in a sense, having to distance myself did make me care less. Like him less? Nah.But care? yes. Arguably the same thing, perhaps.

  • Shannon1981

    @Shannon1981: And you’re right re: Clay. I still like him too, but stopped the fan board for the same reason I have with Adam. Should have learned my lesson first time around. Same fans, same behavior, different idol.

  • rita

    Idol fans are a breed all on their own. I was a David Cook fan but his fans are just as bad. I like Kris Allen but they are nut jobs there too. I have to say it’s mostly the male Idol fans. These crazy fan behavior isn’t just Idol fans but also other artists fanbase. I just think with Idol the fans are more overinvested because they have seen them on TV from the beginning of their careers.

  • Bebe

    Dear @MikeE,

    “It’s a sad state of affairs when the gay community has to latch on to the very tiniest speck of “talent” to have something to cheer about.

    There are so many other far more talented artists out there……”

    If you personally don’t like him as an artist…well that’s one thing….I don’t like a lot of artists but only because THEY REALLY CAN’T SING (especially LIVE) and yet they keep getting rewarded for mediocrity. To question his ability as a singer when professionals have lauded his vocal ability questions your ability to discern real talent from top 20 crap….Adele excepted!!

  • Sister

    I am an Adam fan. I love his voice, his persona, his generous spirit. I have never been a fan of a singer or group before. And, yes, I am a middle aged woman. It was Adam’s talent that drew me in. It was his smile, his laughten, his intellect. His voice, for me, touches my soul. You can call me a crazy middle-aged fan if you like. But it is because of Adam’s visibililty, his strenghth of character and pride in who he is that allowed me, at age 58, to say to friends and family…”I am a lesbian.” It took the song Aftermath to make me cry and give me strength. It was Adam being who he is to help give me the courage to step out in the light and be my authentic self. It really hurts to hear people say hurtful things about him. And it really makes me question the community that I have struggled to open up to, that so many choose to hate and disparage. I am struggling to grow “my community” and I am so grateful that Adam was there (at a distance) to help me move past my fears. And I do love his voice. If you think he is only pop, listen to Come to Me and then say he can’t sing. We do have to hate on someone just because we don’t like their music or because they don’t present themselves in a “our” way. Go on. Hate on me. I am sure someone will. All I can say is that I will always be grateful to Adam for giving me the strength to come out and be proud of who I am. Bash away. I am out. I am proud. And, I am an Adam fan.

  • Shannon1981

    @rita: I still support all the gentlemen you mention. But, I must admit, I see why the behavior of their fans has been make or break for so many. I won’t post on any of their fan sites anymore, and my interest is much more casual than it once was. That’s the price you pay for using American Idol or any of those shows as an avenue to success: you don’t get music fans for fans, you get tv addicts for fans.

    @Sister: Nobody is bashing you. Also, get away from the idea that just because someone is a part of the same community as Adam, that they automatically have to love him. I do, but I do not go around demanding that others do as well. That sort of behavior is the reason behind our disdain for his fans. You come to sites for a marginalized sect of society, a sect you know nothing about, and invade with demands and ignorance about how we should be acting. It’s the equivalent of someone going into your home and telling you what to do. Pretty sure you’d have a problem with that. Think of it in that context and you will understand the sentiments here against certain members of Adam’s fanbase.

  • RockerGirl

    I am loving these posts. All of the comments… I posted earlier and after reading some more would like to add additional thoughts:

    I totally agree that Adam’s fans after idol were mostly older straight females – I am one of them – well I didn’t watch Idol, only the finale where he sang with Kiss and Queen – it was at that moment when he held his own and even outshinned vocally (IMHO) those top tier bands – that Adam should be a star for his generation – my jaw was dropping. And to be sure, I WANT Adam to have younger fans and that is starting to happen in the US, and has always been the case internationally…

    For other posts that talk about how str women don’t understand the gay community – well enlighten us please. I DO support equal rights and want to know and understand better – but I/we need the LGBT community or people talking here, for example, to enlighten us/me. It is through thoughtful dialog and sharing that we come to understand the hardships and journey we all go through from our own vantage point. One thing we can all agree on, I think, is Adam provokes discussions and emotions, pro and con. That is a start to getting us talking and learning better how to help each other to move forward.

