Adam Rippon has been sleeping on Shawn Mendes

Here’s an incomprehensive list of all things we’ve slept on: Trains, planes, the occasional floor, a booth at Denny’s (not proud of that), and Egyptian cotton.

As for things we haven’t slept on, there’s only one that really comes to mind: Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes.

But if the Olympics taught us anything, it’s that Adam Rippon is made of magic so when he says he’s been sleeping on Shawn Mendes, he’s been sleeping on Shawn Mendes. End of story.

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OK, so the comment was more of a figure of speech, and yet Ellen’s team just released a video titled, of all things, “Olympian Adam Rippon has been sleeping on Shawn Mendes.”

Appearing on Ellen’s couch, Rippon was asked about his celebrity crushes:

“I feel like a really solid answer is Jake Gyllenhaal,” Rippon replied. “I used to have a really big crush on Harry Styles….”

“What happened,” Ellen queried.

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“Here’s the thing,” Adam said. “I was sleeping on Shawn Mendes.”

“I’m sorry?” Ellen exclaimed.

Then it all clicked: “Sleeping like you had not paid attention, I see…So now Shawn Mendes has taken over from Harry Styles.

“I know Harry will be upset,” said Adam. “Love is a funny thing.”