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Adam Rippon fires back at harness haters: “I felt cool AF”

There’s been quite a bit of chatter about that leather harness Adam Rippon wore to the Academy Awards on Sunday.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Adam said he “felt cool AF” and like a “sexy MF” in his leather harness. Not only that, but he doesn’t “give a sh*t” what his haters have to say about it:

I think fashion is all about self-expression and I chose to wear what I wore on the red carpet because I felt cool AF. Everyone should take risks, be bold, and not give a [shit]. It’s LOTS of fun. Huge thanks to my team for dressing me and make me feel like a sexy MF.

There’s one person who couldn’t agree more: Cher… who had her own major fashion moment at the 1986 Oscars which included a flamboyant feathered headpiece that is still remembered today.

In response to Adam’s tweet, the diva/goddess/icon wrote:

Personally, we loved Adam’s look. And so did a lot of other people (including Tyra Banks):

It’s even inspired at least one other man to wear his own leather harness to work this morning:

But perhaps most importantly, it got the attention of Adam’s crush Shawn Mendes:

Keep on #winning, Adam!

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