    @Sep, oh my. Hearing your story really makes me feel fortunate for what we have in the US, and also hope that your country progresses in female rights – I cannot even image what you must be going through, but just know you have my moral support and empathy. And yes, I have seen on the news where there are countries that currently do have, or want to roll back, injustices for gay people – up to and including jail and personal injury. It makes my heart ache!

    And in case some have not noticed, women’s rights are under attack here in the US right now too! (And voting rights). So many of us have similar battles going on in trying to maintain or acquire freedom and liberty here at home. I am trying to hold onto my rights at the hand of the extremists who want to roll back the clock on women’s issues – while I’m also trying to progress the rights of the LGBT community.

    Hopefully we can all come together because the biggest danger right now is not each other (gay, straight, young, old, black, white, male, female and etc) but the extremists, and that I hope we can basically agree on…

  • Shannon1981

    @RockerGirl: Thank you for being open to this POV. I think something that really got me thinking I didn’t belong in the fandom is this: the second I would ever say anything about the pushy nature of certain posters when they visit gay sites is that they didn’t want to hear it at all. One even said, right on Adam Official, quote: “take what rights we do agree with.” She is a self identified conservative Christian who admitted in the LGBTQ FANS THREAD ON THE FAN SITE OF A GAY MAN that she will vote Republican no matter what, because no, she doesn’t think gay people should get married, she doesn’t think we are ready for an African American president, and she opposes things like abortion on contraception. See what I mean? Granted, that is an extreme case, but I had many similar conversations. They’d shout me down any time I tried to educate them. I finally got sick of it. All you have to do is look at this thread, to posters like Sharon, and see the kind of behavior I am talking about. Belligerent, demanding, condescending language like “you people”….that is what we are talking about. This is our time and space to have our voices be front and center. I hate to say it, but, no, you will never understand what it is like to face what we face. Sure, women’s rights are under attack, and as a female bodied human (I do not necessarily always identify as a woman), I am as outraged as you are. But…nobody is going to beat you up for being a woman. Nobody is going to stop you getting married. Nobody is going to fire or evict you. You know not what it is like to live with those fears, nor will you ever.

  • Jules

    @MikeE: Wow that is a pretty narrow view of Pop. Adele is Pop, Elvis was Pop, Michael Jackson was Pop. Pop just means popular and doesn’t preclude them being great artist!! Lambert has an amazing vocal range and can sing his bloody face off. Some of the most talented around today say his is an amazing talent. Meatloaf, Brian May from Queen, Slash and many, many other artist. Not to say you can’t have your opinion and not like him, but Pop doesn’t mean “no talent”.

  • rita

    Shannon1981, I hope you understand we still need people like you to get past the ones that are ignorant and aren’t ready to progress. We can not change the minds of all but need to concentrate on the ones like the poster above who want to understand better. Maybe an Adam fan site wasn’t for you and I can understand that but you know that the majority of his fans aren’t like that. There are members in my own family who I don’t agree with but never the less do what’s right for me. Think of the young teens whose own parents they can’t go to. It is difficult but I chose not to get upset at those who aren’t ready. As for “self identified conservative Christian who admitted in the LGBTQ FANS THREAD ON THE FAN SITE OF A GAY MAN that she will vote Republican no matter what” well what can you do. Nothing. Each person has to come to their own experience and realization before they can open their mind and hearts. I was too young during the civil rights struggle but my parents told me that not all African Americans were kumbaya about their fight for equal rights. Some were not ready or to scared for changes. Some weren’t prepared to take a bullet if they had to. It took many years and even decades before the civil rights movement came to be and we are going through our own and we will have many years to come before we get there.

  • RockerGirl

    @Shannon1981 you are very right in that I don’t know what it is like to live with those fears and they are much greater than mine. That is where empathy and trying to do right by others enter into it – for me anyway. That is why several of the posts here today had me tear up and prompted me to join the conversation.

    Although such personal stories shared by some here may not pertain to me personally, it doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to understand. And if more people would step outside of themselves, perhaps more eyes would open up for the better:-)

  • Daydreamin

    @mikeandrewsdantescove: Mike, he’s not wearing eye makeup these days and looking terrific! He felt he had to hide behind the makeup but is feeling much better about himself these days with all of the love and support he is getting.

  • Shannon1981

    @rita: Yeah, I keep in touch with the ones willing to listen. I even talked to the moderator of the site privately (his brother is gay), and he agreed 100% that the comment I referenced and those like it are causing major issues, especially when they are taken off the echo chamber that is an Adam site and brought to mainstream social media and, worse, sites like this one. How can he explain to people why they should support Adam, his music, and the LGBT cause when there is digital proof that even some of his own fans don’t? He can’t. It’s indefensible.

    You’re right, an Adam fan site was not for me, and you are also right in that I can be a gap closer, and, when someone is willing to listen, I talk. Sometimes they want to hear it, sometimes they don’t. Win some, lose some.

  • Shannon1981

    And you are a godsend for feeling the way you do, and not coming here to attack us and tell us what to say, think, and do, like so many of Adam’s fans do.

  • Jules

    Had a friend/co-worker, who happened to be gay, take his own life yesterday because he just couldn’t take the pressure anymore. He was 40 yrs old. Believe me, we need people like Adam Lambert in this world right now. People who can be articulate, talented, and proud of who they are standing up against the odds that hit every time his name is merely mentioned. A change is going to come!!

    The person that criticized others for their age, size, looks, or gender – really??? How is one judgmental bias any better than another??

  • Shannon1981

    @Jules: Most of us have been there, and I know I still go there a lot myself. Should I ever be lucky enough to have a wedding, my own parents won’t be there. I have family members and lifelong friends who haven’t spoken to me since I came out, I went to conversion therapy and almost didn’t make it out…you get the picture. We live very difficult lives, and it saddens me when I hear that one of us decided it wasn’t worth it…but I never judge those people because I do understand.

    As for the poster you referenced..remember, this is a snark blog. You’ll have that. For the most part, we have managed to have a civil conversation in this thread, and in many others. However, you have to understand the house *tone* if you will.

  • RockerGirl

    @Shannon1981 I was just thinking about your comment “But…nobody is going to beat you up for being a woman…” and wanted to share my true story:

    Actually yes, my ex-husband. When I was in my early 30’s and we had split up I went back out to the trailer (located in Alaska five miles out from a small town) to get my clothes – when I thought he was out of town. Well, he drove up while I was there – surprise! He became so upset that when I went to leave he threw me on the ground and started to drag me on the ground and up the stairs – by my long hair caveman style. I managed to break free and started to run – the adrenaline was getting very heavy for both of us about then and there was no civilization around. He caught me and threw me to the ground again, starting to beat on me. It was at that moment I flashed on the rifle in the closet. He was SO out of his mind that I was afraid if he thought about the gun I would be dead. So I decided to lay on the ground in fetal position and started to cry, in hopes he would calm down. He did leave me there, thankfully, and after awhile started to cool down. After many hours of telling me I was his wife and I couldn’t leave him, etc. things started to cool down some more. I did get to eventually leave but yes, I have been beaten and in fear of my life at the hand of another.

    I think that men, especially hetero males, are in my opinion, the biggest threat to women, gays and other minorities or minors. I don’t paint all men with the same brush, but certainly the ratio for that demographic to inflict injury seems the highest. So there is my reality and perhaps why I can feel the pain of others in some aspects… I have come close to death a couple of times in life, but that was the only time I feared it from the hands of another human being…

  • Shannon1981

    @RockerGirl: You’re right, straight men are a HUGE threat to women and other minorities.They have to stay on top of everything. It is about power and masculinity. That is why trans women and gay men are such huge targets. Lesbians often become huge targets when we reject them. Its a slap to their manhood (in their eyes at least) to have a woman that is absolutely uninterested in them.

    Thank you for sharing that story.Your ex husband sounds like a brute and I am soooo glad you made it out of there alive!

    I thought of battered women as I was typing that, and often in the written word, context doesn’t come across very well..almost deleted that line, but I thought it was important to include bashings in this conversation, because, unfortunately, it is still a very big problem, and many states do not recognize it as a hate crime at all, unless we manage to have the feds come in and force it in particularly brutal cases. Also, many of these instances never make it to mainstream media until someone dies… scary, and sad, but true.

    What a truly heroic story, thanks again for sharing.

  • RockerGirl

    @Shannon1981 I am glad you didn’t delete that sentence because it is an important topic. I have enjoyed our conversation and this thread tonight. Now, back to … my dog is looking at me with those “Im hungry” puppy eyes. Signing off:-)

  • Shannon1981

    @RockerGirl: Thanks for chatting! Tell your puppy hi, I love dogs! Night.

  • Cam


    Go away. If somebody likes Adam, they will agree with the critics. If somebody doesn’t like his music, you linking to some random critic saying nice things won’t change their mind.

    Grow a spine, be confident enough in your choice of what music to like to be able to just say “I like this”. The fact that you feel you have to post up a link like that is just sad.

  • BubbasBack

    He should pose for Playgirl. Burp.

  • Anitta

    @MikeE: Mike, if you are there, I would like you as a professsional singing trainer answer a couple of questions (Sorry my English, I’m a Finn.). But I don’t want answers if you have not listened to this song “Come to me, bend to me” of Brigadoon,, (I hope the link works; it’s the same link as Sister, No 62 posted). I think he is here better than “a capable pop singer”. But I’m not professional. So, questions are: 1) Can he sing? Simple yes or no. 2) Is he only capable pop singer, nothing more? Simple yes or no and 3) Has he any potential/talent so that you could train him to be more than just capable? (if your answer to question #1 is no and to question #2 is yes). Please, answer me, I have never heard any professional music trainer’s opinion about him singing this song!

  • Gary

    OMG, as a gay person reading your comments, all of you make me want to jump off the first bridge I come across, only thing saving me from doingthat is Adam, I look up to him, his postive attitude in continueing to stay real amidst all the ignorance that exist from small minded ignorant fools ( lots of whom are posting here) inspires me to keep going. I also love his music, his voice, his entertainment,looking forward to his new album.

  • zephyr with a Z

    I just started posting on here a few weeks ago, but I had to click on this article to see what on earth prompted so many comments. Now I wish I hadn’t. So many of these posts are all using the exact same logic, or lack thereof, maybe “talking points” would be a better term: He’s such a talented singer! Meatloaf and that guy from Queen said so! Oh, well, that guy from Queen, yeah everybody is always asking him his opinion about the important matters of the day. (Visualize an eye-rolling emoticon here) Whoever mentioned this earlier, and I’m not re-reading 80-something posts to find it, nailed it – it was the blind army of Clay Aiken mega-fans who made me absolutely loathe everything about that singer. And unlike Clay, Adam is reasonably talented as a pop singer, not the second coming or anything, but kinda offbeat and trying to establish himself within the constructs of that specific type of music. So I’m checking out of this article while the checking is good. Because I don’t want to grow to hate him too.

  • bambrodon

    To clarify for those yet to watch the video link posted above:

    It is from his peers and people IN the industry rather than a critic – people from both the US and abroad – over fifteen of them. It is an interesting video for those who may be interested in information and perspective from inside the industry. On Lambert Rico Love says … mother fuckin beast… It’s interesting to watch…

  • NiNi

    Reading through these comments is interesting. Some good conversation and topic discussions here. I see a few posts regarding the repeated posts of links to Adams videos and either his fans are dense or trolls being annoying. Please read comments and stop posting the same links over and over.

  • LittIeKiwi

    @Daez: you need to stop worrying about What Bigots Think.

    Adam being loud proud and in your face, and kissing a man on television, is not what’s holding us back as a community.

    what’s holding us back as a community are insecure gay men who side with bigots and say “yeah! he’s gross! he shouldn’t have kissed on tv and been so gay and in-your-face about it!”.

    gay men who say that insecure nonsense come across as wimps. when more gay men grow a spine and some balls and start to call out anti-gay bigotry, rather than sucking up to it in the hopes of saving their own ass, then more change will come to greater culture.

    continuing to blame guys like Adam Lambert for the baseless prejudices of America’s Ignorant Scum makes no sense. It’s not Adam Lambert’s fault that all the gay people who are a part of those anti-gay bigot’s lives haven’t grown a pair and stood up to challenge their intolerance and ignorance.

  • Anitta

    @NiNi: I’m so sorry I posted that link again, but I thougt it would be easier for Mike to find it and I seriously wanted him to answer. But he hasn’t. This was my first and only visit here. Bye! Did not mean to troll or anything like that. Just wanted to get an honest opinion from a man who has trained musicians for 30 years.

  • Anitta

    Sorry, my intention to stay away from here was good, but I just forgot to say that now that I made the mistake to visit this site shortly, I really realized how difficult it is still for Adam to get through in music business in US b/c he is gay. No matter how hard he would try. I thought (silly me)that at least the LGBT community in USA backs him, but that seems not to be so. I don’t mean that everybody should like him and his music, but I didn’t know that there is so much hate against him among “his own people”. Well, I’d heard something like that.

    American Idol made him known in Europe and people here in general seem not to be as judgmental what comes to gays (of course here are haters too)but I’m not sure he can make a really big star here either if US rejects him (I’ve heard that some radiostations don’t play his music even if requested). Maybe if he moved to Europe there would be better chances and he would be seen as a singer, not as a gay singer. This site opened my (hetero) eyes. Well, THIS was my last post here, I swear.

  • Shannon1981

    @Anitta: What you are doing is the very definition of trolling, and exactly what I have been talking about this entire thread. I do hope this is your last visit, because I seriously doubt you and a few others here will ever understand.

  • rodca

    Wasn’t gonna post on this thread to avoid the Glambatz but…

    @Anitta It’s time for a reality check. There was one negative comment regarding Adam that got immediately got called out by Queerty posters (Red Assault). There was one quasi negative commwnt which was more about the dislike of pop music and lack of regognition of other LGBT entertainers (Mike E). There are now 89 posts to this thread from Glambatz evangelizing Adam or reactions to insanity of the Glambatz.

    So how could you or any other Glambatz draw ANY conclusions about the Gay Community? Do you really think that by insulting the Gay Community will bring Adam closer to yo an will be eternally grateful. I am an Adam supporter but I won’t stand

  • rodca

    (cont cutoff)
    But I won’t satand by while you or other Glambatz fabricate what the gay community thinks or doesn’t think. As CAM sand Shannon has said, don’t come to A Gay website and think you know us “Better Than we Know Ourselves. ‘Cause you DON’T1

  • MoJo

    Snore! Dude won some contest on TV, right? And apparently won a lifetime supply of eye-liner?!

  • Shannon1981

    Bottom line: while there are a few here who dislike Adam, many simply don’t care either way or gasp! love him and his music. What we hate is the invasion of his crazy, unstable, unreasonable fans, and your ignorant demands upon a community you know absolutely nothing about, and don’t want to actually know anything about. In fact, the only one I can say who, in this thread, is genuinely interested in our community and not just trolling for Adam Lambert is RockerGirl.

  • magsmagenta

    @Sharon: I’m suspecting MikeE is an imposter, there is no proof that he is who he says he is, and there are plenty of real voice coaches and at least one professional classical singer I know of who think Adam is an exceptional singer in any genre.
    It’s OK if Adams music is not to your taste, but say he can’t sing and you are automatically a Troll in my opinion.

  • Shannon1981

    @magsmagenta: A poster who never posts here calling a regular a troll? Come off it. If anyone here is trolling it’s you and your buddies here. You have AO and ALFC to do your thing on, now that there’s hardly any gay people left there. Why come here?

  • Joey

    Shannon1981, You left an Adam site because you didn’t agree with the diversity and difference of opinions and your doing the same thing now. You were probably one of those entitled fangirls who thought she owned and controlled the site. The fact that you had your own certified Glambert number tells me you thought you were an original member and you probably got ran off for ordering and telling people what to do. Stop crying about those bad Glamberts and move on.

  • Shannon1981

    @Joey: No, I left because of the ignorance surrounding the gay community from the straight female fans. No, I was never an “entitled fan girl.”

  • Shannon1981

    @Joey: The fact that other posters here have agreed with me- Cam, rodca, rita, MikeE- shows that what I am saying is true. they need to realize that being straight women who like a gay artist does not automatically give them the right to think they know it all about the gay community. In fact, they have shown time and time again that they absolutely know nothing about gay people, period.

  • magsmagenta

    @Shannon1981: My comment has nothing to do with gayness, but the repeated assertion from some people who claim to have a musical background who also claim that Adam can’t sing, this doesn’t just happen here but every site that has an article on Adam.
    The very fact that MikeE thinks that Adam can’t sing more than pop music shows that he knows very little about music, so is probably lying. That does not require any knowledge about the ‘Gay Community’
    You don’t think trolls wouldn’t come here to make trouble by pretending to be one of you and making bitchy comments? Just as there have been some trying to stir up trouble by pretending to be Adams fans and making rude remarks about Freddie Mercury where Queen fans can see them.
    I may be straight middle aged and female but at least you know that.
    All I know about gay people is that they feel sexually attracted to the same sex, apart from that as far as I know they are all unique individuals. If that isn’t good enough for you then too bad.
    The truth is you need straight advocates to be able to get the rights you deserve. If you keep bitching about how misunderstood you are the whole time when people try to help you’ll just push those people away and be back to square one.

  • Shannon1981

    @magsmagenta: No, you called a regular a troll. We are misunderstood as a community. I know we need straight advocates, but storming gay sites like mother hens helps NO ONE. Calling a gay regular a troll on a gay site when you are admittedly an interloper who knows nothing helps nothing. End of story. Stop it.

  • SY

    1st post. Fr a 3rd party viewing of posts (general forums & specific group, non-fan & fandom sites, etc….) Noticed that it’s quite common for certain individuals to group-stereotyped the large number of people based-on small number(usually louder voice) POV. Common reality but not necessary something to be encouraged if the intention, end of the day, is to co-exist in whatsoever differences. Of course, there r always some ill-intent trouble-makers/attention-whores whose attempt sld be ignored. Like what Adam observed & clearly embraced is that there is NO one-size-fit-all for ANY type of groupings. Each individual is basically, individual, to be ‘evaluated’/’treated’/’interacted’ based on his/her merits & actions. Not easy task, esp to hold such impartiality ALL the time & in ALL aspect of our lives. But worth trying.

  • Shannon1981

    @SY: My thing about this situation is this. I hung out on during both Clay and Adam’s runs on the show. There was no “official” announcement that either was gay before that, and these same folks who you see here were clucking about it being something awful over there. That right there shows me they aren’t all that cool with it. Then, when the dudes did come out, ta da! Suddenly their all down with the queers. Now, I appreciate the ones who were either already on our side or have come over. However, the BS spewed on gay sites by straight women defending their idols is tiresome. It really is. The fact that these men share a narrative with us that they will never fully understand and certainly not share burns them up and it shows. I don’t know about other people here, but I interact with straight opinions in my daily life all the time, be it online, via mass media, or otherwise. I simply do not come to a gay website to hear the straight perspective. I already get that more than I’d like. It’s just frustrating that these people are too entitled and insensitive to understand that. A quote that I will copy/paste from a true straight ally from the very first gay site I ever joined,when talking about why the straights there stayed in the “allies” section. I have it saved in a doc on a flash drive after all these years.

    “This is your time and space. We love and support you, but we are not one of you. We know not what you go through to live your lives on a daily basis. To be a true ally is to recognize that and step aside and let you be front and center in your own spaces.”

    If only some of the straight women who find it so appropriate to storm gay sites would realize that, things would be a lot better for all.

  • Joey

    SY Good point.

    Shannon1981, So what these straight women are a little uninformed about gay issues. So what they choose to follow a gay man. How do you know these straight women don’t have a family member or know someone that may be guy. This is a discussion board and you will have uninformed people on every board but to constantly attack and tell them to GTFO because you are bothered is being a bully. You are being a bully!!! If the invasion bothers you step away from the computer. You bringing up your drama lama experience from your American Idol days is irrelevant here. At first I got you but your constant attacking and coming back for more is doing the same thing you are accusing them of. THIS IS WHAT? YOUR 10TH POST. There is nothing more annoying than complaining about the annoyers.

  • Kristin A

    This is my first comment here too and I’ve been fascinated by some of the opinions here – and kind of surprised that people have decided that gay fans should support him whatever by dint of their being gay too? I truly enjoyed his debut album and in fact have “Aftermath” going through my head as I write this; probably made me click on the topic after I was linked to a different story with a terrifically transphobic headline). However

    Gay or straight, one doesn’t have to have their tastes influenced by that, surely?!

    (Shannon btw I know it’s my first time here but I’m not sure about how MikeE’s point coincides with yours – unless you’re also saying that there are so many other artists better, like Mike was. However in no way would I say he is trolling either.)

    (Note: This post was brought to you by the letters L and T of LGBT.)

  • Shannon1981

    @Joey: It’s my tenth post because I had a rather engaging conversation with RockerGirl last night.
    Its obvious we will not agree on this issue, moving along…

    @Kristin A: Welcome to the site, I agree with everything you said.

  • magsmagenta

    @Shannon1981: MikeE has 17 posts, over the last 3 years I have probably posted as many comments as that or more. The only difference is that I’ve never felt welcome enough here to register myself as a member, but if you think I should in order to be more credible then I will. In fact I just did, happier now?
    I repeat I was Talking about MUSIC. MikeE was claiming superior knowledge about this which he clearly does not have, even if he isn’t trolling then he is ignorant.
    If you think the straight people who come here to comment are ignorant about your issues then try to educate us, at least give us credit for trying.
    If what you want is a place for Gays only, or for people who agree with you only, then it is possible for you to set up your own invitation only site so that only people who you approve of will be able to comment. Why don’t you do that? It seems to me that it would solve your problem.

  • Shannon1981

    @magsmagenta: I never told you to register yourself as a member. And it isn’t about straight people coming here, there have been many straight regulars on this site in the time I have been here who haven’t behaved in the manner that the Adam fans who come here to rail us for what we should be saying and thinking. If you read my conversation with RockerGirl, you shall see that I’ve no issue engaging the straight people who come here who are respectful. Also, your condescension and sarcasm are unnecessary.

    Listen, we aren’t gonna agree on this issue. Read the quote I left-FROM A STRAIGHT ALLY FROM MY FIRST GAY WEBSITE- and that will explain everything. Anyway, this thread has been exhausted. Moving along, hope you enjoy your time here.

  • magsmagenta

    @Shannon1981: I’m pretty sure we’ll meet and disagree again. Looking forward to it.

  • Anon. 37

    This is my first & only comment. I am a straight Glambert & love ADAM’s music. I don’t come here to comment or argue … only to read & learn. I know nothing about it so I say nothing. What can I contribute after all? But I am learning a lot & ADAM has opened my eyes & my heart so I support his charities whenever I am able. My sincerest wish is that someday we will all be able to accept & embrace our differences although I know I won’t be here to see it happen. PEACE .. Light ‘n Love …

  • MoJo


  • GC

    “The truth is you need straight advocates to be able to get the rights you deserve. If you keep bitching about how misunderstood you are the whole time when people try to help you’ll just push those people away and be back to square one.”

    Please, stop giving yourself that much credit. The only reason heterosexual white male politicians sign bills is because of the blood of countless LGBT activists.

    An ally needs to sit down, listen and accept it when they have overstepped their privilege; “why are you making a huge deal out of this/sexuality is a non-issue/I fully understand your struggle”, etc…

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